Harry Potter and also the chamber of tricks Summary

After a marvelous year in ~ Hogwarts college of Witchcraft and Wizardry, take care of Potter is stuck spending summer break through his awful Muggle (non-wizard) aunt and uncle, Petunia and also Vernon Dursley, and also his equally horrid cousin, Dudley. Top top July 31, it"s Harry"s birthday, yet no one remembers. All the Dursleys care about is your guests for the evening: important clients for Uncle Vernon"s drill business. Uncle Vernon speak Harry to sit in his room and pretend he doesn"t exist – he doesn"t desire Harry"s freakishness (i.e., magic) wrecking his business. Once Harry retreats come his room to continue to be out that the way, though, he finds someone unforeseen waiting there: a house-elf named Dobby.

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House-elves room bound in servitude to wizarding families. This particular house-elf has sneaked away from his Dark wizard family to warning Harry that something bad is comes to hogwart this school year. Harry can"t go back to hogwart for his own safety; Dobby is determined to keep the Boy-Who-Lived alive. Take care of doesn"t care around random hazards from the arch-nemesis who killed his parents, lord Voldemort; he simply desperately has actually to obtain away from the Dursleys and earlier to his best friends at school. Dobby is disappointed bother won"t promise no to return to Hogwarts. Therefore Dobby takes desperate measures: the casts a charm that ruins the Dursleys" dinner party. Uncle Vernon loser his deal, and he blames Harry. So Uncle Vernon shuts Harry up in his bedroom v bars top top the windows. He assures Harry will certainly never acquire out.

However, Uncle Vernon doesn"t count on the inventiveness that Ron Weasley, one of Harry"s best friends, and his 2 brothers, Fred and also George. They come flying approximately the bars ~ above Harry"s home windows in one enchanted automobile belonging to your father. They traction the bars indigenous the home windows and assist Harry come escape. They lug Harry earlier to the Weasley family members at the Burrow. Harry has an awesome time over there until institution starts, specifically once he and Ron go into London come buy school supplies and also meet up with their other ideal friend, Hermione Granger.

In Diagon Alley, the main wizarding street in London, Harry, Ron, and also Hermione go to Flourish and also Blotts (a bookstore) come buy their school textbooks because that the year. The keep is hosting a publication signing through the new Hogwarts Defense versus the Dark arts teacher, Professor Gilderoy Lockhart. Professor Lockhart appears excessively vain and also self-conscious; he automatically zeroes in top top Harry together the renowned Boy-Who-Lived and also tries to use Harry"s fame come get much more attention for self from the Daily Prophet newspaper. In ~ Flourish and Blotts is additionally Harry"s main school enemy, Draco, and his father, Lucius Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy gets right into a fight through Mr. Weasley over Mr. Weasley"s poverty and low social standing. The owner of the store lastly has to rest it up.


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Harry and Ron arrive at King"s Cross terminal to take the hogwarts Express with the various other Weasley youngsters who to visit Hogwarts: Ginny, Fred, George, and Percy. Yet Harry and also Ron can"t gain through the magical obstacle to platform 9 3/4. In a scare that they have actually missed the train to Hogwarts, they decision to take it Mr. Weasley"s flying vehicle to Hogwarts. They success in reaching Hogwarts largely safe (though they room spotted by part Muggles, i m sorry is strictly against wizard law), but the automobile loses power and also crashes into a violent tree referred to as the Whomping Willow. Harry and also Ron survive, yet the automobile is fed up and rolls off into the Forbidden Forest.

Harry and Ron get into large trouble for arriving late in ~ school and also coming in a flying car. What"s more, Ron snapped his wand in the crash, so his spells become unpredictable and also undirected for the rest of the year. Lock don"t obtain expelled, though, i m sorry is the crucial thing. Ron misses the Sorting of his younger sister, Ginny, that ends increase in Gryffindor House, similar to Harry, Ron, and also Hermione. Ginny is an extremely shy approximately Harry, yet she plainly has a huge crush ~ above him.

Harry beginning to an alert strange things around the castle: he hears a voice that no one else can hear, which talks around tearing, ripping, and killing. Harry problems that he is beginning to lose his mind. Things concerned a head once he, Ron, and also Hermione space coming back from a ghost party on Halloween night. They find a large pool the water ~ above the floor. There is a creepy article painted on the wall: "THE room OF SECRETS has BEEN OPENED. Opponents OF THE HEIR, BEWARE" (8.163). As well, Mrs. Norris, a cat that belongs come the hogwart caretaker, is hanging by her tail from a torch bracket. Her eyes are vast open, but she is stiff as a board. The totality school suddenly starts to suspect that harry is responsible for this event.

The school"s suspicions rise when bother duels v Draco throughout the first (and last) conference of Professor Lockhart"s Dueling Club. Draco renders a snake appear, and the snake turns to strike a Hufflepuff second year, Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry speak the snake to stop without ever before realizing the he"s speaking to that in Parseltongue, snake language. The ability to speak to snakes is among the things Salazar Slytherin, among the founders of the school and the supposed creator the the room of Secrets, was recognized for. Since none the the other children can know Parseltongue, they doubt that Harry was encouraging the line to strike Justin because Justin is a Muggle-born and also not a pureblood wizard. The entirety school beginning to think that take care of is the heir of Slytherin who has opened the Chamber.

It doesn"t aid matters that the next victim of every little thing is happening at the institution is Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry find him Petrified ~ above the ground along with Gryffindor ghost, almost Headless Nick. Every one of the Hufflepuffs (and numerous of the various other students in ~ Hogwarts) think that Harry must have been the one to strike Justin. As soon as Colin Creevey, a Gryffindor first year who has been stroked nerves Harry through his constant photographs, transforms up Petrified as well, the college takes this as definite proof that Harry has been as much as no good.

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and also Hermione have been trying to uncover the heritage of Slytherin on their own. They reason that the flood of water in ~ Mrs. Norris"s attack came from a adjacent bathroom. The toilet is haunted by the ghost the a former Hogwarts student, Moaning Myrtle. She didn"t watch anything from the night, though. Because Moaning Myrtle has such an awful personality, she bathroom is constantly empty. For this reason Harry, Ron, and also Hermione decide to usage it together a basic to create Polyjuice Potion. Polyjuice Potion enables you to take the shape of one more person because that an hour, as long as you have a hair from him or her to include to the potion at the critical minute. Harry, Ron, and Hermione think that Draco Malfoy is behind the attacks, therefore they decide to take it the shapes of his Slytherin girlfriend to obtain a confession the end of him.


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They are lastly able come collect every one of the ingredients and also finish the potion by Christmas break. Harry and Ron readjust successfully into Draco"s two dim-witted best friends, Crabbe and Goyle. However Hermione"s potion has gone wrong. She used a hair indigenous the robes the Millicent Bulstrode in her potion, yet the hair turns out to have actually been cat quite than human. Hermione sprouts hair from her face and grows cat ears and also a tail. Harry and Ron break right into the Slytherin usual Room to talk to Draco, but they uncover out (disappointingly) the he"s not the Heir come Slytherin. That does call them that the Chamber was last opened up fifty years ago, and that time, a Muggle-born died.

After this failed attempt at tracking down the succession of Slytherin, things die under a little at Hogwarts. There are no new attacks and Hermione returns to her normal person shape. Then, harry finds out that Moaning Myrtle"s bathroom has flooded again. Apparently, someone threw a empty diary into her toilet. Harry takes the diary and discovers that it when belonged to a hogwarts Head Boy, Tom Riddle. Riddle fascinating the diary to hold on to some of his memories. As soon as Harry asks the diary what taken place fifty years before with the room of Secrets, Riddle shows him the it was Hagrid, the present Hogwarts groundskeeper, who was keeping a monster an enig in the castle. Take care of loves Hagrid, therefore he doesn"t want to believe it"s true. However he knows that Hagrid has actually a weak spot because that scary creatures, so Harry suspects the Hagrid was the one to open the room the very first time.

Just prior to his Quidditch match against Hufflepuff, bother hears the voice in the walls again. Hermione has some type of breakthrough and also rushes come the library to study more, however she is Petrified prior to she can tell them what she realized. Now that Hermione is the fourth student attacked, things have concerned a dilemm point. Harry and Ron decision to sneak under to Hagrid"s hut to confront him.

While they space at Hagrid"s hut, a knock comes at the door. Under the covering of Harry"s Invisibility Cloak, Ron and also Harry clock Cornelius Fudge, the Minister the Magic, involved arrest Hagrid. Fudge has no evidence, yet he"s under a lot of pressure indigenous the college governors, and that was what Hagrid was expelled from hogwart for fifty year ago. As Hagrid pipeline for Azkaban prison, the announces loudly that people should be watching the spiders if they desire to find out something useful. Lucius Malfoy additionally appears to tell Professor Dumbledore that the institution governors have actually voted to eliminate him native office in wake up of this attacks. So hogwarts is left there is no Hagrid or Dumbledore, that is Headmaster. Harry and Ron return to the college truly discouraged.

Harry grows much more and more determined to discover out what is bring about these attacks. Complying with Hagrid"s instructions, Harry and Ron track a heat of spiders indigenous the castle right into the Forbidden Forest. They arrive at a hollow in the ground whereby the monster Hagrid did lug to the castle, a large spider dubbed Aragog, confirms that he to be not increased in the chamber of Secrets. Aragog likewise never killed anyone. That is willing to allow his youngsters (other large spiders) eat Ron and also Harry, though. ~ barely escaping with their lives, Harry and Ron make it ago to Hogwarts. They recognize Hagrid is innocent, yet they don"t know what to perform next. Harry suddenly realizes: could the girl who died in the first Chamber that Secrets strikes have to be Moaning Myrtle?

Harry and also Ron try to go to Moaning Myrtle"s bathroom, however Professor McGonagall (head that Gryffindor House) finds them. They insurance claim that they were going come visit Hermione in the Hospital Wing, since they don"t want to get into trouble for looking for the chamber of Secrets. Professor McGonagall is moved and also lets castle go. In the Hospital Wing, harry notices the Hermione has actually something clenched in she fist. It"s a summary of a monster dubbed a basilisk, a large venomous snake that have the right to kill simply be looking at you. Harry realizes the the monster in the room of secrets must be a basilisk, due to the fact that none the the civilization who were Petrified looked in ~ the basilisk directly. The truth that none of them made eye call with the basilisk is the only thing that conserved their lives. Harry deserve to speak Parseltongue (snake language), which is why he heard it talking as it relocated through the pipes of the school.


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Harry and also Ron uncover that the basilisk has actually physically take away a student down right into the room of Secrets: Ginny Weasley. They decide to aid bring her back. Lock go and also find Professor Lockhart, who, as Defense teacher, is supposed to it is in going to fight the monster. However, Professor Lockhart is actually packing to run away. He has actually boasted all year that his great deeds, however he"s actually a huge liar. Ron and Harry usage their wands to pressure Professor Lockhart in former of them together they go to look because that the room of tricks in Moaning Myrtle"s bathroom.

Moaning Myrtle speak Harry and also Ron the she died looking right into a pair of golden eyes. Castle realize the she to be murdered by the basilisk, and also that it came out the a pipe at the sinks against the wall. Ron clues that one of the taps is shaped favor a snake. Harry regulates it to open up in Parseltongue, and also the sink opens up to expose a tunnel come the chamber of Secrets. Together Harry, Ron, and Professor Lockhart proceed down the tunnel, Professor Lockhart make the efforts to actors a memory Charm to provide Harry and Ron amnesia and save his own life. However he is using Ron"s wand, which is broken. The wand backfires and also Professor Lockhart is hit with his own curse. The force of the hex half-collapses the tunnel. Take care of is trapped ~ above one side of the tunnel encountering the Chamber, if Ron and also Professor Lockhart are on the other. Harry proceeds onward alone.

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Harry find Ginny unconscious in the room of Secrets. Near her is the blurry figure of Tom Riddle. Riddle finally explains that he has been utilizing his diary come gain manage of Ginny for much of the year. That is may be to take it physical type now since he is feeding turn off Ginny"s soul. The lied when he called Harry the Hagrid to be the one to open up the room of Secrets; it was actually Riddle himself when he was a student at Hogwarts. Riddle compelled Ginny to get in the room in bespeak to attract Harry come him, since he wants to speak to Harry. Riddle has found that harry is famous for defeating Voldemort as a baby. He desires to know how Harry go it, because Harry was simply a baby and Voldemort was the greatest wizard who ever lived. Riddle knows that this is the case because he is Voldemort: "I Am mr Voldemort" is one anagram because that Riddle"s full name, "Tom Marvolo Riddle."

Harry speak Riddle the he escaped through his life because his mom scarified she life because that Harry, leaving him defended by her love. Riddle"s wrong, though, if he thinks he"s the greatest wizard that ever before was. Harry states Professor Dumbledore is the best wizard. After this present of faith, Professor Dumbledore"s phoenix appears carrying the Sorting cap to Harry. The Sorting Hat gives Harry a ruby-colored sword, i beg your pardon Harry supplies to stab the basilisk through the head. The basilisk bites Harry at the same time, leaving Harry dice in the Chamber. The tears of Dumbledore"s phoenix lug Harry back to life, and he supplies the basilisk fang to stab Riddle"s diary and also get rid the his spirit. Once the diary is destroyed, Ginny wakes up and she and also Harry struggle earlier up the tunnel come Hogwarts.

With Harry"s heroic deeds, the college is reopened and also Professor Dumbledore returns. Professor Dumbledore speak Harry that he deserve to speak come snakes due to the fact that Voldemort can; once Voldemort make the efforts to death Harry eleven year ago, he left a bit of his strength in Harry. Also so, this doesn"t typical that harry is walk to end up being the following Voldemort. Professor Dumbledore confirms the Harry is important a Gryffindor: he drew Gryffindor"s sword out that the Sorting Hat. Harry has chosen to monitor the course of good, i beg your pardon separates that from Voldemort.

During Harry"s conversation with Professor Dumbledore, Lucius Malfoy go in, add by his abused house-elf, Dobby. He"s furious that Professor Dumbledore has come back to the school. Due to the fact that the various other school governors have asked Dumbledore come return, though, there is naught Lucius have the right to do. In the moment, take care of realizes the it to be Lucius Malfoy who slipped Ginny the diary throughout his fight with Ginny"s dad at Flourish and also Blotts in the start of the novel. Dobby had actually been do the efforts to defend Harry native his very own master"s angry behavior.

Harry hands the diary ago to Lucius spanned in among his filthy socks. Lucius rips the amount say off in a fury. As he throw the amount say down, Dobby the house-elf records it. Dobby has actually been serving the Malfoys against his will every one of this time. Through the regards to the house-elf"s enslavement, if the master presents the house-elf with clothes, the house-elf have the right to go free. When Lucius allows go that the sock and Dobby take away it, Lucius is accidentally releasing his house-elf. When Lucius realizes just how Harry has actually tricked him right into letting Dobby go, Lucius tries to curse Harry. Now that Dobby is free, though, that protects Harry indigenous Lucius prior to disappearing indigenous the castle.

By the finish of Chamber that Secrets, Lucius Malfoy has actually been fired native being college governor, Professor Lockhart has gained amnesia from his very own backfired memory charm, Dobby the house-elf is free, Ginny is liberated from Tom Riddle"s possession, and also Harry has determined that the is a true Gryffindor. All"s well the ends well!