For a millennium, three opposing pressures of mankind have fought a bitter and also bloody war over your conflicting and unwavering beliefs. Over there is no room for compromise. No room for mercy. No room because that anything but the complete eradication of every opposition.

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FBP Legends (Version 1.0 because that FAF, steam and LOUD)Jul 22 2021(F.B.P.) Future Battlefield fill full Version 20 comments

This mod is basically the follower of the old mode Version, which have actually been exit in 2017 together Future Battlefield Pack below on Due to the fact that 2017 several...


mirddesMADNESSv1Oct 19 2019Full version

mirdessMADNESS infects project LOUD for supreme commander forged alliance through some minor mods. 2x build range, buildrate, resources, warehouse 3x build...


Ric"H"ard strategy addons compilation v8.0Jul 9 2018Ric"H"ard strategy addons compilation complete Version

This version brings tweaks in adjacency bonuses, halved units fire ranges, which renders battlefield virtualy larger, and also removes MTML homing capabilities...

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supreme Mech command Alpha v0.6 Jul 24 2017Supreme Mech Commander complete Version 2 comments

Finally, we space releasing our Clan infused Aphat develop 0.6. There space two new factions, 20 brand-new units(86 in total), bug fixes and more.


Upgrades because that ExperimentalsJul 23 2017AI basic Monitor fix Script

This is the first version. In this version, it"s possible to update the Aeon UFO v a few useful things.

AI base Monitor FixJul 23 2017AI basic Monitor deal with Script

(new variation Juli 2017)The latest version fixes a couple of more things in the platoon and aibrain script of the video game to make it run a little faster.

part mods because that upgrades and also challengesJul 4 2017Script

A few mods that will add resource upgrades for her commander and will administer a strong(er) adversary base, therefore the opponent is more of a challange. Mod 1: extra...

Future Battlefield load FA/FAF version 1.1.8 (Outdated)May 24 2017(F.B.P.) Future Battlefield load full Version 28 comment

This is an outdated variation of one old FBP mod Stage. The many recent version of this mod is referred to as FBP Legends

FBP SupCom variation 1.1.5 (Not for FA, FAF or LOUD)Apr 29 2017(F.B.P.) Future Battlefield fill complete Version 2 comment

Hello Commanders, therefore the version 1.1.5 Patch because that the regular F.B.P. For supreme Commander (Vanilla) has been released now. Download Instructions and also Patch...

Operation: Knife FightMar 31 2017Patch 10 comments

Ever wanted to watch a crab knife fight? currently is your chance. Copy the components into your mods folder. Functions with SC, FA, and FAF. One of the sub-mods...

BrewLAN betaDec 15 2016BrewLAN complete Version 28 comment

BrewLAN allude seven and also two halves. Due to the fact that two halves don"t make a whole. Delete any previous versions before installing.

can be fried Commander v1.1.3189 come v1.1.3280 PatchSep 14 2016Patch

This is the all-inclusive release of latest main patch for can be fried Commander.

supreme Mech commander v0.501_Hotfix Jun 27 2016Supreme Mech command Patch 1 comment

Hot settle for Dropship build bug. Also included some financial institution factor come the Stingray.

SCFA magnified Campaign AI - V5.0Jun 27 2016Forged Alliance magnified Campaign AI full Version 39 comments

New version now available!After a lengthy time, I"ve regained interest in this little project. So all of you who have been waiting for an update, enjoy!

can be fried Mech command Alpha 1 v0.5 Jun 24 2016Supreme Mech Commander complete Version 1 comment

After a lengthy wait time we lastly got a brand-new patch guys. We are bringing friend 28 brand-new units, happen the full amount to 63. There space 6 new Mechs, 9 new...

total Mayhem 1.21Jan 16 2016Total Mayhem complete Version 59 comment

DELETE any PREVIOUS version OF complete MAYHEM prior to INSTALLING THIS ONE. Bug fixes, new units, brand-new projectiles and new sounds as usual. Have fun and enjoy...

AnimatorFXDec 28 2015AnimatorFX complete Version 3 comment

Mod is for can be fried Commander Forged Alliance (Steam variation preferred) The firs variation of my mode :D expect you favor it. Likewise the surroundings is an extremely easy...

Ric"H"ard strategy addons compilation v7.0.1Nov 29 2015Ric"H"ard strategy addons compilation complete Version

This version brings tweaks in adjacency bonuses, halved systems fire ranges, which provides battlefield virtualy larger, and also removes MTML homing capabilities...

can be fried Mech commander Alpha 1 v0.373 Nov 13 2015Supreme Mech Commander full Version 2 comments

Greetings however again Commander, can be fried Mech command v0.373 is live! This release add 7 brand-new units, 4 Mechs and 3 buildings. This release included many iconic...

supreme Mech commander Alpha1 v0.341Sep 18 2015Supreme Mech Commander complete Version 6 comments

Welcome to supreme Mech command Alpha1 v0.341! This release has 4 brand-new units as well, happen the mode unit count up to 28. The patch to add more...

supreme Mech command Alpha1 v0.302 Aug 28 2015Supreme Mech Commander full Version 7 comments

Welcome come the can be fried Mech commander v0.302! This release contains 4 new units, happen the mode unit count as much as 24. The 4 new units consists of: The...

BlackOpsIconSupport v5 (needed to watch unit icons)Aug 21 2015Supreme Mech commander Plugin 3 comments

Widely used Black Ops symbol Support mode , essential to view ingame unit icons. Extract and place into Supreme command FA mode directory.

can be fried Mech command Alpha1 v0.264 Aug 20 2015Supreme Mech Commander full Version 2 comment

1st Public relax of the can be fried Mech command mod. Fully tested on steam version of supreme Commander FA. No yet compatible with FAF. Please usage Blackops...

Sea ResourcesJul 11 2015Full version 1 comment

This mod adds T2 and T3 massive fabricators and generators, which space buildable in deep sea. Lock require much more mass but are less volatile than their land...

Timed project Mod variation 2.0Jun 1 2015Supreme Commander timed (Harder) project Full variation 1 comment

Hey, I recognize its been over a year, but I lastly started playing supreme command again and also extended mine mod. The mode is at this time updated with version...

SCFA amplified Campaign AI - V4.0.1May 30 2015Forged Alliance magnified Campaign AI job 28 comments

Quick mediate to version 4.0! Looks favor I should"ve spent a bit much more time ~ above 4.0 to make sure every little thing was it s okay :o

SCFA enhanced Campaign AI - V4.0May 28 2015Forged Alliance magnified Campaign AI complete Version 5 comments

After almost a year the waiting, a new version has arrived!

advanced ShieldsNov 25 2016Advanced Shields complete Version 18 comment

Add: speculative shields (and update from Heavy/ED5 shields) Enable: develop ED5 top top T3 and AEON have the right to upgrade light shield top top heavy. T1 an easy Generators...

Ric"H"ard strategy addons compilation v6.0Apr 20 2015Ric"H"ard strategy addons compilation complete Version

This variation brings tweaks in adjacency bonuses, halved systems fire ranges, which provides battlefield virtualy larger, and removes MTML homing capabilities...

extraterrestrial RebaaalanceJan 27 2015Other 3 comments

this is the extraterrestrial untit addition mod quite better balanced 보다 it was yet it is just for the cybrans up to date i will certainly rebalance all various other units soon...

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