Role that Data

Tilesets are the collection of "Tiles" provided to design your map. Develop tiles by setup whether a character have the right to walk ~ above the photo used for the tile, and also the habits in the game. initial images developed for the map have the right to be used too by producing tilesets which use those images, and also assign as map data. Moreover, even if it is or not vehicles (boats/large ships) have the right to go over tiles is established by the position over the tileset. For more information, please watch Asset Standards. Planes room able to travel over all tiles. However, over there are only able to land ~ above tiles which have the right to be go on.

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Parameter Details


basic Settings


A tileset"s name. This home is simply used in the editor (does not influence the game).


The purpose of the tileset. This primarily influences the treatment of unique specifications of lower tiles and also battlebacks. Basically, choose because that tiles which represent the overworld choose the ocean and land, and also for all various other situations.


setups for pictures used because that tiles. Specify the record you want to usage for each type (Sets A v E) in the