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Swamp People has actually made its go back to the history Channel with its 10th season. The display follows French-Canadian descendants in Louisiana through the alligator-hunting season in the bayous and features families and individuals fiercely dedicated to this way of life.

According come, these are the actors members you need to expect to view on this season of Swamp People:

Troy Landry

be the understand of your fate and the captain of your airboat. Return to the bayou v Troy Landry, January 31 at 9/8c on

Troy take it on 1000 tags for this season, his household armada (with 3 boats) will certainly be functioning to attain that goal. Troy has actually Terral Evans as his deckhand.

Jacob Landry

Jacob is captain that his own boat this season and has recruited python-hunter Dusty Crum as his deckhand.

Chase Landry

If there\"s something Jacob and also Chase Landry know just how to do, it\"s wrangling a gator. Go back to the bayou, January 31 at 9/8c ~ above

While part of his family’s gator-hunting “armada,” Chase will be manning his own boat again this season, through the assistance of his deckhand cousin Holden.

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Holden Landry

Holden is functioning as his cousin Chase’s deckhand this season, however the show teases the he will need to step up with more responsibility “when Troy’s armada loser a guy halfway v the season.”

Terral Evans

Terral is \"twisted steel and sex appeal.\" The gators don\"t was standing a opportunity on Swamp People, tomorrow at 9/8c top top

Terral will be working through Troy together an competent gator-hunter. Background Channel calls castle the “dream team.”

Dusty Crum

Crum is a renowned python hunter native Florida, who will it is in learning exactly how to “battle gators” this season. He will certainly be Jacob’s deckhand.

Joseph Rogers Richard, aka ‘Big Tee’

Big Tee pairs up v his father’s finest friend, Daniel Edgar, to prove himself throughout his 2nd gator-hunting season together a deckhand.

Daniel Edgar

Daniel choose to hunt again with large Tee, rather than his young Joey and Dwaine. The pair emphasis on searching gators in the backwaters.

Joey Edgar

When Joey’s brother Dwaine backs out from the hunting season due to injury, he transforms to his friend Zak Catchem for back-up on his boat.

Dwaine Edgar

Brothers Dwaine and also Joey were claimed to team increase this year to fish, there is no the company of their father Daniel; however, Dwaine sustains a ago injury that avoids him from participating.

R.J. Molinere

Swamp style in Niagara falls #keetah

— R.J. Molinere (
swampNDN) April 27, 2013

R.J. And his son, Jay Paul, space utilizing indigenous American hunting tactics this season, to handle the raising gator danger.

Jay Paul Molinere

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\"I\"m a dead duck in the water.\" ? find out exactly how Jay Paul it s okay himself out of this one on Swamp People, this evening at 9/8c top top

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swamppeople) on Feb 7, 2019 at 8:13am PST

Jay Paul is teaming up through his father, R.J., for another hunting season. Jay Paul’s sharp-shooting is encouraged by his desire to safeguard his growing family.

Willie Edwards

Edwards is returning to the display this season, and will once again be searching on his own, planning come hunt deeper right into the bayous and hunt larger gators.

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Robert “Frenchy” Crochet

To accommodate his demanding hunting and fishing season, “Frenchy” reduced his watercraft in half and included a 5-foot extension. He will certainly be pairing up v old girlfriend “Gee.”

Gerard “Gee” Singleton

Singleton is a childhood girlfriend of Crochet and will be serving together his deckhand this season.

Ronnie Adams

6-foot-5 Ronnie grew up searching gators and will be reflecting Jones the ins and outs that gator hunting this season.

Ashley Jones

Ready because that tonight\"s episode of #swamppeople on #HistoryChannel

— AshleyDeadEyeJones (
ashley_dead) February 7, 2019

Jones is a mommy with one “impeccable shot;” this season, Ronnie Adams invites her to join him top top his gator hunting boat.

Zak Catchem

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everyone else ever have one of these things JUMP the end OF THE WATER TO kill YOU!!! or is that just me lol ? This Pacu needs an NBA Sneaker transaction #AirPacu

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catch_em_all_fishing) on Nov 30, 2018 in ~ 10:00am PST

This season, Joey Edgar calls Zak in to serve as a deckhand, however Zak has never hunted in a swamp. Follow to his Instagram bio, Catchem has actually over 1.3 million subscribers top top his YouTube channel.

Watch Swamp People season 10 top top the history Channel, Thursday nights at 9/8c.

PublishedFeb 7, 2019 in ~ 6:47pm
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\"Swamp People\" has actually made its go back to the background Channel with its 10th season.