The young lieutenant Napoleon Bonaparte and his country were in the middle of a revolution that events and also historians would later on divide right into stages or phases. The an initial Phase the the French Revolution The very first stage the the French revolution or the national Assembly stage, lasted native June 1789 until September of 1791. It occurred spontaneously as soon as the 3rd Estate- basically the urban and also rural middle class- claimed their independence with the Oath that the Tennis Court,on June 17, 1789. King louis XVI finally considered the common people when lock overran the Bastille in Paris top top July 14, 1789. The nationwide Assembly issued the statements of the civil liberties of Man and also created the structure of 1791. It perfect its work-related in September of 1791 and forged a new permanent government, the legislative Assembly. After that finished developing the legislative branch Assembly, the nationwide Assembly peacefully disbanded. The new government was a constitution monarchy with Louis XVI as king, and also the French transformation was claimed to finish at this allude since France had actually a long-term government. The new constitutional monarchy favored the rich middle course or the bourgeoisie who regulated the government as active citizens. Poor people, that were a bulk of the population felt left out, and most the them were passive citizens with no vote rights. The government faced serious problems. The King wanted to return to absolutism. Negative people want the government to offer them more political and economic power. various other European nations like Austria, Prussia, and also England, fear the French government since they feel it spread dangerous principles like liberty and equality. Numerous nobles and also priests and peasants felt that the change had gone also far. Through September 1792, the legislative branch Assembly had lost the support of many Frenchmen and collapsed into the second French Revolution. France essential to produce a federal government that an ext people would support. The nationwide Assembly, Radical Phase-1792-1794 The nationwide Assembly, radical phase began in 1792 and lasted until 1794. The national Convention the 1792 make the efforts to acquire support that the negative by giving into their demands. King louis XVI and his mam Marie Antoinette were executed throughout this radical phase and also the change became violent. The Paris Commune drove the Girondins out of Paris and also France slipped right into civil war. The government tried to restore order by creating the C.O.P.S. Come intimidate citizens during the power of Terror. throughout the Thermidorian Reaction, the nationwide Convention turned against Robespierre and also the COPs. It wrote a modification constitution and also revoked plenty of of the free likevoting legal rights that that had previously given come the people. The national Convention voluntarily finished after its members developed a brand-new permanent government dubbed the Directory. The Directory, 1795-1799 The catalog was a democracy that the affluent controlled. They were the only ones who had voting rights. The directory was to plan to it is in permanent and also it supplied the army to regulate the people. Napoleon Bonaparte ended up being very powerful because the government relied on his fighting skills to enforce their commands. His military victories aboard caught the creative thinking of the French people. The Consulate, 1799-1804 The Cosulate formed when Napoleon Bonaparte, Jean Jacques Regis de Cambaceres, and also Charles Francois Lebrun establish they had actually the strength to dominion by themselves. They overthrew the catalog by force and also ruled the country as dictators. France moved additional to the right. The Consulate was intended to it is in permanent and many people supported it due to the fact that it restored order and helped the nation run better. The Napoleonic code was instituted and also its legal and also financial revolutionary were instrumental in producing an effective,efficient mechanism of government. Napoleon crowned self emperor and also ruled the country alone. France to be at its most an effective at this time, v Napoleon\"s armies taking over lot of Europe. Napoleon modernized Europe along knowledge principles, however many people additionally began to resent his power. Nationalism spread to various other regions of Europe and also the effects of the Continental system damaged the economy. Napoleon knowledgeable crushing defeat in 1813 and also 1815. He was removed from strength twice and also exiled very first to the island the Elba in the Mediterranean in 1813 and finally to St.

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Helena in the south Atlantic in 1815, whereby he continued to be until he died on might 5, 1821.