There might actually be something that might make this spin-off interesting. However, just how much longer deserve to we gain strung along?

Pito Isn’t that You Think She Is: M, Karen

For the first time since the premiere, something exciting is presented. This idea that Pito, that did come off eccentric in might actually it is in psychotic. For v M talking about her death him if that died, so bring a bit of intrigue. However, even if it is or not Pito expected actually death him or not is up for debate, hence putting a pause on the intrigue.

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I feel teased in such a terrible way. The absence of perma-death has been lacking, as has been something to really push any type of real have to continue. In fact, i was tempted come drop this prior to watching it and also now, ns feel prefer I’m gift strung along in hopes that perhaps Pito is as crazy as M claimed she was. It would be a welcome readjust from world who might have interesting avatar personalities but, through us see Karen is faking it, you learning the real world personas of most of these people likely gift fake together well.

The final Battle: Karen, M


With M freaking out, and also seeming prefer he desires to surrender, Karen decides to fight the final battle by it s her and, after ~ a couple of mistakes, she start to obtain the cave of things. However, the team, are aces. Making that so Llenn needs to use her wits, as well as some of what M exhibited to survive.

But, a one top top 5 match isn’t easy and if the wasn’t for M, in the last minute, deciding to join, Karen – Llenn, would have likely died. Though, since she didn’t, she and M success Squad Jam.


*Blinks* okay. Over there is simply something around the tone of the show which doesn’t do the gunfights the interesting. Ns mean, perform I root for Llenn? Yeah. However, that’s since she is the lead and, after ~ 5 episodes, I’m used to her. The isn’t due to the fact that she is the most exciting and also engaging character. Heck, also taking note of M abandoning her to fight on she own, the didn’t make her poor ass.

I’ll admit, her battle against the various other team’s boss did have actually an epos vibe. A little of a blip ~ above a rather uneventful radar. But not enough to really push the idea that, practically halfway with the season, things are picking up.

Real people Connections: Karen


“If I check out you again, is it okay if I speak to you?”

Okay, something about this timeline seems a tiny off. Wasn’t Karen, in an previously episode, hanging with these girls, who end up being the team she dealt with in GGO when doing squad Jam? perhaps I’m turn off or confused, and in require of revisiting previous episodes, however regardless, it seems those girls, seeing Karen in real life, room enamored by her version stature and also are in awe. Plus, they’re in middle school and this university student is ready to speak to them and play gamings with them. Ns mean, exactly how cool is that right?


This placeholder season i seriously inquiry the need of. Ns think I obtained one an ext episode in me and, unless Pito is crazy or something else pops up, I obtained to autumn this for the services of my sanity. And also considering Pito stated she’d fulfill Karen in genuine life if she won, there is the hope because that a far better tomorrow.

On The Fence

Pito being the last hope that this display being interesting.

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