First, I simply want come say that this episode seemed short. At sight short. Yet maybe that was because I had to play that on two separate days rather of overall like I typically do. It just ended and also I had actually no idea it to be coming. Various other than that, I assumed it to be an it s okay episode. Fiona’s decision didn’t seem prefer that huge of a transaction whereas Rhys’s room the ones that are most most likely going come have big impacts v the remainder of the season.

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Every time a new episode come out, I’m reminded how much ns love the feeling in this game. And also that really makes up for the lack of prominence in few of the decisions…for the most part. Rhys being Vasquez was perfect and the finger gun struggle scene was my favorite point ever.

Because you have the right to never watch the scene too numerous times, I’m simply going to leaving it right here for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.


Honoring Scooter:

Not yes, really a huge important decision. There were a couple of choices because that this one, which I’m guessing is why only 11% of civilization made the same selection as me. I chose to speak he was a hero since saying that he to be one earlier really made the happy. I likewise chose action 3 (kissing him) right before he died, which i feel favor was a enlarge decision than the one they provided on the end screen.

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Also i can’t believe people actually made decision to stick to the plan. I had to execute something nice for poor Scooter!

The tourism Group:

Okay, so ns probably shouldn’t have permit a team of people get vaporized, however I want to watch what happened. Curiosity eliminated the Handsome Jack wannabes? They were idiots anyway, therefore it was fine.

Shooting the gun: