This is the St luigi Park ZIP password page. St louis Park ZIP code is a city name in Hennepin, Minnesota, unified States. The city name is designated by USPS, it could be a city, town,village school name, etc.

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Basic Information

St luigi Park - ZIP Code

What is the zip password of St louis Park, joined States? below is the zipcode perform of St louis Park.

ZIP CodeStateCity NameCity kind ?In numerous cases, a ZIP Code have the right to have lot of "names", definition cities, towns, or subdivisions, in its boundaries. However, it will always have precisely 1 "default" name.D - Default - This is the "preferred" name - through the USPS - for a city. Every ZIP Code has actually one - and only one - "default" name. In most cases, this is what civilization who live in the area call the city as well.A - agree - This name deserve to be supplied for mail purposes. Often times different names are large neighborhoods or part of the city/town. In some instances a ZIP password may have actually several "acceptable" names which is used to team towns under one ZIP Code.N - not Acceptable - A "not acceptable" name is, in many cases, a nickname the residents offer that location. According to the USPS, you must NOT send mail to the ZIP Code using the "not acceptable" name as soon as mailing.County
55416MNSt louis ParkA (Acceptable)Hennepin
55424MNSt luigi ParkA (Acceptable)Hennepin
55426MNSt louis ParkA (Acceptable)Hennepin
55436MNSt luigi ParkA (Acceptable)Hennepin

❓What go A (Acceptable) mean? This name can be supplied for mail purposes. Regularly times alternate names are huge neighborhoods or part of the city/town. In some instances a ZIP password may have several "acceptable" names which is supplied to team towns under one ZIP Code.


This is the St luigi Park - Museum web page list. Its detail Museum Name, Street, State, ZIP Code, phone call is together below.

NameStreetCityStateZIP CodePhone
ST luigi PARK historical SOCIETY3700 MONTEREY DRIVEST louis PARKMN55416
JEWISH HISTORICAL society OF upper MIDWEST4330 CEDAR LAKE RD SST louis PARKMN55416-3700(952) 381-3360
PAVEK MUSEUM the BROADCASTING3515 RALEIGH AVEST luigi PARKMN55416-2625(612) 926-8198


This is the St luigi Park - Library web page list. Its information Library Name, Address, State, ZIP Code, phone is as below.

Address: 3240 LIBRARY LANECity: ST luigi PARKZIP Code: 55426


This is the St louis Park - School page list. Its information School Name, Address, State, ZIP password is as below.

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
283 Aquila learning Cntr Ts. 8500 W 31st. St.St luigi ParkMinnesotaKG-355426
283 Cedar Manor Ts 9400 Cedar Lake Rd.St louis ParkMinnesota4-655426
283 Park Spanish Immersion Ts 6300 walker St.St luigi ParkMinnesotaKG-655416
283 Peter Hobard El. Ts. 6500 West 26th St.St louis ParkMinnesotaKG-355426
283 St. Louis Park Lrn Ctr Ts. 2026 Texas Ave S.St louis ParkMinnesota55426
283 Sinter-base.netn Lindgren Ts. 4801 West 41st St.St luigi ParkMinnesota55416
Aquila El. 8500 W. 31st St.St louis ParkMinnesota55426
Cedar Manor El. 9400 Cedar Lake Rd.St luigi ParkMinnesota55426
Park Spanish Immersion El. 6300 pedestrian St.St louis ParkMinnesota55416
Peter Hobart El. 6500 W. 26th St.St luigi ParkMinnesota55426
Shoc-alp 6425 W. 33rd St.St luigi ParkMinnesota11-1255426
Special Ed. 6425 W. 33rd St.St luigi ParkMinnesotaPK-355426
Special Ed. 6425 W. 33rd St.St louis ParkMinnesota12-1255426
St. Luigi Park Jr. 2025 Texas Ave. S.St louis ParkMinnesota7-855426
St. Louis Park Sr. 6425 W. 33rd St.St louis ParkMinnesota9-1255426
Sinter-base.netn Lindgren El. 4801 W. 41st St.St luigi ParkMinnesota4-655416

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