A extensively shared picture on social media characteristics a quote ~ above firearms and ammunition to the so late U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

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Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who forged a conservative change that reinvented American politics, died on June 5, 2004 ~ a decade-long fight with Alzheimer\"s disease, U.S. Media reported. Reagan is pictured waving to well-wishers on the south lawn the the White residence on April 25, 1986, prior to departing for a summit in Tokyo. Inter-base.net/Joe Marquette/FILE SV
Most iterations include a photo of Reagan alongside the quote, which reads: “Under no pretext need to arms and also ammunition be surrendered; any kind of attempt to disarm the workers need to be frustrated, by force if necessary.” ( here ). There is no proof that Ronald Reagan ever before said this.

The quote stems native the 1850 “Address the the main Committee to the Communist League” in London, composed by karl Marx and also Friedrich Engels, German philosophers and also authors the “The Communist Manifesto”.

In the address, Marx and also Engels describe the strategies essential for the organization of workers, including the arming of the “proletariat”. In context, the quote falsely attributed to Reagan shows up as follows:

“Where the workers are employed by the state, they should arm and organize themselves into special corps with elected leaders, or as a part of the proletarian guard. Under no pretext have to arms and ammunition it is in surrendered; any attempt come disarm the workers should be frustrated, by force if necessary. The devastation of the bourgees democrats’ affect over the workers, and the enforcement of conditions which will weaken the rule of bourgeoes democracy, i m sorry is because that the moment inevitable, and make it as challenging as possible— these are the key points which the proletariat and also therefore the league must save in mental during and after the draw close uprising.” ( web page 2 in the paper here )

A search through Reagan’s archived speeches indigenous the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum site created no results very closely resembling the quote in this insurance claim ( below ).

In a might 6, 1983 speech at the yearly Members’ Banquet that the national Rifle association (NRA), Reagan go remark, “We will never ever disarm any type of American who seeks to defend his or her household from fear and also harm,” ( here ).

In a June 30, 1983 speech, Reagan said: “<…> you won\"t get gun manage by disarming legislation abiding citizens. There\"s only one method to gain real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock castle up, and also if you don\"t actually throw far the key, at the very least lose it for a long time.” ( below )


False. Over there is no proof that former U.S. Chairman Ronald Reagan do the remarks attributed come him on social media. The quote comes from an 1850 resolve by knife Marx and Friedrich Engels.

This write-up was produced by the inter-base.net Fact inspect team. Read more about our work to fact-check social media articles here .

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