<The following includes massive spoilers from component 1 of young of Anarchy‘s Season 4 finale. If you have not however watched, finish your key of Cap’N Crunch and hop to it.>

And therefore the table is collection for the second part of Sons that Anarchy‘s fourth-season finale. And seated at the head of that table, if Gemma has her way, is Jax.

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That Gemma to adjust (almost) every map on the table before her son, spelling out the deadly succession of events that began once Tara review the john Teller letters, was impressive. A lesser display tucks that details dump away for following season, or withholds a lot an ext than Gemma did. However in a way it to be inevitable, as a way to carry this extreme season and its explosive catalyst full circle. And also bravo come Katey Sagal for carrying so lot exposition in a speech that seemed not rehashed to notified viewers, and for illustrating in Gemma an earnestness the barely if at all hinted in ~ an agenda.

“Why space you telling me now?”

“Because ns know exactly how dangerous secrets have the right to be, and also it’s time we all knew the truth…. ’s a murderous traitor and there’s just one point to carry out now, Jackson. … It’s in you. It’s that you are. Clay needs to die. … and also when it’s done, you take your place at the head that this table, whereby a teller belongs. Wherein you belong.”

Yet when Jax is more than game to make hospitalized Clay gravely pay for, amongst other things, plot twice to kill his father as well as ordering the hit on Tara — walk you view the means Charlie Hunnam’s eyes concentrated with intense hate together Gemma’s monologue unspooled? — solve his mother’s other want merely isn’t in the cards. Due to the fact that as Jax guarantees Tara in ~ the close of the episode, his setup is tho to do tracks out of Charming, as soon as that can.

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Let’s talk around Tara, who in the last scene seemed to stupefy-slash-impress Gemma at the very least three different times. First, she properly predicted the Gemma was not carrying the letters to Clay but to Jax, and that she secreted far the pages the implicated she in JT’s death. How did Tara know? “Because I’m smarter 보다 you are,” she cockily called Gemma. “And I recognize Jax much better than friend do.”

Tara climate earned all however a slow-moving clap from her prospective mother-in-law through promptly developing a syringe that blood thinner that would permit Jax toend Clay’s life, flatly saying: “This is how you do it.”

“You death him,” she ongoing to Jax, “and then you come and also get me and also our boys and drive us out that this poisonous town.”

As a final touché, Tara then makes clear come Gemma, “He’s mine.”

Maggie Siff’s change ego certain came a long method from beseeching human being earlier in the hour to “Tell me you love me.”

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Rounding out the hour, Jax gained wind that rose oil flipped and also ratted out Bobby to the AUSA, arguing that the Feds could be wise to the Galindo-Irish total swap that’s around to go down. Romeo claimed he’d look right into it, just to later insurance claim to Jax that his well-paid inside sources insisted that rose oil snitched on no one. What carry out you think Romeo’s play is there? simply that he really needs this deal to happen, jittery Jax or not?

There was additionally the matter of misplaced retribution for Clay’s shooting, which in haste Jax pinned on the Niners’ Leroy. (“He’s gotta die.

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Like, a lot,” claimed Happy.) Tig, guilt-ridden for failing Clay, journey a vehicle onto a sidewalk and also at Leroy, forcing the gang leader’s sweetheart through a home window to her death. Tig got away (with a small help indigenous his friends), yet could that hit-and-run later come back to haunt SAMCRO?

What did you think of “To Be,” component 1? What if something is to prevent Jax from killing Clay and following v on his plan to pursue “happily ever before after” v his old lady?