The Haunted woodland of eye Camp in north Carolina

Snow Camp’s original Halloween occasion is back! Our Haunted forest has terrorized people for generations and also we’re excited to lug this community favorite come you again this year. It’s walking to scare you to her core, so don’t miss it!Tickets are routinely $20. Opened night(Oct 19) is $10. $15 tickets for anyone with army ID for you and also your family. Get $5 turn off coupon in ~ Burlington’s Halloween soul Store on Huffman Mill Rd close to the Mall, Burlington, NC.

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Scream with joy as Freddy, Jason, Michael, and every one of your favourite nightmares come alive, then prepare to run for your life. Review more…



9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton, VA 22079, USA

October Fridays, 7-11October Saturdays, 7-11October Sundays, 7-10Halloween Night, 7-10November 1, 7-11November 2, 7-11

Story-based haunted trail tied to the 100-year-old jail site/story, ghost bar (drinks and also snacks), and also outdoor scary/horror movie cinema while girlfriend wait because that your rotate in line! review more…


(320) 294-3185

235 2nd Avenue North, Foreston, MN 56330, USA

7-11PM Fridays & Saturdays, Oct 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 25 & 26.

A dig is disturbed, the ground division open and also the undead lurk amongst the narrow pathways that this haunted cemetery. Review more…

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