Giant Dipper

Everyone"s favourite ride and one that America"s optimal wooden coasters, the huge Dipper is a must!

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Riders need to be 50" to ride this ride.8 Points

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Buckle up for some unexpected thrills top top the only spinning coaster in northern California! Undertow"s crazy turns and sudden drops will push you to the edge... And back!

48" minimum, 77" maximum driver height.8 Points


Take a rotate on Shockwave, the Boardwalk"s wild new ride that sends you rocking and also reeling ~ above a stunner spinning wave of fun!

Riders have to be 48" come ride this ride.8 Points


Thrilling disorientation at its finest! Fireball"s powerful G-forces swing and also spin riders to dizzy heights make this one of the most popular rides top top the Boardwalk.

48" minimum, 77" maximum rider height.8 Points


Experience centrifugal pressure equal to three times the force of gravity together you spin in ~ maximum speed!

Riders under 48" come 42" can ride v chaperone. 77" maximum driver height.6 Points

Crazy Surf

Catch a wave without obtaining wet! The all-new crazy Surf takes riders top top a super-swell of funny and excitement!

Riders have to be 42" to ride this ride. 77" maximum driver height.6 Points

Cliff Hanger

Enjoy the smooth emotion of cave gliding as you soar past the beach and over the Boardwalk ~ above this aerodynamic ride!

Riders should be 48" come ride this ride.6 Points

Double Shot

A tremble 125" tower ride v an awesome s view... If you deserve to keep her eyes open!

Riders need to be 48" to ride this ride.8 Points


Defy gravity and control the upside-down rotate of this ferris wheel with cages.

Riders under 48" come 34" deserve to ride v chaperone.6 Points


Expect a storm the adrenaline as soon as Typhoon launches you 6 stories above the Boardwalk for some major upside-down thrills!

Riders need to be 48" to ride this ride.8 Points


Get thrashed together you tumble with the darkness to the sound of pumped increase surf tunes, rave style!

Riders should be 48" to ride this ride.6 Points

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