Painting from Pompeii, now in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples), mirroring a banquet or family ceremony function multiple aspects of Roguy culture.

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Roman society was plainly ordered, with legally identified privileges allotted to various classes and also many informal differences in perspectives towards the classes in everyday life.

In primitive Rome the population was split into 2 groups: patricians and plebeians.




The patrician course were the descendants of the many ancient and also powerful noble family members. They were landowners, stayed in big homes and also they had political power in the Senate.

The patricians married and also did business just through civilization of their own class.


Plebeians were mainly artisans or peasants that operated the patricians’ land; they resided in apartments and they had no political rights.

If they were lucky plebeians can end up being clients (obedient servants) of a patrician household. They offered their services in return received the security of the head of the patrician family members, that came to be their patron.

Roman Society in the Age of the Empire 27BC – 1453AD

Below is the pyramid of Romale society, with the emperor at optimal and servants at the bottom. Multiple layers existed between them. While it was feasible to move up and down this social latter, as the categories were not immutable, altering one’s social standing was incredibly tough and just possible with meritocratic institutions such as the armed forces.

The Emperor Head of Roman culture and leader of all Rome

Patrician Families Wealthy significant landowning families

Senators Served in the Senate and also governed Rome

Equestrians Wealthy home owners who determined organization over politics

Plebeians Working class. Men without substantial riches who operated for their living at tasks such as artisans, craftsmen, bakers etc

Freed Slaves Slaves who had either been offered their freedom or had actually paid for their liberty and currently operated for their living.

Slaves Generally detainees of battle yet sometimes abandoned kids that were owned by their master

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