Goldens space cheerful dogs that have smiles that have the right to brighten even your darkest days. They space such a pleasant presence and they can constantly lift her mood.

But what if you have actually not seen this beautiful smile? is your dog sad or is it something else?

Are friend looking at them and asking you yourself why go my golden retriever look sad? Your golden retriever could look sad because they’re sick, depressed, not getting sufficient exercise nor great nutrition, or because they’ve to be mistreated. Friend can aid them by engaging in fun tasks with them and also spending much more quality time through them.

Goldens can acquire sad in ~ times, but it’s not normal for lock to remain down because that long. If your golden retriever has actually been looking more sad 보다 anything else recently, you need to pay fist to them and figure out what’s wrong.

I’ll describe the 5 possible reasons behind her dog’s sadness and what you can do to enhance their mood and assist them go ago to their cheerful personality. Keep on reading…

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Possible reasons Your gold Retriever watch Sad Related inquiries

Possible reasons Your golden Retriever look at Sad


Here room the possible reasons your gold Retriever looks so sad:

They’re DepressedThey’re Sick bad Nutrition not Getting enough Exercise Trauma (Punishment & mistreatment)

Let’s go quickly over them.

They’re Depressed

While scientists can’t yes, really prove whether dog can acquire clinically depression or not, dogs have the right to surely act like it, which is why the agreed on that dogs in ~ least get some form of depression.

Depression in dog is a serious issue as well, and also it have the right to have part physical impacts on your dog and also can reason them to shed appetite, it is in lazy, and become in its entirety lethargic and also sad.

One the the really common reasons of depression in goldens is gift left alone a lot. Gold Retrievers are really social and also they must spend time with other people and also animals. Leaving lock alone a lot will cause behavior problems and also can make them sad.

You can learn how long have the right to you leave your golden retriever alone here. I additionally discuss the tips and also tricks ns found advantageous in maintaining them entertained while i’m away for a long, make certain to check it out and do consider applying those tips.

They’re Sick

Becoming noble or ill could cause your dog to look sad. In this case, your dog will certainly probably display other indicators of being sick. They might vomit, part hair might fall, you may see red spots, etc.

If this is the case, you have to take them come the vet to acquire a diagnosis and also get the therapies needed.

If sickness is the cause, your dog’s mood must get better once they start healing.

Poor Nutrition

A bad diet can harm your golden retriever rather a little in every way, consisting of their mood and also energy levels, of course.

Poor nutrition have the right to be one of three things;

They space eating too littleThey are eating as well muchThey space not getting the appropriate nutrients

If you are feeding her dog the right portion and they are still getting weight, they room probably gaining fed by who else as well. For example, a household member may be spoiling them through the treats or table scraps without you knowing around it.

The difficulty can also be the they room eating foods with ingredients the they do not do it eat. Human foodstuffs often save on computer ingredients dog can’t consume. Below are 18 examples of human beings foods golden retrievers should never consume, make sure none the the table scraps you feed your dog contain this foods.

If you are looking for good food for her dog, don’t bother yourself and waste her time v the comparisons and also endless info on the topic, just check what i’m feeding my very own dogs here and also get this foods.

Not Getting sufficient Exercise

Goldens room active, energetic dogs that need a day-to-day dose of exercise of no much less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity practice to stay physically and mentally healthy.

If her dog is not getting enough exercise, they may look sad since they are undoubtedly sad and also tired. Much less exercise have the right to actually reduced their energy levels and make them feel tired.


The reason behind your dog’s sadness could additionally be that someone has mistreated the dog and also they are shocked or traumatized.

If her dog is adopted, mistreatment could trigger them right into depression as it can bring back the memories and also bad feelings, therefore this is other you need to consider very carefully.

Regardless of her dog’s history, you should make certain that anyone in the home understands that it’s no okay to punishment the dog by yelling at them, hitting them, or throw something in ~ them.

Physical punishments of this type should be strictly banned in your household.

The dog could likewise be traumatized through an experience with an additional animals, such together an aggressive dog at the park that bullies them as soon as you’re not looking.

If you rental a dog sitter or walker, uncover a way to make certain they space not mistreating the dog in any way. Pets sitters & walkers are humans and they deserve to snap in ~ the dog when they space too worn down or overwhelmed, and your dog can’t just tell you, for this reason you require to figure out yourself.

Signs her Dog is Really Sad Or depression


Here are the telltale signs that your dog is actually sad:

They come to be less energetic or straight-up lazySleeping an ext than normal They stop youThey eat and/or drink much less Sporadic illustration of howling or whimpering Hiding in dark and/or empty rooms in her house extreme Paw LickingBecomes disinterested in points they provided to likeDisplays compulsive behaviors come to be aggressive

Let’s talk simply a bit about each that these:

Becoming Lazy

Your gold may become less active, spending an ext of your days relaxing or doing things with low energy and small to no excitement. Lock may also want your walks come be much shorter or favor to nap 보다 going for a walk.

It’s precious noting that there are various other reasons why your gold could it is in lazy, for this reason make sure to examine out the feasible causes your golden is lazy here. I, of course, included the possible solutions the can help your golden regain their energy levels.

Sleeping much more than normal

If your dog all of sudden starts sleeping till noon or also more, climate it’s certainly something that should make you worried. Sleeping most of the job is regular for puppies but not regular for tires dogs, and also it can be a sign that they’re depressed.

They stop you

If your dog’s sadness or depression has actually something to execute with you or your family, they might start removing themselves from the family. It’s precious noting the they may also shot to eliminate themselves indigenous the family also when girlfriend have gained nothing to perform with the cause.

They eat and/or drink less

Depressed dog will lose their appetite and also will no eat or drink the same quantities they are used to. They shed their appetite and also their eat patterns have the right to change, such as they begin dragging your food to another room to eat away from anyone or prefer to eat later when no one is around.

Sporadic episodes of howling or whimpering

They deserve to start howling or whimpering without apparent triggers. Their tones that the howling would be rather low-energy and sad, and also if you have heard your sad howls prior to then you understand it can be heartbreaking.

Hiding in dark and/or empty rooms in her house

They could start finding dark or isolated locations in the home to hide in. They deserve to be law this to not face anyone or feel pressured come socialize through anyone. This go hand-in-hand v the staying clear of behavior debated earlier.

Excessive Paw Licking

Excessive paw licking could be a sign of depression and dogs usually perform it to comfort themselves when they’re stressed or anxious.

Becomes disinterested in points they supplied to like

Your dog might suddenly shed interest in points and activities that provided to excite them. For example, they may not be excited to play fetch anymore, play through their favourite toys, or even go to the park.

Display Compulsive behaviors

Compulsive actions such together constantly licking your paws, chewing top top furniture, or various other actions excellent constantly and with no evident reason behind it might be a sign that the dog is stressed the end or depressed and also are trying to find some relief.

What to do when your golden retriever is sad


Here room some advice on what to do once your dog is sad:

Improve your dietGive them fist Introduce alters in their livesReward them because that being active and much less sad take them come the vet Don’t do it worse

Let’s check them out:

Improve their Diet

If her dog is sad because of bad nutrition, they have to be back to their typical selves a quick while ~ you boost their diet.

Improving their diet contains making certain to offer them the appropriate meal dimension for their age and activity level, making certain they are acquiring all the needed nutrients, and also maybe introducing supplements if needed.

Give them attention

If you have actually been away for a while or you travel a lot, probably it’s time to spend more quality time v them. If friend spend many of her day at work, make sure to do the most out that the small time you have actually together.

You can additionally make certain that castle don’t stay bored at house alone every day by gaining them a second dog, a cat, asking a ar or a girlfriend to examine in once or a while, or contacting lock every pair of hours using the Furbo Dog Monitor.

The Furbo Dog monitor also permits two-way communication so friend will be able to see them, hear them, offer them treats, while also enabling them to hear you and talk to you.

Introduce changes

If their daily routine is making them sad or bored, you can shake things up a tiny bit. Maybe change their walk time from morning to night or take them brand-new places approximately town.

Taking them come a doggy day care is a an excellent idea here since it permits them come see brand-new faces and interact with brand-new people and new animals.

Reward them for being active

Whenever your dog shows indicators of activity or becomes a little hyper for a short burst, make sure to make the most of it by profitable them and engaging v them with high energy.

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Show them that this really makes you happy and keep your energy levels high. Worship them and give castle treats, this will certainly make them an ext likely to repeat it and gradually they will certainly get ago to your normal, active and happy self.

Take them to the vet

If your dog is exhibiting symptom of illness, you have to take them to the vet. If a sickness is what is resulting in your dog’s negative mood, they will get better a quick while if no instantly after ~ the treatment starts.

Don’t make it worse

Pushing them come be far better or d activities, ignoring them, or punishing them space all negative ideas. For this reason is gift sad and also lazy with them also if friend don’t have the power or are feeling under yourself.

girlfriend should shot to interact positive power to your dog, which is the only way to help them improve and also recover native what is making lock sad.

Related inquiries

Can golden Retrievers obtain Depression?

Golden Retrievers can act depressed and also show the same signs of clinical depression as people do also though we can’t diagnose them with clinical depression due to the fact that we can’t speak to them.

Goldens are more prone to obtaining depressed than other dog breeds as they are really social animals and can get depressed if castle ignored or left alone for long periods of time.

Do golden Retrievers acquire Sad?

Yes, gold Retrievers acquire sad once they are ignored, left alone for lengthy periods that time, or room mistreated. Goldens are an extremely social pets and an extremely loyal to your owners, so as soon as they room separated from their owners or mistreated by them they deserve to get an extremely sad.