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"We belonging Together" is a song by American singer Mariah Carey from she tenth studio album, The Emancipation of Mimi (2005). The tune was released on march 29, 2005, through Island Records, as the second single from the album. "We belong Together" was written by Carey, Jermaine Dupri, Manuel Seal, and Johntá Austin, and produced by the previous three. Due to the fact that the song interpolates inter-base.net indigenous Bobby Womack"s "If friend Think You"re Lonely Now" (1981) and also the Deele"s "Two Occasions" (1987), the songwriters of those respective songs room credited. "We belong Together" is constructed on a straightforward piano plan with an understated backbeat. The inter-base.net chronicle a woman"s desperation because that her former lover to return. Following her decrease in popularity between 2001 and also 2005, critics dubbed the tune her music comeback, as plenty of had considered her career over. "We belong Together" earn her several music market awards and nominations transparent 2005–06. The song broke chart documents in the united States and became Carey"s 16 topper ~ above the united state Billboard warm 100. After staying at number one for fourteen non-consecutive weeks, that joined four other song in a tie together the third longest running number one song in united state chart history, behind Carey"s own 1995 teamwork with Boyz II men titled "One Sweet Day". Billboard provided it as the "song the the decade" and also the eleventh most popular song of all time. Additionally, it damaged several airplay records, gathering both the largest one-day and also one-week audience in history. "We belonging Together" also topped the charts in Australia and reached the top five in Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, new Zealand, Scotland, Spain, and also the joined Kingdom.more »

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Ooh, oohOh, oh, oohOh, oh, sweet love, yeahI didn"t mean itWhen I said I didn"t love you soI shoulda organized on tightI never shoulda let girlfriend goI didn"t know nothingI was stupid, ns was foolishI to be lying come myselfI could not fathom that I would certainly everBe without your loveNever imagined I"d beSitting right here beside myself"Cause i didn"t understand you"Cause i didn"t know meBut I assumed I knew everythingI never feltThe feeling that I"m feelingNow that i don"t hear your voiceOr have your touch and also kiss your lips"Cause i don"t have a choiceOh, what ns wouldn"t giveTo have actually you lying by my sideRight here, "cause, baby(We belong together)When you left I shed a part of meIt"s still so difficult to believeCome back, baby, please"Cause we belong togetherWho rather am ns gon" skinny onWhen times acquire roughWho"s gonna talk to me ~ above the phone"Til the sun comes upWho"s gonna take your placeThere ain"t no one betterOh, baby, baby, us belong togetherI can"t sleep in ~ nightWhen you space on my mindBobby Womack"s on the radioSaying to me"If you think you"re lonely now"Wait a minuteThis is too deep (too deep)I gotta adjust the stationSo I turn the dialTrying to catch a breakAnd then i hear BabyfaceI just think that youAnd it"s break my heartI"m make the efforts to save it togetherBut I"m falling apartI"m feeling all out of mine elementI"m cram things, cryingTrying to figure outWhere the hell ns went wrongThe pain reflected in this songIt ain"t even fifty percent of whatI"m emotion insideI require youNeed you earlier in mine life, babyWhen friend left I lost a component of meIt"s still so tough to believeCome back baby, please"Cause us belong togetherWho rather am ns gon" skinny onWhen times obtain roughWho"s gonna talk to me on the phoneTill the sun comes upWho"s gonna take your placeThere ain"t no one betterOh, baby, baby, we belong together, babyWhen friend left I lost a part of meIt"s quiet so hard to believeCome back baby, please"Cause us belong togetherWho am i gonna lean onWhen times obtain roughWho"s gonna speak to meTill the sunlight comes upWho"s gonna take her placeThere ain"t nobody betterOh baby, babyWe belonging together

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Mariah Carey Mariah Carey (born in march 27, 1970) is one American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She made her recording debut in 1990 under the guidance of Columbia records executive Tommy Mottola, and also released her self-titled debut studio album, Mariah Carey. The album go multi-platinum and spawned four consecutive number one singles, top top the U.S. Billboard hot 100 chart.

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Adhering to her marriage to Mottola in 1993, a series of struggle records, consisting of Emotions (1991), Music crate (1993) and Merry Christmas (1994), created her position as Columbia"s highest-selling act. Daydream (1995), do music history when the second single, "One Sweet Day" a duet through Boyz II Men, spent a record sixteen main on peak of the Billboard warm 100, and remains the … much more »