The 161st annual Bloomsburg Fair has actually kept the heritage of great food and wealth of agriculture alive due to the fact that its origin in 1855. The same has progressed from a one-day showing to an eight-day occasion usually starting the last week the September and also ending in beforehand October. This year, the Fair started on Saturday, September 24, and also will continue through Saturday, October 1.What began as an farming fair organized in a ar owned by among the founders has advanced into a 234-acre melt pot the food, agriculture, carnival attractions and also live entertainment. During the first few days that its opening, the Bloomsburg Fair’s entertainment consists of events that take ar on the quarter-mile dust track.This year, a monster van race and a “truck and also tractor pull” highlighted the occasions that incorporate the involvement of locals displaying your talents. Later on in the week, the fair uses reasonably priced tickets to famous music acts. This year, Franki Valli and also The 4 Seasons, Jake Owen with Old

Attenders can find a range of an excellent food in ~ the Bloomsburg Fair. Vegetarians and vegans will certainly not it is in without alternative (Photo courtesy that Kyle Brady).

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Dominion and also The tape Perry will certainly draw large crowds come the fairground’s grandstand.The Bloomsburg fair Grandstand has seen its re-publishing of stars as huge names like Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes who have actually all performed. In 2006, an up-and-coming Taylor Swift performed one of the first concerts of her career ~ above the grandstand stage. Born in Pennsylvania, it to be the Bloomsburg Fair wherein her career started to blossom.Not wanting to just offer country music performances, the Bloomsburg same has additionally gotten the bands Foreigner, Seether and also Lynyrd Skynyrd to absent the phase while comedians invoice Engvall and also Jeff Dunham have likewise performed in former of huge crowds.Probably the biggest element that attracts people to the same is the overwhelming lot of vendors.Not just are there ample quantities of food vendors, however stands that offer clothing, same merchandise, auto decals, assorted leather products and attire proper for the area such together cowboys hats and also boots.Food that is renowned in the central Pennsylvania area choose chicken and waffles, haluski, pierogies, and also many varieties of barbeque can be discovered at every turn. Vendors travel from claims like brand-new York and Maryland to carry fresh seafood cuisine the is tough to uncover in Pennsylvania.

The Bloomsburg same has classic carnival attractions like ferris wheels (Photo courtesy the Kyle Brady).

For those opposed to eating meat and seafood, there are also vegan and also vegetarian vendors, which might be difficult to uncover without a map that details the layout that the ground.Since it has been an yearly event because that over a century and a half, not annually has to be smooth sailing. 2 floods have compelled the city of Bloomsburg to consider whether or no to cancel the fair. The an initial flood emerged in 1972 and also the many recent arisen in 2011.Hurricane Agnes, the costliest hurricane in the history of the United states hit Bloomsburg hard in June that 1972. There was significant damage yet the fair to be still maybe to it is in held. At its worst, the fairground was under around six feet the water.In 2011, tropic Storm Lee struck central Pennsylvania in beforehand September causing good damage come multiple areas, specifically Bloomsburg. Due to the timing of the storm, the fairgrounds were unable to recoup from gift under 7 feet that water and for the an initial time ever, the Bloomsburg Fair to be cancelled. Numerous of the vendors who had travelled come Bloomsburg made decision to collection up shop top top the lesser damaged route 11 that runs v the town. While no as extravagant as the actual fair, this activity was able come raise the soul of those affected by the flood.While being exceptionally popular in central Pennsylvania, the reputation of the Bloomsburg same extends nation-wide. Hotels in surrounding locations are booked months in advancement as travelers prepare to get involved in the eight-day event.

The Bloomsburg Fair gives live entertainement. Even large stars such as Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift have performed there (Photo courtesy of Kyle Brady).

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With competitions involving the displaying of farm animals to baking the ideal cupcake, plenty of locals, consisting of students obtain involved. Bloomsburg Area High School has actually a week vacation to enable students to compete or simply attend their hometown fair.Schools near the fairgrounds, favor Danville Area High School and Milton Area High School, saw such a emboldened in attendance during fair week the a couple of years ago, they made decision take turn off Friday therefore students deserve to enjoy the fair prior to it concludes because that the year.With tickets costing $8 and the food ranging from $2 to $12, a expedition to the Bloomsburg Fair have the right to take a hit on the wallets the those that attend. Despite the cost, the setting of the Bloomsburg fair is unmatched and also everybody need to experience the at the very least once in their lifetime.