Season 8 episode 25 - Quicksand

Leah contemplates getting ago together v Jeremy, Javi fall a bomb top top Briana and also Kailyn, and Chelsea battles to have a an excellent relationship through Adam"s mom. Air day : 18th-Jun-2018

Season 8 illustration 1 - and Then over there Were five

As the eighth season opens, Teen mother 2’s newest mom, Briana, reunites with an old friend however grapples with an unplanned pregnancy. A sudden move tests Jenelle and David"s relationship. Kailyn and Javi finalize your divorce when Leah starts an exciting new chapter. Air date : 17th-Jul-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 2 - under That route

Briana is faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Kailyn’s friend reveals part very personal information. Jenelle and Nathan challenge each other in court. Leah tries to reunite Addie through Jeremy. Chelsea bring home new baby, Watson. Air date : 24th-Jul-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 3 - Low key

Kailyn discusses her large news; Briana begins to explore adoption; Aubree has a an overwhelming time adjusting to her brother; Addie"s date of birth party does no go together planned; Jenelle reconciles through Barb. Air day : 31st-Jul-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 4 - Surprise!

Leah obtain some unanticipated news from Jeremy; Javi gets info on Kailyn"s pregnancy; David plans another big surprise because that Jenelle complying with their daughter"s birth; Aubree"s school has a father/daughter dance. Air date : 31st-Jul-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 5 - Lips Don"t lied

Leah investigates a company opportunity but Ali battles with her illness. Kailyn deals with Javi in court end the PFA. Chelsea hears mental news around Adam. Jace meets his infant sister, Ensley, and Jenelle announces she engagement. Air date : 7th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 6 - Unfinished sentences

Leah encounters a difficult decision around college; Jenelle and David struggle the rocks while setting up their brand-new home; Briana pursues adoption further; Chelsea worries about Aubree in ~ Adam’s parents; and also Kailyn struggles to get ago on track. Air date : 14th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 7 - Motherducker

Kailyn is furious once her pregnant is leaked. Briana"s mom confronts Luis around the new baby. Aubree gets overexcited about Chelsea"s brand-new pets. Ali renders a heartbreaking confession come Leah. Jace spends his very first weekend in ~ Jenelle"s new house. Air date : 21st-Aug-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 8 - top top the hunt

After Barb refuses to let Jace come over, Jenelle tracks her down. Briana offers Luis an ultimatum. Kailyn and also Javi are forced to confront each various other at Lincoln’s soccer practice. Chelsea and Cole record baby fever. Leah tries to discover answers because that Ali. Air date : 28th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 9 - Playing family members Picnic

Jenelle has a turoulend Mother"s Day once she"s prohibition from see Jace. Briana is under push while preparing for her infant shower. Kailyn is shocked as soon as Javi files for son support. Leah and also Ali visit the doctor. Aubree finishes very first grade. Air day : 4th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 10 - Welcome come a Puerto Rican baby Shower

Briana’s baby shower goes downhill once Luis shows up. Jenelle lastly gets her day in court to gain Jace back. Kailyn struggles with juggling school, the boys and also Javi and Jo. Chelsea takes Aubree out for a girl day. Leah do the efforts to obtain Ali one aide. Air day : 11th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 11 - Swiping and Griping

Jenelle and Barb concerned an agreement; Briana receives how amazing news native Luis; Leah enters the date world; Aubree access time Adam; Jo pursues custody the Isaac. Air date : 18th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 12 - elsewhere

Leah pushes Jeremy to spend an ext time through Addie. After seeing what Maci is walk through, Chelsea reconsiders her visitation covenant with Adam’s parents. Jenelle tries to make her first official weekend through Jace extra special. Air day : 20th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 13 - Winter in Summer

Luis asks Briana a shocking question prior to she goes right into labor. Barb attempts to make peace with Jenelle during Kaiser’s birthday party. Kailyn prepares for her graduation. Chelsea take away her household on a expedition to Florida. Air date : 25th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 14 - Oh, the areas You"ll walk

Kailyn graduates from college; a fight between Briana"s family and Luis ruins Stella"s homecoming; Leah takes one more shot in ~ motivational speaking; Jenelle shops for wedding dresses. Air day : 2nd-Oct-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 15 - Love You, mean It

Briana rushes Stella to the hospital; Kailyn"s vacation is endangered by court; Leah and also Corey think Gracie may need one-of-a-kind attention; Chelsea make the efforts to readjust Aubree"s custody agreement. Air date : 9th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 16 - emotionally Roller Coaster

Kailyn"s vacation to St. Cutting board takes a dramatic turn. Briana learn shocking news around Stella. Jace"s 8th birthday leads to an ext tension between Jenelle and Barb. Leah juggles giving enough attention come both the twins. Aubree starts second grade. Air date : 16th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 8 episode 17 - In Sod we Trust

Jenelle prepares for her wedding day; Kailyn encounters the potential of increasing her 3rd baby alone; Briana tries to involve Devoin in Nova"s life. Air day : 30th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 18 - The Ties That bind

Jenelle walks under the aisle; Chelsea celebrates; Leah make the efforts to gain Addie prepared for preschool; Kailyn has actually her baby. Air day : 6th-Nov-2017Read More

Season 8 illustration 19 - no to line the Pot, But...

Briana reveals surprising news about Javi come Leah, Jenelle risks losing custody the Kaiser, and Adam is arrested again, forcing Chelsea come rethink visitation. Air day : 7th-May-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 20 - Drama"s because that Nerds, Pt. 1

All the women take trip to Los Angeles to movie the reunion and specials, and also Leah feels captured in the middle as tensions between Kailyn and also Briana run high. Air date : 14th-May-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 21 - Drama"s for Nerds, Pt. 2

Kailyn continues saying with Briana and Brittany, and also Jenelle and also David walk away during the reunion taping but later return to confront off v Nathan, Doris and also Barb. Air day : 21st-May-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 22 - The Hangover

Jenelle it s okay a troubling call from Jace and also decides come dial 911 on Barbara. Javi access time Briana in Orlando together their relationship heats up. Leah bring away the girl trick-or-treating together. Chelsea is turn off birth control and also ready for one more baby Air day : 28th-May-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 23 - Bitter infant Mama

Kailyn and Javi throw separate birthday parties for Lincoln, Chelsea heads to court with her ex, Leah take away Gracie to therapy, and also Nathan"s text to Jenelle angers David. Air date : 4th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 24 - Unicorn Poop

Leah it s okay a surprising call from Jeremy during the twins’ birthday, Kailyn goes come court with Lux"s dad, and also Jenelle take away a date of birth vacation v all her kids. Air date : 11th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 8 episode 25 - Quicksand

Leah contemplates getting back together v Jeremy, Javi fall a bomb on Briana and Kailyn, and also Chelsea battles to have actually a great relationship through Adam"s mom. Air day : 18th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 8 episode 26 - accessibility Issues

Briana feeling rushed by Javi, the police visit Jenelle and also David"s house, Chelsea has large news, Kailyn encounters Isaac"s custody, and Leah takes treatment of unexpected guests. Air date : 25th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 27 - Thirsty

Briana and Javi make significant decisions around their relationship, and also Leah grows concerned as Ali"s health problems become much more obvious in ~ school. Air day : 2nd-Jul-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 28 - Forgot about Dre

Javi gets jealous as soon as Briana phone call on an ex to take treatment of she after surgery, Leah and also Jeremy reconnect, and Aubree and also Cole to visit a father-daughter dance. Air date : 9th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 29 - trouble in sky

Javi travels to Miami to see Briana, Kailyn and also Leah walk to Hawaii, Chelsea and Aubree fulfill up through Taylor and also Adam"s daughter Paislee, and Nathan and Barbara talk about Jenelle. Air date : 16th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 8 episode 30 - roadway Rage

Jenelle confronts an aggressive driver while on the road with Jace, Chelsea and Cole inspect out the center where Adam will watch Aubree, and also Leah gets bad news native Ali"s school. Air day : 23rd-Jul-2018Read More

Season 8 illustration 31 - ~ above the repair

Chelsea finds out that Adam violated his visitation agreement, Barbara do the efforts to take Jenelle come court after ~ her road rage encounter, and also Kailyn finalizes custody through Jo. Air day : 30th-Jul-2018Read More

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