Chris Lane’s wife, Lauren Bushnell, an initial became a television personality once she joined ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ in 2016. She winner the competition and also ultimately ended up being the fiancé the Ben Higgins.

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When she gained married to chris in 2019, the singer/songwriter’s fans were shocked about their whirlwind romance. If you’re curious about who’s the bachelorette who captured the heart of the platinum-selling artist, read on to capture up on every little thing juicy around her.

Lauren is born into a tight-knit family

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Hailing indigenous Portland, Oregon, Lauren Bushnell was born top top February 2, 1990. This 31-year old TV personality prospered up with one sister, Mollie, and two brothers, Brett and Bryant.

Their parents have been with each other for an ext than 30 years, which helps us know why Lauren was positive in recognize love also in the most unconventional ways.

When it pertains to her relationship with her siblings, she’s the closest v her sister. Their three-year period gap describes why they talk choose they’re finest friends, as fans noted.

Lauren was a flight attendant

Before bringing home the coveted bachelor in the fact TV show, she and her sister was working at Alaska Airlines.

Lauren was a fan of uploading Instagram photos through the hashtag #FALife, highlighting her adventures as a flight stewardess.

However, the job woman made decision to provide up she wings once the filming that ‘The Bachelor’ commenced. It to be the time when strangers would come approximately her in ~ work due to the fact that they knew her from the show.

Her new-found fame make serving human being up in the air an ext difficult. In among her interviews through Jimmy Kimmel, she explained that she constantly knew that she wasn’t going to be working as an FA forever anyway.

Ultimately, she offered this possibility to seek her other interest, i beg your pardon is concerned lifestyle and fashion blogging.

Lauren pursued blogging

In 2016, she launched her website referred to as “Sparkle in she Eye.” It’s a chic travel and also style blog that features anything from beauty to basic life concerns. Her passion job did well, but she didn’t continue it in the adhering to years.

During this time, she and her fiancé from ‘The Bachelor,’ Ben, split. When they referred to as it off, she moved ago to LA and also made the many out that reconnecting to her SoCal roots. Countless modeling opportunities also came her way due to she exposure to the show.

Lauren still sees a few co-bachelor alums

Her rest up v her fiancé didn’t stop her from see her favourite Bachelor alumni choose Amanda Stanton. They were large on social media around boasting their friendship.

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Some fans listed that Lauren to be truly deserving the her success in the TV show. Twitter fans rave on her friendship with many of the alums and how the proves her real character transparent her find for love ~ above television.