Marvel has the edge over its rival DC at the cinema, yet DC’s TV nature – Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of morning – are strong. Starting today (November 28), a series of 4 crossover episodes referred to as ‘Heroes Vs Aliens’ watch to be the DC TV equivalent that Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, bringing few of the many beloved superhero properties together onscreen for the first time ever. The latest trailer, below, sees characters from the four series in an epic crossover extravaganza. This is what we’re most excited to see.

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1. Epos fighting team-ups

With over 11 superheroes coming together throughout the four episodes, it just seems only right the there’ll be some awesome team-ups between them. Supergirl and also the Flash currently met during Flash’s visit come the alternative Earth (it’s a long story) and also this new trailer reflects the pair high-fiving as they take it on an unknown baddie.

Felicity in the #HeroesvsAliens trailer is me every time ns watch it. Best. Teamup. Ever!! #arrow #theflash

— Rebecca (


2. The Return of Deathstroke

While the crossover occasion is enormous in itself, Tuesday night (November 29) sees Arrow take it the reins, which simply happens to coincide v its 100th episode. Celebrate this momentous occasion we watch a short glimpse of season two’s antagonist, Deathstroke. Manu Bennett’s portrayal the the assassin proved to be a substantial hit through the fans and also his appearance can only median one point – one epos fight scene is coming.

One that the finest parts of the 4-Night Crossover trailer. #Deathstroke#Arrow100 #Invasion!

— Amogh Huddar ? (

3. The Dominators being pure evil

It takes a pretty huge threat to lug this many personalities together. Get in The Dominators: aside from sounding like an up-and-coming absent band, the alien race room hell-bent top top invading earth and also harvesting those with superpowers. They look to be lifted directly from their comic-book pages indigenous 1989’s three-issue operation ‘Invasion!’, and they seem pretty threatening in the trailer. Together Wally West says, “That is not the surname of a species that come in peace”.


4. The Flash speak goodbye

“It’s to be an honour come know all of you, to fight together you, now it’s as much as you to keep our home safe.” The fastest man alive, that can create tornados v his hands, run across water, and also come out on height in a battle with a huge Gorilla, is around as heroic together it comes. With the speed uttering the over line, is he speak goodbye?

New trailer!Barry, please don't do it, why execute I acquire the emotion that you space going to shot and sacrifice yourself! #TheFlash #HeroesvsAliens

— Louise Brady, Author? (
DragonspireUK) November 25, 2016


5. Even much more superheroes!

As is probably obvious by now, there are going to it is in a lot of civilization saving the work here. Thing is, there can be so numerous more. Arrow has a team of brand-new recruits, the Legends have actually met many heroes transparent time, The Flash has actually two sidekicks and Supergirl has also introduced large hitters such as Martian Manhunter and also Superman. Although that pretty much a for sure bet that Supes won’t be do an appearance, the potential for an ext heroes is practically endless. If over there isn’t a scene with everyone walking away from an to explode in slow-moving motion, a vast opportunity gonna be wasted.

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The crossover event starts with Supergirl ~ above the Monday (November 28) then continues with Arrow (November 29) The Flash (November 30) and finishes through Legends the Tomorrow (December 1), every on The CW.