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by James E. McClellan, domenico E. III bertoloni meli, Harold Dorn, James E. McClellan III

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This edition was published in 1999 by The Johns Hopkins University push in Baltimore, Md. composed in English — 404 pages

In modern-day industrial society, the tie between science and an innovation seems clear, even inevitable. But historically, together James E. McClellan III and also Harold Dorn remind us, the link has been far less apparent. For much of human being history, an innovation depended an ext on the invention of skilled artisans than it walk on the speculation the scientists. Technology as "applied science," the authors argue, emerged relatively recently, together industry and also governments started funding scientific research that would certainly lead straight to brand-new or improved technologies. In science and an innovation in people History, McClellan and also Dorn market an development to this an altering relationship.

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McClellan and also Dorn review the historic record beginning with the thinking and tool do of ancient humans. Neolithic people, for example, emerged metallurgy the a sort, using naturally developing raw copper, and kept systematic records of the moon"s phases. Neolithic craftsmen possessed practical knowledge that the habits of clay, fire, and other facets of their environment, however though they might have had actually explanations because that the phenomena of their crafts, they toiled without any kind of systematic science of products or the self-conscious application of concept to practice.

McClellan and Dorn determine two an excellent scientific traditions: the useful sciences, patronized by the state from the dawn of civilization, and scientific theorizing, initiated by the ancient Greeks. Their is a survey of the historic twists and also turns of this traditions, resulting in the science of our own day.

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Without neglecting crucial figures of Western science such as Newton and Einstein, the authors show the an excellent achievements that non-Western cultures. Castle remind united state that scientific heritages took source in China, India, and central and southern America, and also in a collection of near Eastern empires, during late antiquity and also the middle Ages, including the vast region that developed the Islamic conquest. Indigenous this to compare perspective, the authors discover the development of Europe as a clinical and technical power. Continuing their narrative through the Manhattan Project, NASA, and modern medical research, the authors weave the converging histories of science and technology into one integrated, perceptive, and also highly readable narrative.

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