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chocolate DIAMONDS®

Natural an elaborate brown diamonds are easily accessible in shades native champagne to cognac to chocolate Diamonds®, Le Vian®’s original brand the natural an elaborate color brown diamonds. Coco Diamonds® are naturally flavored, the depth of their color determined by the incredible amount of press the diamond receives indigenous deep in ~ the earth.

The Argyle Diamond Mine in west Australia is the world"s largest producer of brown diamonds – 80% that Argyle"s gem quality is brown. Well known brown diamonds include the 545 carat dark affluent champagne hued "Golden Jubilee," the world"s largest cut natural diamond.


"Le Vian® chooses only those natural brown diamonds that are C4-C7 and greater in color, SI and greater in clarity, each reduced to Le Vian®’s standards, and sourced directly through Le Vian®. Le Vian® is the only company on earth to do jewelry with coco Diamonds®.”

The journey of a diamond in the stormy to the sparkling diamond style you love is a fascinating story, one that began billions of years ago, deep in ~ the earth where a diamond has formed under excessive heat and pressure. Its ascent from its natural home is compelled by nature or guy where the is climate cleaved, cut and polished revealing its herbal beauty. Diamonds room the hardest product on earth and the only gem the is written of just one element, carbon.



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