Compare the an initial Thanksgiving dinner in colonial times to the one us celebrate today. This is a fun method to incorporate the Thanksgiving holiday into your social research studies lessons. And students always love talking around food!

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Thanksgiving Menu: climate & Now

that is believed that the Pilgrim Colonists and also the Wampanoag Indians commemorated the very very first Thanksgiving feast ~ their very first harvest in 1621 in Plymouth, MA. The harvest festival was religious in nature and took location outdoors, wherein hundreds of people gathered come partake in the festivities. Food was abundant for this occasion and the heart of thankfulness dominated over the three-day celebration.

Historians believe that on the Thanksgiving day virtually 400 years ago the menu included venison – or deer meat – roasted (not stuffed) turkey, wild fowl consisting of ducks, geese, and even swans, fish, lobsters, pumpkin in some form, squash, beans, dried fruits, some kind of cranberry sauce, and also dried Indian maize or corn. The street supply brought over top top the Mayflower native England was virtually exhausted by the time of the very first Thanksgiving, so the is commonly surmised that wheat pudding may have been one of the just sweet bowl served.

The Pilgrims used many spices, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, and dried fruit in the meat sauces they prepared. The best way to cook things in the 17th century was to roast them. Many of the meat were placed on a spit and turned end a fire because that six hrs at a time come ensure the the meat to be evenly cooked. They didn"t have actually ovens so pies and also cakes and breads most most likely never make it to that first Thanksgiving dinner table in Plymouth.

Today we gain delicious meals served in a warm home wherein it"s quite feasible a football video game can it is in heard indigenous a surrounding television set. At the dining room table many Americans might enjoy herb-roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, candied yams, almond green beans, cranberry-orange relish, turnip, popovers through butter, pumpkin pie, mince pie, apologize pie, and also vanilla ice cream.

Although there are numerous differences between the first Thanksgiving in 1621 and the holiday we celebrate today, the one heritage that remains consistent is the solemn event of gift thankful.

Enrichment Activities

Make Your very own Holiday Greeting Cards

A thoughtful vacation card can go a long way to cheer up someone"s day. Have actually each student create a beautiful card and email the to who they want to thank.

Holiday Homework Assignment

Assign student to compose down their favorite holiday recipe come compile right into a classroom cookbook. alongside each recipe in the cookbook, incorporate the contributor"s name and perhaps a photo. encompass a paragraph explaining why every student chose a details recipe. have a contest for the best cover design. If you have the resources, make copies for each student. Currently they have actually a lasting storage of your Thanksgiving in your class!

Holiday Feast

Assign student to make their favourite Thanksgiving dish and also bring that to course on feast day. Ask volunteers to lug in plates, napkins, utensils, cups, and also drinks. have a delicious smorgasbord to celebrate every little thing you and also your students room thankful for.

Venn Diagram

Ask lock to brand one one "First Thanksgiving" and also the various other circle "Today." Students should write foodstuffs mentioned in the Thanksgiving post in the suitable circle.

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Foodstuffs that were eaten on the very first Thanksgiving and also are still eaten today must be composed in the overlapping portion of the diagram.