about Take Me to the flow

"Take Me come the River" is a 1974 track written by singer Al Green and also guitarist Mabon "Teenie" Hodges. Fight versions were tape-recorded by both Syl Johnson and Talking Heads. In 2004, Al Green"s original version was ranked number 117 top top Rolling stone magazine"s list of the rojo Stone"s 500 best Songs of all Time.

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I"d favor to dedicate this tune to tiny Junior ParkerA cousin of mine who"s unable to do on, yet we"d like to kinda bring on in his nameI singI don"t understand why ns love you prefer I doAfter all the alters that you placed me throughYou stole my money and also my cigarettesAnd ns haven"t watched hide nor hair of girlfriend yetI wanna knowWon"t you tell meAm i in love come stay?Hey, heyTake me come the riverAnd wash me downWon"t you cleanse my soulPut mine feet top top the groundI don"t know why she treated me therefore badAfter all the points that we might have hadLove is a notion that ns can"t forgetMy sweet 16 I will never ever regretI wanna knowWon"t you tell meAm i in love to stay?Yeah yes yeah yes yeahHold me, love me, please me, enraged me"Til i can"t, "til i can"t take it no moreTake me to the riverI don"t understand why i love you like I doAfter every the points that you placed me throughThe 16 candles burn on my wallTurning me into the best fool of castle allI wanna knowOh, won"t girlfriend tell meAm i in love to stay?I wanna knowTake me to the riverI wanna knowI desire you to dip me in the waterI wanna knowWon"t you to wash me in the waterWash me in the waterWash me in the waterWon"t you to wash me in the waterFeeling good

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Al green Albert Greene (born April 13, 1946), much better known as Al environment-friendly or Reverend Al Green, is an American gospel and soul music singer. He got to the optimal of his popularity in the 1970s, with hit singles such together "You Oughta Be with Me", "I"m still In Love v You", "Love and also Happiness", and "Let"s continue to be Together". In 2005, Rolling rock named him No. 66 in their perform of the "100 greatest Artists of every Time".

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The nomination declared that "people space born to do specific things, and also Al to be born come make united state smile." The Rock and also Roll hall of call inducted green in 1995, introduce to him as "one that the many gifted purveyors of heart music." green has sold an ext than 20 million records. More »