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Edward Hoptrough8y↑153

Finally someone who really gets what Christmas is. A time because that the revenge-murders that those who have wronged you.


im going v all the old yogscast songs because that nostalgia, and also i had this disliked, due to the fact that when it come out i was like "boooo, team duncan" -9th great me


I expect the haters recognize that his whole series is scripted choose Shadow the Israphel. Rythian doesn't in reality hate Duncan or Sjin.


I love exactly how like every member that the yogscast has at least part singing ability lol its great


Now you should watch every one of blackrock so friend can get the context and then you should weep with the remainder of us because it's been like 2 years due to the fact that the last episode regardless of rythian constantly speak it's quiet on. Wow simply realized how similar this is come lol's tribunal mechanism everyone wants it ago and they to speak it will certainly come ago but it never does

Tijmen de Vries7y↑23

If girlfriend listen very closely you deserve to hear Zoey singing follow me in the background! (At least, ns think she is)


YOU deserve to you just have the right to tell she was not all the interested in to sing this you can tell that a joke =by the ton of your voices together well


I'm pretty certain that's zoey actually playing an instument. I think it's to plan to be fishton.

ary hollifield an initial things first, if you're talking about me, ns am a girl. Ns didn't to speak that, I claimed that there wasn't a single member in the yogscast the hadn't swore on camera. I typical everyone has sworn with proof that it. 

Lenny GeorgeI never ever said that, he said plainly the yogscast never ever swear so I stated Lewis and also Simon go swear in the enlarge ones

The Crow5y↑32

shameless likes xD Shameless plug ins xD but good god RYTHIAN as soon as HE IS ailing HIS VOCIE IS therefore DAME DEEP and also his accent is larger xD love yha rythain


Hm....I simply noticed...check the pan art. Rythian's mask is down, and there's naught wrong through his face. Although, there's a cut on his face, and it seems the blood is purple. 


you posted her connent 1 month ago this was made 2 years earlier and at tht time he provided a youtube picture with the in sunglasses and also no mask so it to be probly based off of that

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Abigail Burton8y↑5

Omg best Song ever and also to every u haters Sjin and Duncan blew up every thing rythian ever loved consisting of ZOEYA

Jacob Standring8y↑1

This is manic and also beautiful in every meaning of the word...(: ITS simply SO BEAUTIFUL