Many settlers saw the West together a floor of chance for various groups (homesteaders, miners, railroad workers, and ranchers). V the discovery of gold and silver in the west and government land sponsor encouraging negotiation (Homestead Act), immigrants and American citizens both started to settle the west. 

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Before the polite War, Americans observed the soil west that the Mississippi as one large reservation. The federal government named the area “Indian Country.” In 1834, the Indian Intercourse Act was passed and also prohibited any kind of white person from going over there without a license.
In 1851, come clear means for settlement, the federal government abandoned “One large Reservation” in donate of a new policy that concentration. It identified definite limits to every tribe.
In 1864, the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes were worn down of fighting through the united state so castle asked because that peace. Because they were particular the battle was over, Chief black color Kettle, led his 700 pendant to camp ~ above Sand Creek.
Early in the morning, a team of Colorado military, attacked the resting group. The Colonel Chivington said them come “Kill and also scalp all, large and little. Nits do lice.” black Kettle make the efforts to stop the ambush by increasing an American flag and also then a white flag, however neither worked. Every one of them to be clubbed, stabbed, and scalped. 
As a part of the northern Sioux Wars, the army was sent out under Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer. Top top June 25, 1876 reasoning he had actually a little band of Indians surrounded on the financial institutions of the Little Bighorn river in Montana, Custer marched towards it.

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He found that he had actually stumbled right into the main Sioux camp v 2500 warriors. Through afternoon, it to be over and Custer and also his men were dead. It came to be known together “Custer’s last Stand” and appeared in papers everywhere. Over there was need for revenge all across the US.
This rapid settlement substantially upset aboriginal Americans in the West. Plenty of tribes check to stand up to the extermination the bison