L.A. Junk dealer Fred Sanford to be Norman Lear"s black equivalent to Archie Bunker. The gravel-voiced widower hurled outrageous one-liners at his Bible-toting sister-in-law, Esther; cooked increase get-rich-quick schemes through buddies Grady (who obtained his very own spin-off collection in 1975) and also Bubba; and feigned plenty of "big ones" (heart attacks) to success the sympathy of long-suffering child Lamont. Based upon the British collection "Steptoe and Son," the present consistently ranked in the peak 10.

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Episode 1

The Hawaiian link - part 1

Fri, Sep 24, 1976 30 mins

component 1 the three. Fred and also Lamont accept an expense-paid expedition to Hawaii and unwittingly become involved in a jewel-theft scheme. Davis: Sheldon Leonard. Commander: Ed McMahon.

Episode 2

The Hawaiian link - component 2

Fri, Sep 24, 1976 30 mins

part 2. The Sanfords space enjoying your vacation in Hawaii, unaware they"re being offered in a jewel-theft scheme. Commander: Ed McMahon. Davis: Sheldon Leonard.

Episode 3

The Hawaiian connection - part 3

Fri, Oct 1, 1976 30 mins

Conclusion. The Sanfords are sought in Honolulu through jewel thieves feather for warm gems castle planted on Fred.

Episode 4

California Crude

Fri, Oct 8, 1976 30 mins

The Sanfords win oil while mix their new garden. Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson. Aram: Ross Martin. Miller: Patrick Campbell. Bubba: Don Bexley.

Episode 5

The Stakeout

Fri, Oct 15, 1976 30 mins

Fred discovers the the "woman" that adores is a master of disguise wanted by the police. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Bubba: Don Bexley. Miss Wallace: Charles Weldon. Hoppy: Howard Platt.

Episode 6

I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz

Fri, Oct 22, 1976 30 mins

seek fame, Fred challenges the human being record for staying awake. Demond Wilson, LaWanda Page. Bubba: Don Bexley. Roger: Edward Crawford. Janet: Marlene Clark. Mrs. Gordon: Royce Wallace.

Episode 7

The to win Ticket

Fri, Nov 5, 1976 30 mins

Fred concocts a phony sweepstakes to an increase business at the junkyard. Demond Wilson. Bubba: Don Bexley. Esther: LaWanda Page. Danny: Danny Wells.

Episode 8

Committee Man

Fri, Nov 12, 1976 30 mins

A housing-project builder tries come buy the vote of Fred, a new appointee to the mayor"s community Relations Bureau. Demond Wilson. Sam Andrews: Edward Andrews. Mrs. Channing: Fritzi Burr. Rodriguez: Sosimo Hernandez.

Episode 9

Fred"s Extra Job

Fri, Nov 19, 1976 30 mins

Fred"s setup to assist Lamont financially: sell his junk empire as collateral for a loan he will certainly repay through moonlighting together a waiter. Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson. Bubba: Don Bexley. Donna: Lynn Hamilton. Janet: Marlene Clark. Financial institution Officer: Mel Carter. Maitre d": Milton Frome. Bruno: Barry Wright.

Episode 10


Fri, Nov 26, 1976 30 mins

An unanticipated visitor declare to be an old friend has Fred illustration a blank until cite is made of their previous alliance in crime. Demond Wilson. Grady: Whitman Mayo.

Episode 11

Aunt Esther has a Baby

Fri, Dec 3, 1976 30 mins

Nervous about adopting a child, Woody has actually a couple of too many prior to a an important interview v the agency. Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson. Aunt Esther: LaWanda Page.

Episode 12

Here Today, unable to do Today

Tue, Dec 7, 1976 30 mins

Fred collection insurance ~ above the furniture his friends and also family secretly removed for reupholstering. Demond Wilson. Esther: LaWanda Page. Bubba: Don Bexley. Rollo: Nathaniel Taylor. Donna: Lynn Hamilton. Janet: Marlene Clark.

Episode 13

Aunt Esther Meets she Son

Fri, Dec 10, 1976 30 mins

Esther and Woody"s newly embraced teenager easily dashes their hopes for him. Salesgirl: Shirley Washington. Esther: LaWanda Page. Woody: Raymond Allen. Sisters: Helen Martin, Earnestine Simpson, Cathy Cooper. Fred: Redd Foxx. Lamont: Demond Wilson.

Episode 14

Sanford and also Gong

Fri, Dec 17, 1976 30 mins

Fred is unaware that his brother-in-law Rodney plans come upstage the junkman"s plot on "The Gong Show" and also carry off the prize money. Lining Barris: Himself. Bubba: Don Bexley. Donna: Lynn Hamilton. Lamont: Demond Wilson.

Episode 15

Fred Meets Redd

Fri, jan 14, 1977 30 mins

despite a pushing tax deadline, Fred competes in a Redd Foxx look-alike contest. Demond Wilson. Marvin: Jack Carter. Miss out on Rock: Fritzi Burr. Harrison: Dave Turner.

Episode 16

Chinese Torture

Fri, january 21, 1977 30 mins

Hours prior to a heavy date, Fred is coincidentally handcuffed to Esther (LaWanda Page). Grady: Whitman Mayo. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Rollo: Nathaniel Taylor.

Episode 17

A issue of Silence

Fri, jan 28, 1977 30 mins

Fred decides to keep the healing of his hearing trouble a an enig so he can get more attention from Donna (Lynn Hamilton). Demond Wilson. Rollo: Nathaniel Taylor.

Episode 18

When man Comes Marching Home

Fri, Feb 4, 1977 30 mins

Janet and Lamont are shaken when her ex-husband shows up to do amends. Demond Wilson, Marlene Clark. Fred: Redd Foxx. Bubba: Don Bexley. Rollo: Nathaniel Taylor.

Episode 19

Rev. Sanford

Fri, Feb 11, 1977 30 mins

Fred declares his junkyard a church in order to avoid ever-rising building taxes. Demond Wilson. Esther: LaWanda Page. Bishop Lovelace: Sammy Shore. Bubba: Don Bexley. Woody: Raymond Allen. Jimmy: Freeman King.

Episode 20

The Will

Fri, Feb 18, 1977 30 mins

Fred, fearing he is around to die, reveals the contents of his will. Esther: LaWanda Page. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Woody: Raymond Allen. Donna: Lynn Hamilton. Bubba: Don Bexley.

Episode 21

Fred the Activist

Fri, Feb 25, 1977 30 mins

Fred leads a march protesting period discrimination. Demond Wilson. Esther: LaWanda Page. Hank: Taurean Blacque. Clarence: Mel Stewart. Rose: Hilda Haynes. Millie: Helen Martin. Guard: Tony Burton.

Episode 22

The lucky Streak

Fri, Mar 4, 1977 30 mins

Fred trust gambling is the means to raise money come forestall foreclosure on the Sanford Arms. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Esther: LaWanda Page.

Episode 23

Funny, girlfriend Don"t look It

Fri, Mar 11, 1977 30 mins

Fred insurance claims to be descended from King Solomon. Demond Wilson. Aunt Esther: LaWanda Page. Bubba: Don Bexley.

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Episode 24

Fred Sings the Blues

Fri, Mar 18, 1977 30 mins

Aspiring songwriter Fred plan to offer his material to B.B. King (who shows up as himself). Demond Wilson. Esther: LaWanda Page. Bubba: Don Bexley.

Episode 25

School Daze

Fri, Mar 25, 1977 30 mins

Lamont and also Donna are puzzled by Fred"s nightly disappearing act, till they learn his purpose: night school. Fred: Redd Foxx. Lamont: Demond Wilson. Donna: Lynn Hamilton.