Former co-host the “The Star & Buc Wild Morning Show” top top WWPR-FM Star required to his “Live & Direct” virtual radio show to chastise Snoop Dogg because that his recently donning whiteface in a series of Instagram posts. Snoop posted number of images and also videos of self in a blonde wig playing a character he call Todd. In among the posts Snoop likewise promotes a dating website referred to as White males Connect and says his interests are paintball, crotchet, and spoken word.

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On his many recent edition of “Star: Live & Direct” the radio show host cases that the timing of Snoop’s stunt was poorly conceived offered the racially charged tension in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Today is, just how racist is Snoop Doggy Dogg Friday? He’s obtained a pass lengthy enough,” Star said. “I haven’t yes, really went in ~ above him—pause—like I have actually other people. There’s no details reason why ns haven’t, he just doesn’t affect me. Ns don’t take him seriously. He’s no a pimp. I’ve never really had actually an issue. Ns never offered a fuck around his music. What is it he did v Dr. Dre? The Chronic. The Chronic to be banging. ‘Gin and Juice‘was my shit. Yet after that, ns couldn’t surname one fucking Snoop Dogg track if you provided me a million dollars. I don’t understand what the fuck the did down at Priority Records. I have actually no concept. However nigga you should pump the fucking brakes. He’s now painting his challenge white, wearing a white wig, running approximately calling himself Todd. Nigga, what the fuck are you doing? people are under in motherfucking Ferguson, Missouri, this is the pulse that the nation right now. He choose this time come come out v some stupid shit. He’s gained some corny people approximately him, amping the up, smiling.

Briefly offering his opinion top top the context of the disguise, Star likewise mentioned Nick Cannon’s current Whiteface portrayal in comparison.

“Now, there space many world who say, ‘Black civilization cannot it is in racist,’” the said. “I think Black human being are few of the many racist civilization on the planet. I’m a bi-racial racist, race-baiter. That’s me goddamnit. Nick Cannon simply did part whiteface dumb shit and people were like, ‘Nigga, kill yourself, we don’t provide a fuck how much money you got.’ ns wanna walk in now on this nigga Snoop.

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“I can’t sit below as one objectivist and also give Snoop Doggy Dogg a fucking pass,” he added. “I can’t do it…White human being puts ~ above Blackface lock come under on them, have to Snoop Doggy Dogg obtain a pass? Or is it simply fun? Why is a nigga of the caliber doing that dumb shit?”

During the display Star additionally spoke briefly about the ongoing after-effects in Ferguson, Missouri before redirecting his attention on the rapper.

“Just how racist is Snoop Dogg? ns encourage White world to contact in today. Don’t just assume since I’m a guy of shade that I’m gonna take the side of people of color. Ns think the tendency press should come down on this nigga choose a ton of bricks.”

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