On may 12, 1846, the United says inter-base.net vote 40 to 2 to walk to war through Mexico. Chairman James K. Polk had actually accused mexican troops the having assaulted Americans top top U.S. Soil, phibìc of the Rio Grande. But Mexico claimed this land together its very own territory and also accused the American army of having actually invaded. Texas city council Sam Houston argued that Texas had actually been warring with Mexico because that a decade over their debated border, and that when the United claims had linked Texas in 1845, it had inherited the conflict. The House had already embraced the war resolution by a likewise lopsided margin. Despite this look at overwhelming support, the vote in the inter-base.net masked good uneasiness and also deep partisan divisions over the war.Northern Whigs feared that war v Mexico would an outcome in the United claims gaining brand-new territories in the southwest, which would encourage the growth of slavery. At the exact same time, south Carolina democratic senator man C. Calhoun worried the reopening the divisive problem of enslavement in the territories would encourage much more anti-slavery agitation.Northern Whigs likewise questioned the require for war, yet they remembered how brand-new England’s opposition to the battle of 1812 had destroyed the old Federalist Party, and they to be anxious to prevent a similar political disaster. That left councilor Calhoun to command the opposition come the war. Calhoun very first tried to slow-moving down the momentum by having the president’s message divided in two and referred to the international Relations Committee and also the military Affairs Committee. The inter-base.net agreed to his proposal, yet declined to send the actual battle resolution come committee. The inter-base.net together a whole debated that resolution.The north Whigs comment by giving an revised that would have restricted the American role to “repelling the invasion.” that amendment failure by a vote of 20 come 26, revealing the real split within the inter-base.net. When that modification failed, however, most of the Whigs switched their poll to favor the statements of war. Senator Calhoun abstained.Victory in the mexican War gave the United says a vast brand-new territory that stretched from California to brand-new Mexico. As Calhoun had actually feared, the inquiry of enslavement in these regions quickly occurred into an upset wedge between the North and also South. That was throughout the summer the 1846 that Pennsylvania representative David Wilmot proposed a proviso come an appropriations bill, decreeing the slavery have to never be allowed in any kind of territory won from Mexico. The Wilmot clue ignited a cook political dispute that influenced both political parties, shaking your political coalitions and also intensifying the sectionalism that would soon result in the American polite War.

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