hey! ns was hoping that someone might show me/take me/draw me a map of where the good, not-gonna-die cliff diving point out are roughly sunset cliffs.

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also, is it ideal to walk at high tide?

spank you!


theres very few spots, make sure you go v somebody who def knows them and also what they are doing. Among my friends to be paralyzed around 15 years back due to poor timing top top his run (you really should time the waves and be exceptionally familiar v the structure below.)

thanks. Unfortunately, none of mine OB friends are really outdoorsy (or they're usually just too, uh, lazy) and also i haven't found someone to take it me come the good spots. Ns was type of hope some great inter-base.netor would certainly be under to present me.

Just phibìc of Froude St. And also Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Over there is typically a crowd jumping into the evident hole. Can't insurance it's safe, and also I've never ever been off it, however seeing human being there because that 5+ years it couldn't be that bad.

jumping at high birds is def safer, but as stated prior to you need to know where come jump and also how to jump. Also, make certain there room no cops around since the is illegal to jump

It's articles like these that make me wish I had actually a picture of myself as soon as I had two black color eyes from cliff jumping.

I to be 18ish and we'd gone to sunset because that a few hours, buddies and also myself constantly trying to one-up one one more in ours jumps.

I'd been "impressing" for a little bit with a couple of front upper and lower reversal to dive jumps once I decided to effort a double front flip to dive. Didn't occupational so well as I over rotated and also body flopped after 2 flips. Raccoon eye were funny because that most, myself included, but I perform realize the stupidity the it and I'm cursed happy i didn't injure myself worse.

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hahaha, i'm sorry, the sounds awfully painful. I'm not looking to go crazy, simply want to offer it a go... I'm relatively cautious. (:


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