Hey all! over this past weekend, Team Fray members Max and Ramsey chatted that up v Bowler to answer 15 of your questions around Fraymakers. Examine out the interview in the video below!

This upgrade reaches a huge milestone v every character now having actually a functional final smash and home stage.

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there are likewise a bunch of other neat changes, such together a complete Sandbag resprite and also the arrival of the last Smash Meter. Head over to the SSF2 website currently to examine it out!


Happy brand-new year to all!

The year 2021 has (finally) arrived, and also looking back we had a busy previous year through the SSF2 Rotation release Cycle and the announcement that Fraymakers! after ~ a year prefer that numerous of you might be wondering what’s in save for this year at inter-base.net.

The end of flash Player

Many of girlfriend probably currently know that the end of flash Player assistance arrived today, v the full transition to being internationally disabled getting here on January 12th, 2021. As the creators of one of the most ambitious Flash-based tasks on the internet, it pains us greatly to check out it go. Flash is what allowed SSF2 to blossom into the can be fried Smash tribute that you watch today, and also it’s likewise what placed inter-base.net on the path to being a actual independent game studio in the early on 2000s. We may never view a modern technology exactly quite choose Flash again in the future, and we think it’s crucial to look earlier and appreciate exactly how it allowed all sorts of an imaginative individuals to express themselves, despite every one of the an adverse press.

On the shining side, a project referred to as Ruffle has actually been underway for quite some time to emulate the speed Player in-browser there is no requiring a plugin. It’s made great strides supporting loads of gamings from the ActionScript 2.0 days, including an almost fully-functional super Smash flash 1 (which we’ve allowed a toggle because that on the super Smash Flash home site, go check it out!). It may be part time before we watch SSF2 supported because the video game is developed in ActionScript 3.0, yet in the meantime friend can always download the game come play on your desktop using Adobe air in ar of the flash Player.

(By the way, if you’d prefer to assistance such an amazing project, we encourage you to examine out Ruffle’s open up Collective page)

SSF2 Development

Rest assured, regardless of the death of the speed Player and the finish of the Rotation Release development cycle, SSF2 isn’t stopping any time soon! when the SSF2 Team is going to begin off a little bit slower this year, there room plenty of content plans in the pipeline. Expect an ext news to come as the team starts picking increase the pace again.

Also you re welcome be mindful that relocating forward, the primary source for SSF2 news and content will certainly be uncovered on SuperSmashFlash.com. While we may mention SSF2 updates right here on inter-base.net indigenous time come time, the optimal ar for uninterrupted, committed updates deserve to be uncovered there (and many existing SSF2 pages below will be instantly redirected). Additionally make sure to follow SSF2’s new Twitter account and subscribe come its new YouTube channel so you don’t miss out anything!

Fraymakers Development

Team Fray is excited to proceed with the advance of Fraymakers after its remarkable Kickstarter campaign! There room plenty of characters to it is in animated, step to it is in designed, and also music monitor to it is in laid down, for this reason you have the right to expect united state to be quite busy obtaining ready for Early accessibility launch. We’re currently seeing some funny data come in via ours Backer Content survey (exclusive to backers only!), in addition to a many buzz throughout our socials around all the things everyone is looking front to in Fraymakers. Make sure to join our socials provided over in the sidebar so friend don’t miss any updates!

If you to be unable to assistance the Kickstarter and also are hoping to assist in part way, one great method to carry out that is to wishlist Fraymakers ~ above Steam. This means you’ll be informed when the video game is exit in Early access and it’ll help add momentum to our early stage launch.

Anyway, that’s every for now. Talk soon!

The December update of SSF2 has actually arrived because that all!


Check that out now on SSF2’s pat page and read much more about that here. This to be a an ext substantial update than usual, for this reason the SSF2 Team chose to take the leap from variation 1.2 come 1.3. What perform you need to look forward to this time you ask? inspect out the update video below ~ above SSF2’s new YouTube channel!

Make certain to subscribe to the brand-new channel to keep up with the recent SSF2 video content and announcements. The SSF2 Team also recently revealed its brand-new dedicated Twitter account, therefore go give the team a follow!

As a reminder, moving into 2021 the Flash Player variation will no longer be supported. Relocating forward the browser version will certainly still be preserved and maintained top top SSF2’s new home site until a equipment arrives to make it playable again, yet only the downloadable version will be proactively supported. Girlfriend can likewise expect SSF2 updates to be much more prevalent on the new SSF2 website as inter-base.net transitions come becoming much more of a main hub for every one of its related projects. You might see more devoted socials because that SSF2 in the future, yet can still conference on inter-base.net’s Discord server to discuss all things MG.

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Also a big thank you to everyone who everyone who stuck to SSF2 this year throughout its recently concluded Rotation Rotation relax Cycle and also MG Insiders promotion to pat releases early! There have actually been an ext SSF2 updates over the previous 12 month than any type of other time frame in the game’s history, and there is plenty an ext to come in 2021. However, maintaining such a frequent release schedule can be taxing, so the SSF2 Team will be acquisition a short break. The devs room looking forward to updating anyone on 2021 relax plans soon after we roll over into the brand-new year.

Have a happy holidays!

Fraymakers is FUNDED! native the bottom of ours hearts, thank YOU therefore MUCH! These previous 30 job on Kickstarter have been incredible beyond words, and also we can’t explain how excited we space to have the ability to bring girlfriend Fraymakers, our literal meaning dream project, in its can be fried form. Give thanks to you thank you say thanks to YOU!!!

Also a reminder that also if girlfriend missed the possibility to earlier us, you have the right to still wishlist Fraymakers on vapor to be informed when Early accessibility is available!