Here’s exactly how you can watch Silicon Valley’s season 5, episode 4 digital or the old-fashioned method right on your television.

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Silicon Valley’s 5th season proceeds on HBO tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET. You can record this season’s fourth episode digital on HBO NOW, straight TV,or soon after that is live air time ~ above HBO GO. Tonight’s episode is titled “Tech Evangelist” and is command by Jamie Babbit (Gilmore Girls) and written by mockery Lieb, previous showrunner/producer the The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Silicon Valley was recently officially put in order by HBO for a 6th season! Impressive occupational for the series, simply three episodes right into season 5. The sky’s the limit for a collection that will only trend up through interest in the tech industry growing monumentally every solitary day. The show was already ahead that its time when it premiered ago in April 2014.

Amy Gravitt, executive Vice chairman of HBO Programming top top renewal:

Silicon Valley stays as brilliantly and also frighteningly prescient as ever. We’re thrilled that these 2 smart, funny shows are returning for an additional season.

Silicon Valley: “Tech Evangelist” illustration description

Attempting come woo a gaming firm to PiperNet, Richard inadvertently angers a prized ally; Dinesh faces a betrayal; Gavin pipeline his underlings with a cryptic message; Jared gets inside information from huge Head.

This week’s Silicon Valley episode should have gaming fans tuning in together Richard Hendricks attempts to woo one FPS developer over to PiperNet! Subsequently, Richard will inadvertently anger an important “prized ally” in the procedure of said “wooing” … similar to the real video game industry! If friend love the behind-the-scenes operations of video clip game developers, this is a can’t miss episode.

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Silicon Valley season 5, episode 4 digital stream details

How to watch Silicon Valley’s season 5, illustration 4 “Tech Evangelist” digital or old-school on her TV:

Date: Sunday, April 15Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ETEpisode: “Tech Evangelist”TV Channel: HBOLive Stream: stream 1 | stream 2 | stream 3 | currently 4

Catch up on previous illustration of Mike Judge’s Silicon sink at HBO GO. The first four seasons are easily accessible at the moment of this article’s publishing. You can watch “Tech Evangelist” following the official air time in ~ this HBO link.