A rockslide the sent vehicle-sized boulders tumbling top top a section of I-75 in Tennessee ~ above Friday afternoon will likely mean detours for weeks because that Michigan motorists heading to and also from the Sunshine State and also other southerly locales.

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The rockslide in Tennessee\"s Campbell County, about 19 miles southern of the Kentucky border, compelled the closure that the highway many Michigan citizens use on their travels to and also from Florida. The debris initially fell right into the northbound lanes at Mile mite 142, however the whole road is closed, requiring detours the Tennessee department of transportation spokesman note Nagi estimated could include up come an extra 30 minutes every way.

No one to be hurt in the rockslide, which Nagi said might have been regarded the influence of freezing and thawing of the surrounding hillside.

A caller come the totally free Press who determined himself just as \"Joe\" stated he and his wife opted to move their course on a recent return pilgrimage to Michigan from Florida rather than address the detours.

\"That\"s a significant north/south road,\" that said. \"I deserve to just imagine what those detours should look like.\"

A $2.9 million contract has actually been awarded come Charles Blalock and also Sons that Sevierville, Tenn., to eliminate debris, stabilize the slope and also repair the interstate, follow to the TDOT.

\"The contract likewise stipulates the southbound lanes that I-75 will certainly be reopened in ~ 14 days and also one roadway on the northbound side will be reopened within 21 days. The entire repair job is reserved to be finish on or before April 15, 2016,\" according to a TDOT news release.

Debris has been pushed toward the side of the roadway, but Nagi said the steep is not secure and \"we space still gaining rocks falling from the slide.\"

Nagi said this is not the first time something like this has occurred. A landslide affecting the southbound lanes closed a ar of the road about a mile phibìc of the present area in 2012. No injuries to be reported in that event either.

\"East Tennessee has so many rolling hills and also mountainous areas, this is something we have actually to attend to from time to time,\" Nagi said.

Here space the detours for the present closure as provided through TDOT:

Motorist Detours (standard vehicles)

Motorists traveling I-75 South deserve to take exit 160 (Jellico). Follow united state 25W / SR 297 West come SR 63 South, and then re-enter I-75 South.Motorists traveling I-75 North deserve to take exit 134 (Caryville/Lafollette). Follow us 25W phibìc to Lafollette, continuing to Jellico, and then re-enter I-75 North.

Wide-Load and alternate Motorist Detours

Wide-load web traffic traveling I-75 South can take exit 29 (Corbin) in Kentucky. Follow us 25E right into Tennessee, and enter I-81 at departure 8 (Morristown/White Pine).Wide-load traffic traveling I-75 North deserve to take I-40 eastern to I-81 North leave 8 (Morristown/White Pine). Follow us 25E, and also enter I-75 at leave 29 (Corbin) in Kentucky.

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