It’s a dark time, friend. The people is getting cold and also rainy, the election looms ever before closer, and yesterday, news to be released the Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood (two people who had actually never let on the they might have concerns controlling their tempers!) acquired into a physics altercation on the collection of the Teen Mom reunion. A dark time, indeed.

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But here, on the 11th episode of this season the Teen mother OG, it’s still eternal summer. The wait is warm and yogurt-scented, Maci is wearing what might only be described as a “snakeskin merit badge” (you witnessed that, right? In the car?), and the hottest man on tv returns to slake our thirsts after ~ being missing for most of the season. Hi, Butch! We’ve let go you!




It’s Maci’s birthday, therefore Phil Robertson (Taylor, for the uninitiated) has actually made the important decision to placed down his phone for a few seconds so he can coerce Bentley and also the various other 53 moppets that he and also Maci have created into creating her a birthday note and surprising their mommy with cake and balloons. Nice! I sort of great the gift would include one of those coupon publications that discount you to have your youngsters and far-ranging others do some goddamn chores around here, yet considering that Maci isn’t the one making the cake and also blowing up all the balloons for her very own surprise party — phone call me girlfriend didn’t think about this might happen! — let’s speak to this one a win.

The ruse to gain Maci to she party is in reality pretty cute: Phil and also Bentley write a small note together and slip it to Maci’s friend who, after inviting Maci over and presenting her v a six-pack of Bud Lite (yaaaaaaas!) and her wedding RSVP — “I simply keep forgetting to placed it in the mail,” the friend claims — hand it over to Maci and also tells she to follow the instructions (which notify Maci that she need to come home.)

“What can this be?” Maci asks incredulously. Ns honestly don’t understand whether it’s because she to know it’s a party and also is pretending to it is in surprised, or even if it is she truly has no idea what’s walk on (because when have actually you ever before seen Phil Robertson perform anything except talk about how hard having kids is if doing literally less than nothing?) and also thinks that her house might be on fire. Either way, she appears a tiny pissed around having come come home automatically — she’d been planning to walk by the mall and also pick increase a few more kids since she desires to acquire that number come a nice, round 100 — but she does therefore anyway, strutting through the door v a coffee cup (and a couple of toddlers she simply couldn’t speak no to) come celebrate a 4 minutes 1 century on this airplane of existence.

If Maci seems stressed every throughout she party, it’s because Ryan is still no picking increase his end of the education bargain. Maci reveals the Ryan only shows up when the cameras are there, and also she and Phil space both particular Ryan isn’t walking to display up come Bentley’s very first day of college (which is a thing, ns guess; i don’t psychic both my parents ever taking me to institution together, however we’re Russian — we’re not recognized for our feelings; we’re recognized for cultivate circus bears).

Ryan, that course, doesn’t disappoint. And by that, I typical he completely does. Rather of getting here to drop Bentley off, he sends out Maci a text informing her to wish Bentley a good very first day. The course, also this is a lot for Ryan. Anyone is nearly pleased for a second, however then lock remember the Ryan just sits in his life room every day deciding even if it is tonight’s the night he’s finally going to placed on the other half of his clown costume and scare part kids, and also suddenly nobody is enjoyment anymore. Least of every Maci, who not only has to deal with her ex being a deadbeat but also has to pertained to terms v that weird kale-colored snakeskin badge point on her shirt. Hope it’s no from her clothes line!


Let’s be real about one thing: Amber’s whole segment this main is 3,000 percent staged, and you’d have actually an less complicated time convincing me that this election is rigged or that 9/11 to be an inside task than do me believe that Matt’s child Christopher — who had talked badly of him in the tabloids — simply showed up out of nowhere after not seeing his dad for 10 years simply in time because that him come casually fly the end to L.A. With Matt and also Amber and also appear on the now-canceled Dr. Drew Show (on i beg your pardon Amber and also Matt were ultimately going to put all the nasty rumors about them come rest). Call me girlfriend didn’t just read that and think, Man, i haven’t also seen this episode yet, however that absolutely sounds like something fishy is walking on!

Why room Amber and Matt ~ above Dr. Drew’s present in the very first place? It’s because an additional tabloid rumor has surfaced — this time, that Amber had actually a miscarriage because of substance use — and also Matt can’t take it anymore. Amber’s pretty blasé around the whole thing (for some reason there’s a whole scene in which she simply sits in bed and stares roughly the room for a while before Matt speak her the the tabloids are at the again), however Matt is adamant the he should clear his name.

To her credit, Amber, that is constantly gift hated ~ above in the media, just couldn’t offer less the a shit about what part random tabloid says, but she wants to let Matt know she will constantly stand next to him, for this reason she agrees as soon as he argues that lock fly out to L.A. Come eat taco (apparently, they’re far better in California 보다 they are in Indiana), although she likewise tells Matt the she doesn’t care about his past and also that even if he wasn’t a good guy before, he’s a great guy now.

“What carry out you mean?” Matt asks her, since he is yes, really committed come this idea that he’s never done a bad thing in his life (even though he admits come neglecting several of his children just a few breaths later) and also is upset the she would say otherwise.

Fortunately, both Amber and also Matt are saved by the bell. Who’s the calling? Oh, simply Matt’s kid Christopher, who’s Amber’s age and also who Matt hasn’t watched for over a decade. Oh, and also Christopher is having a tough time and needs to obtain away, therefore Matt invites him the end to L.A. Wherein everyone can discuss that yes, Matt may have made part mistakes in his innocent youth (I’m walking by Billy Bush’s metric here, where you can still take into consideration something that occurred at 35 a youthful indiscretion) but he’s great now.

If anyone was concerned whether Christopher would likewise end increase on Dr. Drew’s present (I don’t recognize the really title, so I’m simply going to store typing it like that because I’m no going to offer that charlatan advertisement revenue by in search of his name) you have nothing come fear: the absolutely does. Of course, Christopher politely claims he’d choose to no be top top stage and also would favor to sit in the audience, which Dr. Attracted wholeheartedly supports. However then there’s no really audience, i m sorry is therefore weird. It’s just Amber and also Matt on phase with this dude the Amber’s never met before and that Matt hasn’t seen in 10 years sitting and watching. Perform you think there to be a warm-up act before this point started? to be Christopher invite to perform the wave by some local comedian just trying to obtain a couple of credits on his résumé?

In the end, Dr. Drew says Amber and also Matt got their message across, but I agree with Amber that they shouldn’t have said something in the first place since it mainly makes the duo look at desperate and also pathetic (which Amber is not!). Also, Amber’s been doing this for eight years, she knows just how the video game works, for this reason it’s sort of messed up for Matt to an initial insert himself into her life (which ns 100 percent believe he did, at the very least at first, to get on the show) and then to start making these kinds of demands. Anyone else emotion really negative for her?


If someone had actually told me, when I to be 25 and just beginning grad school, that i would someday devote hrs of my time to writing around the inner operations of a frozen yogurt shop run by a serial entrepreneur who doesn’t understand that “severencing” isn’t a word, i wouldn’t have thought it and also demanded the they take it this explain back. However here we are together, every rapt viewers, the town hall Farrah (who is never going to it is in fired indigenous this display no issue how many times she hits or pushes someone) sink a service that’s dying only days (weeks?) ~ its grand opening.

This week, Farrah, that mostly shows up dressed in a futuristic Sephora uniform (which ns guess is what anyone at Fro Co wears?), has to fire someone. And also not simply someone. She has to fire Kiana who (1) supplied to work-related at this same yogurt shop before it became Farrah’s garden the frozen delights and (2) is trying really hard however hasn’t yet learned that Farrah isn’t an actual manager and thinks the employees asking for assist are nuisances with “bad energy” rather than world just do the efforts to perform their jobs and begging her for some sort of leadership. This is her dream, Farrah! This yogurt shop is everything! for this reason why room you shoot the world who room trying their hardest to make it a success?

Before Farrah allows Kiana go, she speaks through her father about whether it’s the best setup of action. Michael tells her he’ll be supportive regardless but invites Farrah to setup her actions and also to it is in professional and also on-track as soon as she and Kiana speak. “I’m never ever off-track,” Farrah responds before angrily telling her father the she states “very few words,” i m sorry is technically exactly — since she is generally screaming them. Farrah then regains she composure and says she’s walk to speak to Kiana about her “lack that communication and horrible choices” (definitely miscellaneous a boss would say, and also also very incorrect as Farrah’s whole problem is that Kiana is trying also hard come communicate) before threatening that she’ll “never speak to her again,” if Kiana doesn’t understand. Again: on-track and professional.

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On the day that Farrah fires Kiana — it’s vital to keep in mind that Kiana confirmed up at an early stage to assist out and also Farrah fired she while wearing this hideous Fro Co sunglasses, so girlfriend tell me who’s skilled — the tensions room high. Farrah terrorizes her hapless employee for a couple of minutes by pulling things out of she hands and also threatening her with “the talk” before sitting Kiana down for a one-on-one come tell her what’s up.