This event may include resale tickets v prices set by resellers. These prices might exceed confront value.



Paperless Entry


Hand Sanitizer

Please the many up to date health and safety guidelines because that STAPLES Center.

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Children period 3 and older call for a ticket. A boy under the age of 3 is thought about a lap child and also does not require a ticket.
Please the many up to date health and safety guidelines because that STAPLES Center.
Children age 3 and also older need a ticket. A child under the period of 3 is thought about a lap child and also does not require a ticket.
Tickets will certainly go on-sale through STAPLES center Box Office is open up Tuesday’s native 12pm-4pm. The box Office will open 3 hours prior to event start.
By purchasing tickets, friend agree to monitor the current California department of Public health and wellness Guidelines because that Indoor Mega Events. Specifically, girlfriend attest that you will satisfy the vaccination or experimentation requirements detailed listed below for entry right into the event.
Per the California department of publicly HealthBeyond the Blueprintupdated guidance for Indoor Mega Events and theCDPH guidance for challenge Coverings, the State needs that attendees be totally vaccinated (i.e., two weeks or much more have passed since the attendee has received a single-dose vaccine or the second dose in a two-dose series) or acquire a an unfavorable COVID-19 check within 72 hours prior to attending the event and also that fully vaccinated and also unvaccinated persons wear face coverings as soon as attending crowded indoor events.

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Accessible Seating because that Justin Bieber

All-tickets readily available through this link are intended because that customers with disabilities and also their companions

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