Basically, Spec Ops is a armed forces shooter that has you play together a Captain heading right into a damaged Dubai to discover out what's walking on there. The video game gets much more and an ext horror-like as it walk on. The loading display screen tips reflect that:

LoadingScreenTips_041=If the Radioman currently speaks for the 33rd, then what happened to Konrad?

LoadingScreenTips_042=Rumors claim Konrad is tho alive and also hiding what in Dubai.

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LoadingScreenTips_043=Sandboarding is one interrogation method in i m sorry a detainee is choked by having actually sand forced into your mouth. It is very effective.

LoadingScreenTips_044=The us military has a strict policy versus the torturing that POWs.

LoadingScreenTips_045=Collateral damages is any type of incidental damage that occurs together a an outcome of armed forces action. Such damage is not unlawful if that is no excessive.

LoadingScreenTips_046=White phosphorus is a typical allotrope offered in many species of munitions. That can set fire come cloth, fuel, ammunition, and flesh.

LoadingScreenTips_047=Though controversial, the usage of white phosphorus against personnel is not prohibited.

LoadingScreenTips_048=It's Konrad. That did it. Every one of it.

LoadingScreenTips_049=Post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder, or PTSD, can develop in a human being who has experienced severe psychological trauma.

LoadingScreenTips_054=Flying a flag upside-down is a universal authorize of distress.

LoadingScreenTips_066=Refugees have taken increase arms versus the 33rd.

LoadingScreenTips_067=The ns of Konrad and the 33rd Infantry is a tragedy that will never be forgotten.

LoadingScreenTips_068=Walker and also Adams have actually served with each other for numerous years.

LoadingScreenTips_069=Evidence the Konrad's failure evacuation attempt is still visible on the road right into Dubai.

LoadingScreenTips_070=As a trained interpreter, Sgt. Lugo can fluently speak countless languages, consisting of Farsi, Hindi, Turkish, and also Cantonese.

LoadingScreenTips_071=Lugo's sniper training permits him to dispatch long-range targets.

LoadingScreenTips_073=Before disappearing, The Damned 33rd to be the us Army's many decorated battalion.

LoadingScreenTips_075=To avoid looting, the UAE divide Dubai as no-man's-land. Nobody is allowed inside.

LoadingScreenTips_076=Dubai to be once residence to hundreds of immigrant workers, many of whom to be unable come evacuate.

LoadingScreenTips_077=The CIA's Intellegence Support task (ISA) is a paramilitary team that offers recon, intel, and also combat assistance for united state special forces.

LoadingScreenTips_078=The CIA is top the war against the 33rd. There is no them, you have actually no chance of detect Konrad.

LoadingScreenTips_079=Cut turn off from the outside world, the 33rd turned against each other. Remnants of their civil war still litter the city.

LoadingScreenTips_080=In a "No-Fail Mission," fail is no an acceptable outcome. If necessary, a squad will sacrifice their lives to achieve their goal.

LoadingScreenTips_081=In the desert, a person deserve to survive for 3-5 days there is no water if they continue to be in the shade.

LoadingScreenTips_082=The suicide rate for US military personnel has climbed steadily over the critical decade. Today, the is practically twice the nationwide average.

LoadingScreenTips_083=PTSD is most generally manifested in flashbacks, nightmares, and extreme anxiety. .

LoadingScreenTips_085=The M134 minigun fires an impressive 3,000 rounds per minute.

LoadingScreenTips_089=Squad commands are unavailable when you're alone. No one can assist you now.

LoadingScreenTips_090=Sheikh Zayed roadway is the longest roadway in the UAE and is house to countless of Dubai's largest skyscrapers.

LoadingScreenTips_091=Dubai's harbor was filled with sand as soon as storms very first wracked the city. The corpses were her doing.

LoadingScreenTips_092=Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling resulted in by holding 2 conflicting principles simultaneously.

LoadingScreenTips_093=You room still a great person.

LoadingScreenTips_094=Survivors the white phosphorus often suffer severe damage to the kidneys and liver, and also the cardiovascular and also nervous systems.

LoadingScreenTips_095=There is no escape.

LoadingScreenTips_096=White phosphorus is a usual allotrope provided in her slaughter in ~ The Gate. The can collection fire come soldiers and also the innocent civilians they space trying come help.

LoadingScreenTips_097=The US army does no condone the death of unarmed combatants. However this isn't real, so why should you care?

LoadingScreenTips_098=If Lugo were still alive, that would likely suffer native PTSD. So, really, he's the happy one.

LoadingScreenTips_099=Collateral damage can be justified, if the obtain outweighs the cost. Just how much execute you think Adams and Lugo space worth?

LoadingScreenTips_100=Can you also remember why you came here?

LoadingScreenTips_101=This is all your fault.

LoadingScreenTips_102=Do friend feel prefer a hero yet?

LoadingScreenTips_103=How countless Americans have you killed today?

LoadingScreenTips_104=It's time for you to wake up up.

LoadingScreenTips_105=If you to be a better person, friend wouldn't be here.

LoadingScreenTips_106=To death for yourself is murder. To kill for your government is heroic. To kill for entertain is harmless.

LoadingScreenTips_107=There is no difference in between what is right and also what is necessary.

LoadingScreenTips_108=You can't walk home.

LoadingScreenTips_109=Kill a man, and also you are a murderer. Kill everyone, and also you room a god.

LoadingScreenTips_110=This is not the moment for weakness.

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Even if girlfriend haven't play the game, the loading screen messages get much more and much more cerebral and I gained chills just reading with it.