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Well, the was… something. Together gorgeous as knife Art Online: Alicization’s production could be, it appears that plot-wise it’s going come be at the same level together the previous seasons: childish and nonsensical. 

Japanese initial Episode Title: オーシャン・タートル


Remember just how Kirito to be poisoned by Johnny Black, the last remaining Laughing Coffin member? fine now, the is hospitalized. The doctors notify Asuna and his family that he is stable but unconscious, and also it’s unknown when, or if he will ever wake up. Kikuoka viewpoints his family and offers castle to move him into a better facility the is much better suited because that his condition, which they agree to execute so, however when Asuna and also Suguha try to visit him, they are denied from see him, which puts lock in suspicion. Asuna manages to track under Kirito’s ar with the aid of the ‘heart app’, Yui, and also the remainder of the gang. They uncover out that he has actually been take away abroad and also after putting some pieces together, Asuna decides to call Rinko Koujiro, Kayaba’s former lover and also co-researcher. At some time later, we see Rinko and her assistant Mayumi Reynolds, being taken to the ocean Turtle, one offshore research facility where she has been invited to sign up with a research team by Kikuoka. As they go deep in the facility and also meet up v Kikuoka and also the team, Mayumi discover herself as Asuna in disguise and demands to recognize where Kirito is.

Episode Highlights

Kikuoka should fire his security: Working in a mysterious and also top research facility you would think that the ‘tight security’ they mention would actually be ‘tight’. I don’t think that anyone deserve to argue the the overall idea that Asuna infiltrating ocean Turtle together Mayumi and bypassing all protection from job one just to ask Kikuoka where precisely Kirito is, is past ridiculous. Ns mean even if her household has money and even if their adopted ‘daughter’, Yui, is a self-aware AI through the strength to hack the people to death, this is just method too far-fetched.

Why execute these youngsters roam about like they very own the world? When Suguha and also Asuna visit Kirito in the hospital and are refuse from seeing him, lock instantly think that something is wrong and instead of walk and ASKING KIRITO’S PARENTS, they do Yui track him and hack Rath as much as possible. Is this logical to you? Why do these tiny shits act prefer this? First of all, the would have been illegal to transport Kirito somewhere without his guardians’ permission and also second, Kikuoka has always been help Kirito, he is certainly not trying to damage him, therefore their overall thought process is just absurd to me.

Themes & Trivia

Sword Art online The Movie – Ordinal Scale: This episode is referencing events and technology that has developed in the movie that come out prior to Alicization. As soon as they gain out of the auto in the port and also wear those ‘weird spring glasses’, the is actually a machine called Augma. That is a next-generation wearable multi-device that is capable of sending out signals to the brain while the users space awake and is hence primarily provided as an Augmented truth device.


So, am i the only one that got surprised to finally see ‘Kirito’s mother’? the the very first time that we ever got close to check out his other family members, yet what am i saying? that doesn’t also matter due to the fact that the adult in these series have to be only poor guys, human being of the government, or mad researchers (and correct I recognize Kirito and also the remainder are young adults as well, yet you obtain my point).

Also, Suguha’s cleavage case looks considerably smaller than the previous season. Did they decision to make sword Art Online: Alicization less around the boobs and also the girls and an ext about the beautiful animation and overall top quality production? has this day lastly come? I extremely doubt it.

Behold! The best revelation of every time! i am no Mayumi; that is I, Asuna.

I was so pumped to see this week’s episode, and also even despite my theory of Kirito being unconscious and kind that left lively in the virtual civilization is type of accurate, ns am still for this reason disappointed through the silly plot that we just witnessed. Ns honestly assumed that we to be passed this nonsense, but it seems I was wrong. In any case, the certainly doesn’t average that this season is bad or anything, the is just a bit of a letdown to view things turn out this means at this specific point that the story.

NEXT TIME: task Alicization

Sword arts Online: Alicization

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