SIX is around the brotherhood that SEAL Team Six. ~ the death of their former leader, Richard ‘Rip’ Taggart (Walton Goggins), the team members’ separate lives are severely affected. Since of this, they desire payback. Their routes cross with Agent Gina Cline (Olivia Munn) who likewise seeks vengeance. Michael Nasry (Dominic Adams) is yet to prove whether or not his collaboration with the federal government is precious his life.

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In this week’s illustration of SIX, certified dealer Cline brings the team one action closer to having their revenge ~ above the person responsible for Rip’s death. Together the team prepares for their next operation, they conference a series of problems that have some of them shed focus. Problem stirs at home as the suspect for Rip’s murder is released by the FBI, and also Jackie Ortiz (Nadine Velasquez) recognizes the require for a total to safeguard their family.


Marissa (Katherine Evans) tries to contact Michael with the internet. ~ above the news, she discovers the the doubt for Rip’s murder has actually been released. Joe “Bear” tombs sees the very same report together he turns the TV in his hotel room on. The receives a call from his friend and co-team member, Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid) that invites him over to his location to have some beer. If they are talking, Alex succumbs come his injuries from your previous operation. The insists on having Bear crash at his ar after understanding that the was continuing to be at a hotel. However, be affected by each other declines. Bear ends the call abruptly ~ Alex brings up the topic around his wife, Lena tombs (Brianne Davis).

Anabel Ortiz (Jessica Garza) tells her parents, Jackie and also Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz (Juan-Pablo Raba) about her visit to your previous house, saying that no one has actually rented the yet. She expresses she wish come go earlier to their old home, saying the she misses her room. She even asks she dad to ago her up, but Ricky agrees through his wife, saying the it is indeed dangerous come go earlier there. Out of frustration, Jackie breaks one of the glassware that she to be washing.

That evening, Jackie speak Ricky the she wants a gun. Ricky reasons out the it would be dangerous to her and also for the kids. Also, maintain on how to usage a gun would certainly be difficult. That insists that they were safe in wherein they were at this time staying in. She sarcastically offers Rip’s fatality as her factor for saying that they are not safe. Since of this, Ricky decides to express his anxiety by functioning out.

Marissa returns from to buy groceries. Her neighbor, who was the recently released doubt for Rip’s murder, to be being harassed by 2 men. She pertains to his rescue by steering the men away and also keeping the in her apartment. The is delighted as soon as he finds the end that she is a Muslim too, however after that sees the photos of Rip and also Buddha on she bed, he takes a action back, saying the the Qu’ran teaches peace. She tells him the if he might show her the passage, she would turn herself in. When he leaves to get the i in his room, she kills him through an ashtray. When there was no one around, Marissa dragged she neighbor’s body earlier into his apartment.


The following day, Jackie goes come Alex’s house. He was surprised to watch her; climate he invites she to come inside. Jackie asks the to help her obtain a gun, saying the she might not buy one utilizing their money since Ricky would certainly know. Also, she states that she would not tell Ricky whereby the gun was from if he helped her. Alex states that it is a negative idea and he insists that she have to talk come Ricky about it instead. Jackie continues to plea come Alex, saying that it to be for her family.


When be afflicted with ends their call, Alex takes ache pills from the drawer of his counter. The pounds that so he might snort it. However, he decides not to carry out this as he remembers what had happened once he overdosed top top them. Instead, the takes aspirins native the medicine cabinet in his lull room.

At the base, Robert chase (Edwin Hodge) shooting a taser at Trevor Wozniak (Eric Ladin). Armin “Fishbait” khan (Jaylen Moore), alongside other SEALs, laugh at him, seeing exactly how ridiculous Trevor looked like. Their fun bonding time ends once Fishbait refuses to play their game which makes Trevor say offensive things about Muslims. Robert division their struggle up climate Fishbait leaves. He asks Trevor if he had actually anything come say about Black world like him, yet Trevor replies that he loves Brown people.

Alex bring Bear to a bar. That insists that Bear should try to get back in the game; the he have to start going the end with other women. Bear’s an initial attempt went poor after the woman sees his wedding ring. Alex laughs at this, saying that it brings him down. Castle have much more drinks v multiple women until Bear ultimately manages to get a girl for himself. Still, the decides to leaving the bar alone, thinking around Lena.

When the arrives ago in the hotel room, the calls Lena, yet her sister answers the phone, saying that she left it at she house. When he asks her wherein Lena had actually gone to at the hour the the day, she end the call, saying the she needs to go. A few moments later, Alex knocks on his door bringing 2 girls (Keilani Elizabeth Rose and also Olena Medwid). Be affected by each other does not open up the door even as the girls have actually left, leaving Alex sleeping in the hallway.

The Operation

John, or “The Prince” (Nikolai Nikolaeff) go on a morning run somewhere in Chechnya. At some point, that stops together he obtain a call. The man on the phone tells him that Michael’s record compromised their plans by the Americans. Their jihadist organization, Boko Haram, has decided to dispatch Michael and also to death Agent Cline when they have actually the chance. However, the speaker speak The Prince the Michael would certainly still be of use to them. He considers this request.


Michael offers Agent Cline a lead on recording The Prince. She offers the info Michael noted her to she superior, Kate Kilcannon (Samantha Ferris). Together Kate speak her the it is their only shot in ~ the moment, her mind flashes ago to the mission that brought about Vince, she lover’s death. She breaks out of it as Kate decides to existing the info to the chain.

Outside the interrogation room, certified dealer Cline smokes if she the town hall Michael pray. Kate stands alongside her. Amused at what she sees, she transforms the speakers connected to the listening devices inside the room on. She asks certified dealer Cline what he was saying. Certified dealer Cline then analyzed every line the Michael had said, telling her that it was a supplication prayer. Kate speak her that the mission has been approved, for this reason she states that she desires an attack team under her control.

Bear lastly opens the door to his hotel, saying that they have been recalled. He tries to help Alex vomit after the sees the he is quiet hungover, yet Alex tells him that he could do it himself. Together they load their belongings, Trevor brings out a necklace through a finger together its pendant. He had actually it molded after Osama Bin Laden’s son, who he killed. Fishbait thinks of Trevor’s talisman as ridiculous while Robert says that it can be thought about as something comparable to a rabbit’s foot.

They come in Saravejo, Bosnia, ten hrs later. The team gets acquainted v Agent Cline together they resolve in. She briefs the men on the details about their mission. Buddha notices the their key target was John that was when their asset and thought to have shot by agent Cline. She merely says that John regulated to survive. She provides them every the various other details, climate tells them that this is your shot in ~ getting back to those responsible because that Rip’s death. Agent Cline viewpoints Buddha after the briefing, asking if they to be going to have a problem. He tells her that the last time she led one operation, the failed. Certified dealer Cline makes her point by saying the this time, they were after the same thing.

Robert and also Fishbait take monitoring on the targets. Robert sends out the photos to the base, and they confirm each of the human being they had actually photographed, except for one male who was their potential target. After some time, the convoy leaves, so the SEALs go after them. The convoy stop at a warehouse whereby an MMA fight to be being held. Certified dealer Cline inquiry Bear to send some males out to save an eye top top the target, so he sends Buddha, Alex, and also Trevor.


Inside the warehouse, the struggle continues. The trio record sight that the target. Trevor goes to the lull room. Coincidentally, the target walk there as well. He speak to Trevor in Bosnian and Trevor responds by offering him a wry smile. After he got back to Buddha and Alex, he tells them the they have been compromised. Together Alex notifies the team outside, the targets begin moving. Agent Cline tells them to engage the targets regardless of the fact that they have not determined the main target yet. Fishbait and also Robert allude out the things might go wrong, however Bear speak the team to move out.

Alex and Trevor follow the feasible main target and also his bodyguard. The team external cautiously exit the van. As soon as the armed men outside see them, they begin to aim your guns, yet the SEALs take it out most of castle in a flash. Eventually, they eliminate all the hostiles outside the warehouse. Alex and Trevor continue to follow the duo. Alex informs the team about the location of the last two targets once he stops in mid-sentence, interrupted through his injuries. The safety pulls the end a gun, however Trevor shoots first, death him. The critical target manages come shoot the gun turn off of Alex’s hand. Trevor provides cover fire because that Alex. Buddha comes out of the backdoor then he shoot the critical target. Once Robert and Fishbait eliminate the target’s shades and also hat, Buddha tells them the he is no John.

At the base, Bear bring Agent Cline come the bodies of their targets. The points she to who they assumed was John, and also she confirms the it was no him. Bear talks to Alex as they get in the van. Alex insists that he is not acquiring on the plane, but Bear manages to convince him come go. When the valve leaves, Buddha viewpoints Agent Cline, stating that it was the 2nd time that he to be on a failed mission with her since of dorn intel. She tells him that she had been lied to.

Trevor takes photos of the dead bodies. Robert watch this, warning Trevor the he would be discharged if the is seen through those picture on his phone. Trevor replies that he saw him act the same thing. At that exact same moment, man visits the site. He learns around the strike on his males that day. As soon as one of lock asks what they were to do, he tells him that they must mourn the dead first. Robert secretly takes photos of the dead bodies when no one is looking. John leaves the site.

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SIX continues Wednesday, June 13th, through “Seesaw” at 10/9c ~ above The background Channel.