Robert Oberst is an American Strongman who gained his agree card in Dallas Europa Strongman competition in 2012. Robert is among the finalists in the World’s Strongest man Competition 2013.

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Table that Biography

Early life and also childhood

Robert Oberst is just one of the strongest guys in America. Robert was born on 20th December 1984 in Santa Cruz, joined States and also he is currently 36 years old. The zodiac sign of Robert is Sagittarius. Similarly, Robert was born come a Caucasian Family. Robert is one of the 10 kids of father Jim Oberst and also mother Lathy.

Similarly, Robert has actually 9 siblings, the has 4 brothers and 5 sisters. Dave, Mike, Sean, and also James are the 4 brothers that Robert and, Wendy, Amanda, Julia, Emily, and Jamie room Robert’s 5 sisters.


Caption: Robert Oberst through his dad(source: Instagram)

Talking about the educational background the Robert, he perfect high school at Aptos High School. Furthermore, Robert has graduated v a major in history from west Oregon college in 2008.

Professional Life

After graduation from college in 2008, Robert tried for NSL but he could not do succeed. ~ a fail in NFL, Robert began his career together a bouncer in a nightclub. One of his coworkers from the nightclub advised him because that the human being Strongman Competition. In 2012, only after 4 months of training, Robert obtained his Pro-Card. In the very same year, Robert succeeded to success San Jose Git Expo and Dallas Europa and place third place in America’s Strongest guy competition.


Caption: Robert Oberst load lifting(source: Instagram)

Similarly, in the following year 2013, Robert winner Odd Haugen’s US open MAS wrestles Championship and also Giants Live las Vegas. Due to the fact that 2013, Robert has not won any significant titles. However, he has been offering hard competition to his competitors in every competition. Robert was the runner-up the the 2013 and also 2014 America’s Strongest guy competition. Similarly, Robert secured 3rd place at Arnold Strongman standard Australia in 2015 and also 8th location at world Strongest male competition in 2018.

Relationship Status


Caption: Robert Oberst v his girlfriend(source: Instagram)

Talking about the partnership status of Robert, the is at this time in a connection with his girl friend Meghan Nesgoda. Robert met Meghan in a strongman occasion in 2017 and the pair has to be entangled in a romantic relationship due to the fact that then. Previously, Robert married Kristin Oberst in 2012 at Hanford, California. The pair welcomed their child Atlas be affected by each other Oberst on 8 hours September 2015.

Everything in between the couple was walking well and the pair was life a happy life. However, for part reason, the pair stopped appearing in public with each other in 2016. Robert has not announced his divorce indigenous Kristin. However looking right into his society media handles, look like Robert has moved on through his brand-new girlfriend Meghan.

Body Measurement

Social media and Net worth

Talking about the social media engagement that Robert, the is pretty much active in society media such as Instagram, Twitter, and also youtube. The strongman has actually earned an ext than 294 thousands subscribers on his Youtube channel. Similarly, Robert has earned an ext than 668 thousand pendant on his Instagram account and much more than 24 thousand followers on his Twitter account.

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The significant source of earnings for Robert is a skilled Strongman athlete. Together of now, Robert has amassed a vast amount the money however has not revealed his earning and also expenses in public. According to various resources, the net worth the Robert is approximated at about $3 million.