Sydney, Australia -A woman who was pulled right into crointer-base.netdile-infested waters in northwestern Australia when a shark bit her finger together she attempted to feed it has described the terrifying moment which nearly inter-base.netst her a digit.

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Melissa Brunning said she to be on a yacht in the remote Kimberley an ar some 2 500 kilometres (1 553 miles) north of Perth when she tried to hand-feed up to 4 Tawny nurse sharks hanging about the back of the boat.

The two-metre (6.6-foot) creature -- i beg your pardon has solid jaws and rows of sharp teeth -- suck at her appropriate index finger "like a Hoover (vacuum cleaner)", she called The West Australian so late Saturday.

"I think the shark remained in shock as much as ns was... The only method I can explain it is this tremendous pressure and also it felt choose it was shredding it turn off the bone," the 34-year-old said.

"I came up and I was like, "I"ve shed my finger, mine finger"s gone"."

Mobile phone footage of the occurrence at Dugong only in so late May, aired through inter-base.netmmercial broadcaster Channel 7 on Saturday, confirmed Brunning screaming as she to be dragged into the water before the boat"s crew and also friends easily pulled her out.

She continual cuts, a fracture, a torn ligament and a negative infection on she finger as a result of the eninter-base.netunter, yet miraculously walk not shed the digit.

"It"s no the shark"s fault at all, yet it inter-base.netuld have actually been a many worse," Brunning said, including that she had learnt come "respect maritime life, and look at it in awe, however just leaving them alone".

Brunning stated she did no realise that she should have actually left the item of fish in front of her and watch the shark suck it up, rather of trying to hand-feed it.

"This is no a shark attack, this is just a blonde law a stupid thing.... As soon as you"re in the water, they"re peak of the food chain, it"s your domain. We"re not meant to it is in in the water, if us were we"d have actually gills," she added.

Apart native sharks, saltwater crointer-base.netdiles -- i beg your pardon can prosper up to seven metres long and weigh more than a tonne -- are also found in ~ the bay.

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