“Oh mine gawd! i hope ya don’t rotate out prefer ya motha!”

Howdy, Roundupers! prior to we go down the hare hole that chaos and condom-less adventure the is Teen mother 2, The Ashley wants to apologize because that being a “bitch of a recapper” and getting therefore behind in ‘Teen mother 2’ recaps. Girlfriend may have actually noticed the The Roundup got a spiffy new makeover previously this week, therefore The Ashley to be busy with that and also didn’t have actually time come snark ~ above Jenelle & Co. Plus, MTV was being a “bitch that a network” and threw 2 episodes back-to-back in ~ The Ashley! That’s a whole lot the trainwreck to recap in one week!

“Well Juh-nelle, ya think ya might get ya soulmates to wear nametags? i can’t store ’em all straight!”

Anyway, let’s get started. The Ashley just missed one episode and currently Jenelle has actually a brand-new soulmate. Wait…what? Wasn’t she just chucking glassware in ~ people’s heads since she was sad around missing Nathan? How can this be? The new dude is called David and also I’m fairly certain that is the lovechild the Lurch from The Addams Family and Janet Reno.

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We likewise missed a huge verbal brawl (filmed via iPhone, naturally) between Jo and Kail, and also Leah obtained the news that her pesky ex-husband (number 1), the dern Corey Tyler, has actually done taken her twins indigenous her! currently who’s gonna eat all them Lunchables in the fridge that she bought because that the girls’ lunches?


Oh, the struggles of a teen mom…

The new episode start in southern Dakota, whereby Chelsea traction up in her big, shiny new white Mercedes to the grocery store. Other Chelsey and Aubree space shopping for necessities, such as lunch item and, hopefully, brand-new glasses for other Chelsey. Chelsea tells she friend the the measly money that Adam is at this time paying she in boy support wouldn’t also cover the food Aubree eats in a month. (Too bad his son isn’t Ali or Aleeah; lock are supplied to acquiring less food for this reason they’d be a many cheaper come feed!)

Next, we hope end to everything humble abode Jenelle is dwelling in this main to see if she’s involved and/or pregnant yet. (Hey– she’s got a brand-new dude. We all understand one or both of these things room coming.)

Jace is continuing to be with Jenelle for the weekend, together with Lurch and his daughter. Jace is more than likely confused regarding 1) who the hell this brand-new dad-and-sister combo is 2) what taken place to the dad-and-sister combo the was Nathan and also his daughter and also 3) what the hell is going on through David’s face. (We’re every wondering around that last one, no? It’s…interesting.)

“I’ve to be watching my youngsters ALL NIGHT! by MYSELF, dude!”

Apparently Lurch’s sister and also her kid crashed in ~ Jenelle’s pad critical night, and also they were all up late braiding every other’s hair and comparing laboratory sheets, so Jenelle is worn down the following morning. Unfortunately, she wakes up and realizes she has two entirety kids to care for BY it s her DUDE!

Barbara comes in and also notices that her “bitch the a daughta” has a large ol’ gash on she chin. Jenelle cases that she “just fell” and Babs doesn’t even shot to hide how grossed out she is.

“Taking treatment of kids is hard…and stuff…”

Kaiser start crying and also Jenelle instantly starts come freak out, screaming that she can’t carry out this because she just had four hours that sleep.

“Why’d ya just have 4 howas the sleep, Juh-nelle?” Babs cackles.

Jenelle blames Coke for maintaining her up every night. This time, though, she doesn’t median the kind of Coke that goes up her nose. Instead, she’s talking around the soft drink Coke, which apparently Jace and also the litter of youngsters that stayed at Jenelle’s place last night to be guzzling soda until all hours.

“I’ve been tellin’ ya because that years come hide the coke!”

“When Jace comes, you’ve got to hide the Coke!” Babs says.

Why carry out I feel that this isn’t the very first time Babs has uttered that exact sentence to her “paaaaarty gahl” daughter?

Hey, security first!

Babs take away Jace to the car, however he’s being a bitch that a grandson. He’s at sight tired and is screaming, whining and also being average to Babs.

“I’m tiiiiired!” the cries, prior to screaming in ~ Babs come shut up. Barb it s okay a frightened watch on her face, because she’s certain realizing that this is just how it all started with Jenelle…

“Does Jo think he’s Jenny native the Block or….?”

Next, we examine in through Kail, who is preparing for Lincoln’s birthday. She is still waiting to listen if Javi is walk to it is in deployed soon, therefore things are a little bit tense in the house. To include to the tension, a sweatsuit-clad Jo come (looking choose J-Lo circa 2002) to Kail’s home to drop turn off Isaac. He transfers the kid without even saying a word come Kail.

Finally, us go visit Leah to check out what she’s up to. As per usual, she’s huddled under a blanket on the couch, resting off her “sleepiness.” She’s sans twins, for this reason she only has actually “the other one” come parent.

When Ali finds the end that she it s okay breakfast and lunch– every in the exact same day!

Meanwhile, Corey is tasked with acquiring the girl up and also ready because that school. They’re trying brand-new and interesting things, prefer brushing your teeth and also having their hair fixed! Hell, they’re also getting a breakfast and also a lunch the doesn’t come native the earlier of Mel’s resolve ‘n’ feeding Gas Mart! The girlseses are living the high life, y’all! (So is Leah but….in a different way….See what ns did there?)

The girls and Corey space out the door through 6:24. Seriously, what the hell time does college start in West Virginia? ns hope they offer these youngsters espresso during recess because Jesus God (Leah) class starts early!

Seriously, is Leah using a Trapper keeper to message or what?

That afternoon, Leah picks up the pair from school and is sad to discover out the girl missed her during the week they were at Corey’s. In in between sending texts on her large phone/tablet/notebook point (what the hell is it?) Leah listens as Aleeah tattles on she sister. Apparently, Ali congratulated her Pops for getting them to college on time, uneven Leah who constantly makes castle late.

Leah is angry the Ali “lied” come Corey about Leah obtaining them to institution late. She speak the girls that they shouldn’t be pointing out stuff choose that.

“Y’all simply need to school,” Leah says. (No seriously, she really does.)

“Y’all manage to gain crazier every mainly somehow!”

Aleeah is sad due to the fact that she missed she mother, and also Leah looks upset by the entirety scene. Meanwhile, Ali gives a slow clap for she sister and also mother, i beg your pardon is kind of fitting.

Back in Carolina, Babs is quizzing Jace on just how things went in ~ Jenelle & Lurch’s Fun factory this weekend. Jace says that Lurch is “good” however he admits that Jenelle constantly has a brand-new dude hovering about her. He seems to think about it business as normal at this point.

“Just call me what my brand-new Daddy’s name is. It alters every few months!”

Jace claims he likes to go over to check out Jenelle, and also he doesn’t mind that there’s always a huge assortment the potential baby-daddies, arbitrarily kids and also assorted hoodlums hanging around her house. Barb, however, is worried around having Jace end at Jenelle’s place.

In West Virginia, Leah take away the twins to choose out pumpkins. Addie is i do not have anything to it is in found, however we deserve to assume she’s safety time v her dad, Jeremy. Either the or she’s buried under a heap of coats in Leah’s car, therefore either method she’s reasonably safe.

“Y’all should simply go come night school. That’d be less complicated for your Mama!”

Later, the girls tell Leah the they don’t favor staying at Corey’s throughout the week.

“I miss doing her hair every week prior to school,” Leah tells the girls.


The next morning, Leah gets the girls the end the door on time, and drops them turn off at school. As shortly as the girls room out of the car, she pulls out a secret orange sprayer thingy, but seems come remember the cameras are on and also thinks far better of it. Now, some civilization are saying the those things have the right to be used for sprayin’ “tired pills” right into a nose, yet surely that is simply to help her v those ding-dang allergies!

When you realize you’ll be dealing with Leah’s crap because that the rest of your life…

Meanwhile, Corey is talk to his dad around the girl adjusting to life at his house. He tells his dad that he expects Leah to try to overturn the court’s custody ruling. He claims that Leah now wants 50/50 custody i m sorry is, ironically, what he claims he’s been questioning Leah for for years but she wouldn’t agree.

Corey feels poor that his daughters have had actually to deal with so lot in their quick lives.

Next, us go back to Chelsea, who isn’t much fun to cover this days, since all she does is it is in stable and happy. The nerve!

“Stick the end one much more season and also we’ll be able to basically to buy the state of south Dakota!”

Chelsea notices that a giant house is for sale nearby, for this reason she, Cole and Aubree journey by to check out it. Cole states that he desires to purchase a home with Chelsea, which provides Chelsea feel happy that Cole’s all set for a such a large commitment.

Soon, they discover a house that castle both like and also are considering to buy together. They put in an offer for it. Chelsea is going to have to sell her large cabin the she purchased on she own, however she’s excited to buy a cabin with Cole. He even mentions words “wedding” which renders Chelsea spittle a little.

“You think Barbara would make some doughboys because that my going away party?”

Back in Delaware, Kail and Javi talk about the opportunities of him gift deployed for six months. Javi wants a going-away party, but Kail is reluctant to setup it since she doesn’t think he will actually gain deployed.

The following day is Lincoln’s date of birth party. (Does anyone else enjoy the fact that Lincoln answer every question he’s asked v “NO!”? He’s my sort of kid!)


The party is a an excellent success, and also all the youngsters seems to be having a great time. Javi decides come bum some people out with the news the he’s walking to have to go far on deployment, but otherwise that goes turn off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is unable to contact Babs. She is hope to fetch Jace, however Barb has actually turned off her phone and also is not answering Jenelle’s calls.

Lurch advises Jenelle that she really requirements to gain custody the Jace. “I don’t see any kind of reason why he demands to live through her.”

“Hey Mom, i spelled out ‘SOS’ in my corn. I hope someone sees it!”

As Lurch is speak this, Jenelle is precise freaking out since she can’t regulate the one child who does live with her. She plops Kaiser into his highchair and throws some sort of orange-colored swill into his highchair tray for him to graze on while Jenelle complains around Barbara.

“She go this come me for, like, 2 weeks!” Jenelle states of Barbara not picking increase the phone. “When I remained in St. Thomas! She wouldn’t allow me watch Jace prior to my trip.”

“Dude! She’s so stroked nerves dude!”

How dare Barb it is in upset the you’re off having actually a “la-dee-dah time” through your brand-new “boooooyfriend” in St. Cutting board while she’s stuck taking care of her kid!

Jenelle vow to keep calling until Barbara answers she phone. Walk it ever occur come these two knuckleheads the Barb can’t answer her phone since she’s in ~ work? employment is a novel idea come both, but it seems like that might be a possible reason. Either the or she just doesn’t desire to have to take Jace to the Jenelle’s house of Chaos again.

“Like, who also works anymore?! such a lame excuse!”

Later the night, Jenelle it s okay a speak to from Barb that tells she daughter to avoid blowing she phone. Barb speak Jenelle the she was working and also couldn’t answer.

“I knew you’d comprise some large excuse!” Jenelle says.


Jenelle ends up hanging up on her mother, i m sorry is par for the food at this point.

“Next time throw among them street packets at me therefore I recognize you are ago there!”

In West Virginia, Leah and Corey room both attending Ali’s chorus practice. It’s the an initial time that Leah will be seeing Corey due to the fact that he excellent took her youngsters away, therefore she’s nervous. Corey is sitting external the practice and Leah arrives to watch but– OOPSIE!– she accidentally forgets the Addie is in the backseat! She heads right into the church and then remembers that she has an additional dingdang kid and goes to fetch Addie. After she digs her the end of a heap of trash in the ago of the car, lock head inside.


Leah arrives v Mama Dawn (who us haven’t seen enough of this season). It’s at sight awkward together Leah is sit there beside Corey. Addie, meanwhile, is simply happy to be enabled out that the car.

Ali is happy to watch both of her parents at she practice, and Leah is sad that she can’t take it Ali home with her.

“Oh that house is therefore cute, dontcha know!”

Back in southern Dakota, Chelsea tells she mom, South Dee-ko-tah Mary, about the residence they room considering buying. Mar is pleased come hear that Cole is all set for a commitment, and that he’s no scared the Aubree calls him “Coley Daddy” now.

The realtor texts Chelsea to tell her hat she didn’t gain the huge house. Chelsea is sad that she’s going come be stuck in her current giant cabin house for the time being.

She must have forgotten come buy that Lunchables or something.

Finally, we inspect in one last time with Kail. Lincoln is yelling obscene words in Spanish, and Javi autumn a bombshell on Kail. He informs her the he’s for sure going to it is in deployed in a pair of weeks. It’s apparent that this isn’t the an initial time Kail has actually heard this news, however they’re doing their ideal to shot to do it look choose it’s a surprise.

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Lincoln responds come the news by phone call Javi a “dada puta.” (As you do.)

Kail is happy that she will certainly at least have the ability to communicate through Javi, unlike once he was in basic training. They decision to call Isaac, and also he gets very emotional in ~ the believed of Javi leaving.

The Ashley will shot to acquire us all recorded up ~ above ‘Teen mommy 2’ recaps! continue to be tuned!