The SMS Audio Street by 50 ANC Headphones integrate solid noise-cancelling performance via plenty of bass for an affordable price.

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BySherri L. Smith17 February 2015


Our Verdict

The SMS Audio Street by 50 ANC Headphones combine solid noise-cancelling performance via plenty of bass for an affordable price.

What happens once 50 Cent meets energetic noise-cancellation technology? You get the SMS Audio Street by 50 Over-Ear ANC Headphones. These $179 cans provide many type of of the features you"d suppose from a 50 Cent-branded product, including a sturdy and flashy architecture, and loud, thumping bass. Throw in effective ANC via about 70 hrs of battery life, and you"ve acquired headphones that will certainly certainly obtain heads nodding to the beat.


The Street by 50 ANC headphones have a decidedly mature look, thanks to the decision to usage a shadow-black matte soft-touch end up in lieu of the usual shiny plastics. The optimal of the headband also has actually a semi-glossy SMS Audio decal, while the underside houses a thick band of memory foam wrapped in babsence leather via electric-blue stitching. If babsence isn"t your shade, the headphones are also available in cool silver.

The babsence soft-touch end up extends to the ear cups, with each side rocking a blue backlit "S" in the facility. SMS Audio adds a touch of shine, extending the earlier of the cup in glossy black plastic. The insides attribute more memory foam swaddled in ebony leather. The cups fold upward, developing a compact shape for easy storage in the accompanying black-and-blue soft delivering instance.

As much as ports and also switches, you"ll discover a micro USB port on the left cap, with a switch for ANC and an audio jack.


Like a new pair of Jimmy Choos, the 50 ANC headphones should be damaged in. When I initially began wearing the headphones, I felt a fair amount of pressure roughly my ears. It"s practically prefer as soon as your grandma or aunt provides you that overly enthusiastic hug.

After wearing the SMS 50 several times, the press waned to the suggest where I might only feel it around the bottom of my ears. Still, the ear cups continued to be stiff and ungiving, to the allude wbelow the headphones ended up being uncomfortable if I wore them continually for more than 2 hrs.

For much longer listening sessions, I preferred the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones. Not only are the QC 25 lighter (6.9 ounces compared to 9.6 ounces), yet they enveloped my ears through pillowy softness and a snug fit.

Audio Cables

SMS Audio includes a 56-inch 3.5mm audio cable through an in-line microphone and also remote. The electric-blue cord doesn"t discriminate when it comes to operating units. I had actually no difficulty utilizing the three-click remote on iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

A single click plays/paprovides a track or answers a contact, while a double click skips forward or ignores a speak to. Quickly push the button three times to skip backward.

In addition to the audio cable, the 50 ANC are bundled through a micro USB cable to charge the headphones.

Noise Cancelling

For a brand also known for its deafening audio, SMS does an excellent project of moving the quiet. The headphones" energetic noise-cancelling technology significantly muffled conversations in the office, making it sound as if they were ensuing in a closed office as opposed to open air.

However before, the SMS 50 were no enhance for the Bose QuietComfort 25, the existing gold typical for ANC. Wearing the QC 25 is akin to placing yourself in a sound vacuum. There"s no white noise, or anypoint else for that issue.

The 50 ANC pump in white noise to assist block out ambient sound. It"s not distracting, however it"s absolutely noticeable. The QC 25 yielded just clean silence.


Like its brethren, the SMS Audio Street by 50 Over-Ear ANC headphones" 40mm drivers repetitively deliver a loud, aggressive audio profile. When playing music through my HTC One M8, I seldom had to raise the volume past 20 (out of 30), even on a cacophonous submethod auto.

Due to the softer shipment of the Bose QuietComfort 25, I necessary to raise the volume on the One M8 to 30 to match the volume yielded by the 50 ANC.

When listening to Janelle Monáe"s "Ghetto Woman" on the 50 ANC, I felt choose I had front-row seats at her concert. But while the lively electric piano and Monáe"s soaring soprano were clear, the rest of the track sounded congested; I might bacount make out the rhythm guitar beneath the synthesizer. The QC 25 had actually a cooler, even more remote shipment, but instruments were even more identified.

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When I switched to Jay Z"s "Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)...," the trombones sounded harsh on the 50 ANC, which attracted attention to the slight flatness in the rapper"s vocal. The QC25 when again had a chillier distribution, yet the trumpet and trombones sounded even more well balanced.

The 50 ANC shined on the low finish, carrying warmth and also depth on Sade"s up-tempo "Never before As Good As The First Time" and also Kanye West"s greatly autotuned "Love Lockdvery own." The Bose yielded more specific performance, but the 50 ANCs" aggressiveness induced more feeling.

Battery Life

SMS Audio claims that the Street by 50 ANC headphones will certainly provide approximately 70 hours of energetic noise cancellation on a solitary charge. That"s considerably much longer than the 60 hrs promised by the Plantronics BackBeat Pro and also even more than twice the 35 hours from the Bose QuietComfort 25. Once the battery ultimately dies out, consumers have the right to still listen to their music — simply without the active noise cancellation.

With ANC activated, I listened to music for 2 hours straight and then intermittently over 3 hours, and also the soft-touch cans verified no indicators of dying.

Phone Calls

In a quiet office setting, the 50 ANCs" active noise cancelling efficiently shut out ambient noise, allowing me to chat with my mommy. The contact was crystal clear and also loud on both ends of the line.

When I stepped out right into the hustle and bustle of New York City, the headphones perdeveloped just also. Despite sirens, building and construction work-related and wind resistance, my mom reported relatively clear audio.

Bottom Line

The SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent Over-Ear ANC headphones excel in a number of areas. You acquire a good-looking, sturdy design; exceptionally lengthy battery life; and also heat, aggressive bass. The $179 headphones likewise sell effective active noise cancellation, though the pricier $299 Bose QuietComfort 25 is still the king of quiet.

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If you"re trying to stick to a budgain, the $199 Audio-Technica ATH-ANC70 QuietPoint headphones market a lightweight architecture and active noise cancellation. However before, we prefer the SMS Audio Street by 50 ANC headphones bereason they’re more comfortable and carry out even more bass, making them the better option in this price range.