According to Facebook, your cover photo is presented at 820 pixels vast by 312 pixels high on your web page on desktops and also 640 pixels vast by 360 pixels high on smartphones. But if you desire to use a single image that functions pretty well on both desktop and mobile, 820 pixels large by 462 pixels tall seems to it is in the best.

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The on facebook cover photo. It feels choose it have to be so easy to pick one, and yet finding the perfect photo feels super hard at the very same time.

You only gain one; one photo, one shot to make a an excellent impression, one possibility to convey a distinctive feeling, therefore what must it be?

Your on facebook cover photo is just one of the an initial things people will see when they visit your facebook Page, and also that is precisely why that is so necessary to make the best an initial impression possible and for the cover picture to convey exactly what it is you are aiming for. Also though it sounds simple, we’ve uncovered that that pretty tough! No worries, though, we’re right here to assist you.

Let’s jump in and also figure the end the best way to do the many out that your on facebook cover photo, together.


In this article, we’ll carry out three things:

Introduce you come the on facebook cover photo and ideal dimensionsGuide girlfriend through exactly how to develop a covering photo and how to choose the perfect imageProvide some instances of on facebook Pages with brilliant cover photos

Let’s begin with a quick review of sheathe photos and the ideal image size to use…

What’s the ideal size because that a on facebook cover photo?

820 pixels vast by 462 pixels tall

The ideal image dimension to use for her Facebook page cover photo is … well, it deserve to vary. Follow to Facebook, her cover photo:

Displays in ~ 820 pixels large by 312 pixels high on your page on desktops and also 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels high on smartphonesDoesn’t screen on non-smartphonesMust it is in at the very least 399 pixels broad and 150 pixels tallLoads fastest together an sRGB JPG paper that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and also less than 100 kilobytes

Whoa, okay. Therefore what does every one of that mean?

It way that even though us only acquire one photo, facebook is going to use it in two really different ways:

in the rectangular layout of 820 pixels vast by 312 pixels tall for desktop;and the ever-so-slightly more squarish format of 640 pixels large by 360 pixels tall for mobile.

If you desire to use a solitary image that functions pretty fine on both desktop and mobile, 820 pixels vast by 462 pixels tall appears to it is in the best (see instance below).

New: covering video!

You deserve to now usage a video, rather of a revolution cover photo. Through a video, you deserve to share much more about her business and tell a longer story.

Here space the specifications:

It must be at least 820 pixels large by 312 pixels tall.It have the right to be 20 come 90 secs long.

Pro Tip: If you found an image or video clip that you love and the dimensions space a bit off, you can still usage it! You’ll want to choose that photo or video (or upload it), and then you will do it be enabled to ‘reposition’ it. V the reposition feature, on facebook is essentially permitting you to crop your cover picture in a means that you think finest fits in the space.

Desktop vs. Mobile

It’s good always to it is in mindful that Facebook web page cover image on desktops and cover picture on mobile look at different.

For example, here’s exactly how a cover photo looks top top a desktop:


And here’s just how it look at in the on facebook mobile app:


They watch similar, yet there is a slight difference:


On mobile, the top and also bottom parts are slightly increased — by 75 pixels each to be an exact — presume you no reposition the photo. The components highlighted in red space not shown on your Page once viewed indigenous a computer.

What’s cool here is that on facebook doesn’t stretch and also squeeze the same image, they readjust the crop. This is awesome because it ensures the your picture looks its finest by no distorting anything.

Desktop sizing guide

With the brand-new Facebook web page design, every the things that offered to be on height of your cover picture (such together your profile photo, page name, choose button, etc.) are moved out that the cover photograph — yay!


For personal Facebook profiles, your profile photo, her name, and also several buttons still overlay the sheathe photo.

Double check your style on mobile

If she using message on her cover photo, like a call-to-action (CTA), you’ll desire to pop over come the on facebook mobile application to take it a peek just to make certain there’s naught wonky walking on. Because that example, if your cover photo is not tall enough, the political parties of your picture (or a couple of characters of your CTA) might be cropped away on the mobile app.

How to create your sheathe photo

If you have some style skills, developing your own cover picture from the ground up using software like Photoshop is great way come go. Walking this route allows you to produce a pixel-perfect representation of exactly how you want to portray yourself or your business.

Photoshop cover photo templates

To aid you to jump straight into designing, we’ve developed a facebook cover picture template (820 x 462px).


You have the right to see an example of this here. (Hat tip to Cover picture Size Helper – so helpful!)

Here space a few extra details for designers to consider around your Page’s profile picture:

Displays in ~ 170×170 pixels top top your web page on computers, 128×128 pixels on smartphones, and also 36×36 pixels on most non-smartphonesWill it is in cropped come fit a square

We understand that we could not every be designers, but that doesn’t median we can not all have actually a beautiful facebook cover photo. Here are some locations you can look in ~ to develop your cover as well as some tips for making sure it totally represents you and your business.

Your photos

Your facebook cover photo need to be all around you or her business, so why not use one of your picture that represent you?

During our Madrid retreat, we took a team photo, which ended up being our on facebook cover photo for several months.


Stock photos

If you don’t have actually any an individual photos girlfriend would like to share, how around using a beautiful stock photo? We also shared 53 cost-free image sources for friend to uncover the perfect photo for your cover photo. My favourite websites to discover beautiful share photos room Unsplash and also Pixabay.

If the license of the picture allows, I would encourage friend to edit or enhance every little thing photo you pick v Pablo, Canva, or PicMonkey to make it more personal. For example, you could pick one of your favorite quotes and also lay it end the photo, and Pablo even has a few beautiful estimates you deserve to pick directly in there.


If friend don’t want to use a photograph or if you’d like even much more help to develop your cover photo, Canva offers pre-made templates because that you come use and customize yet you would like.


To find these templates on Canva, choose “More…” once you are producing a design and also look because that “Facebook cover”.

How to choose your sheathe photo

Now that us know just how to create your cover photo, the concern is what kind of cover picture you have to select? room there cover photos the work best than others? let’s investigate.

Best practices

First up, let’s talk about some of the finest practices as soon as it comes to a facebook cover photo. Hubspot has actually put with each other a an excellent list the Do’s and also Don’ts as soon as it concerns cover photos. Below are several of the highlights:

Respect Facebook’s forced dimensions (820px wide by 312 px tall for desktops)Stay mostly visual and also have a clean focal pointKeep in mind exactly how your cover photograph will look like on mobileIntegrate her cover photo style with the remainder of her page

What kind of image attracts people?

We looked right into some of the components that make photos shareable i beg your pardon turned out to be:

Emotion: Making people feel, leader them to take actionRelevance: consisting of something the fits v your audience’s interestColors: picking the best colors that will lead to the many sharesTypography: choosing the best font that will make your message clearHashtags and also Text: uncover the best words that will certainly lead your audience come interact

These components can also be used to your on facebook cover picture to make people feel a certain way or take a certain action when they pertained to your page.

For example, Coca-Cola’s cover photo shows several happy young adult clinking their coke bottles. This is likely to it is in in the hopes of making civilization feel happy when thinking of Coca-Cola and to make the link in people’s mind that drinking a coke method happiness. Straightforward and also effective!


Where do human being look?

When comes up through your perfect cover photo, it can be interesting to look into some eye tracking studies. Something that ns found particularly interesting in an article from Kissmetrics on the topic is the idea that “directional queues.”

It was uncovered that if friend would favor to draw attention come a particular item in one image, having actually a visual queue like a who gaze looking at the item will overview viewers to what they have to look at next. This could be an interesting way to usage a who gaze in your on facebook cover photo.


Something else Kissmetrics found that might be precious playing roughly with is to include an element that “pops” in your cover photo. That aspect should be the one the matters and the one the calls for action.

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For example, once HubSpot released their Summer Startup competition, they adjusted their cover picture to encourage human being to apply.


Thinking exterior the box

The cover photograph is a good way come express you yourself but likewise a means to stand the end when human being visit your page. Here are some means you can use your cover photo:

Use your cover photograph to promote your social media campaigns
Change her cover photo based upon special occasions, events, sales, or holidays
Use her cover picture to send human being to a special offer
Ask her fans to “Like” your pageAsk her fans to share her pageInclude Easter Eggs that lead fans to a distinct giveaway or unique event

Who does it well? A showcase of great cover photos and also videos

Now the we recognize what provides a great Facebook sheathe photo, how about we take it a look at at few of the Pages that execute it well? Hopefully, you could find part inspiration