​When explaining the sacred Heart the Jesus, as the age-old saying goes, “a photo is precious a thousand words.”

Jesus communicates with us in numerous ways — through prayer, with the Scriptures, and also through images.

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The Catholic religious beliefs abounds with symbols and also imagery — from stained glass home windows to statues the the divine family, theRosary, and relics of the saints. These photos serve as a intuitive reminder of ours faith and represent message Jesus is do the efforts to communicate to us.

One of the most profound images Jesus offers to speak to united state is the image of His sacred Heart. Shown throughout history in paintings, statues, jewelry, and prayer cards, The sacred Heart the Jesus is the photo of Jesus v His heart exposed, surrounding by thorns, v flames and a cross arising from the top. In honor of the Feast the the sacred Heart the Jesus, let’s take a closer look in ~ what post Jesus is trying to convey to united state in this to mark image.

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​The devotion to the spiritual Heart of Jesus is thought to have started in the 11th century, however the devotion didn’t spread out until Margaret mar Alacoque, a French nun, began to receive multiple apparitions from Jesus beginning in 1673.

On December 27, 1673, Jesus appeared to Margaret mar for the first time when she to be praying prior to the Blessed Sacrament. She described feeling herself, “wholly penetrated through that divine Presence.”

Jesus speak to her saying, “My divine Heart is for this reason inflamed with love because that men and for thee in certain that, being unable any longer come contain in ~ Itself the flames the Its burn charity, It demands to spread them overseas by her means…” Jesus had actually chosen Margaret mary to help fulfill His message: “I search for a victim of my Heart, someone who would desire to sacrifice herself as an immolated hold for the fulfillment of mine designs.”


​​A couple of months after ~ Jesus an initial appeared to Margaret Mary, He showed up a second time; during this apparition, that revealed to her ​His sacred Heart​ in a minute she described as, “The divine Heart was presented come me in a throne the flames, an ext resplendent than a sun, transparent as crystal, with this adorable wound. And it to be surrounded with a crown the thorns, signifying the punctures do in it by our sins, and a cross above signifying the from the an initial instant that His Incarnation, the is, as soon as the spiritual Heart was formed, the cross to be implanted into it and also from the an initial moment it to be filled v all the sore to be inflicted on the by the humiliations, poverty, pain, and scorn of His sacred mankind was come endure throughout His life and also during His sacred passion.”

She continued to say, “And the (Jesus) do me check out that the intensely desired to be loved by men and also to snatch them native the path…onto i m sorry Satan was driving them in throngs…”


​​​When Jesus appeared to Margaret mary a third time, she explained Jesus “appearing come me resplendent with glory, with his five wounds bright like 5 suns, and flames issuing native every part of His spiritual humanity. But over all, from His adorable breast which looked prefer a furnace; and also uncovering his breast, He proved me His most loving and also lovable heart, which was the living resource of this flames.”

Jesus expressed to the nun His pure love for all humankind and the endless sacrifices He to be willing to endure for our salvation. Yet, He additionally expressed with good sadness all of the ingratitude He got by so many. “Behold this heart which has so loved guys that it has actually spared nothing, also to the allude of safety itself and also being spend to prove that love to them. And in return, I receive from most males only ingratitude due to the fact that of their irreverence and sacrileges and also the coldness and also scorn they have actually for me in this Sacrament of love. However what offends me many is the hearts consecrated come me plot in this way. Carry out thou at least console me by giving for your ingratitude, as much as thou arts able?”

Jesus instructed her the for a duration of time, she would certainly endure turmoil and the adversary would try to tempt her. The told she to get Communion as frequently as she could, but especially top top the first Friday of nine consecutive months.

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​On this final apparition, Jesus revealed His last message to Margaret Mary and also by extension, to every one of us, that we room to celebrate the Feast of The spiritual Heart the Jesus annually on the Friday following Corpus Christi, in reparation because that the coldness and also indifference numerous have towards His limitless love and compassion.