Happy Monday, TMJ! Tonight"s the last illustration of this season. For this reason you recognize what the means, it"s all about what goes under behind the scenes.

TV guide says "The gals and their families travel to L.A. Because that the "Teen mom 2" reunion; Jenelle and also Barbara"s on stage feud leader to a backstage blowout; and, after reconciling v Javi, Kailyn is blindsided by allegations."


Javi admits that he to be trying to do Kaylin feeling the way he does after the rest up.

Kaylin emphasizes that their connection is no longer around them yet solely about Lincoln so his actions is just hurting that. Kaylin apologizes for breaking up v him the way she did and also he apologizes for how he"s been acting.

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Kaylin"s first stop is to Jenelle"s room to feeling her baby bump. She goes to her very own dressing room.

She"s talk to the producer about Javi as soon as the producer gets a text from Jenelle speak she"s about to leave.

Kaylin"s segment yes, really delves right into her worry with V. Kaylin doesn"t think that she should have an opinion because she"s no an overly involved step-mom come Isaac.

V apologizes to for making Kaylin feel threatened and says that wasn"t she intention.


Leah has been embraced to a university nearby. Leah sit down through Barb and also fills her in top top what is walking on in her life.


Cole and Chelsea room enjoying married life so far. She"s no feeling well once she arrives in LA. She go to watch Kaylin that is really excited to watch her infant bump. Adam doesn"t show up and also Cole doesn"t desire to be on TV therefore Chelsea movies her segment alone.

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Chelsea doesn"t feel good, she has actually a heat of 99.7. For this reason she"s going home. They"re walk to contact her after ~ they finish with the various other two come see how she feels.


Jenelle is nervous because that the reunion since both Barb and also Nathan are going to be there. Barb calls them together they"re talking about it wondering whereby everyone is. There"s a small sneak emergence of the reunion wherein Barb and Jenelle hash the end the custody.

Back in her room, Jenelle is worried that this is the finish of her partnership with Barb.

The producer come in to examine on her, one gives her the alternative of absent the group interview.

Jenelle doesn"t prefer that idea due to the fact that she doesn"t desire to be excluded yet she also doesn"t think she can do it there is no crying.

David and also Jenelle space heading off also though they haven"t shoot the very first segment. She feels prefer the present is only maintaining her ~ above so the they deserve to film Barb. Jenelle refuses to movie the an initial part and also she do the efforts to take Jace with her.

However, without letting Barb understand the producer won"t allow the automobile go. David comes out and also tries to relocate the security. The car reverses and also leaves and also the producers have to speak to the police.

Barb came down on the hotel however she won"t walk up and they won"t lug Jace down. In the end it is David who is bringing him down.

The police aren"t in ~ the hotel and Barb keeps insisting that she"s pinning it every on David. Jenelle watch the cameras and also now desires nothing to perform with the show anymore.

Barb doesn"t desire to push charges versus Jenelle however the police won"t allow her just press dues on David alone.

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