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true or false.The read/write head on a magnetic tough drive is in ~ both the top and bottom of every disk.

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true or false. If you affix the floppy cable in the wrong

direction, the floppy drive light continues to be on


Which the the complying with is no true about hard disk drives?

a.the 3.5” size is frequently used in desktops

b.a hard state drive has actually no moving parts

c.sold state drives are much less expensive 보다 magnetic hard drives

d.tracks on a tough drive are divided into sectors

Which process writes sector markings to a difficult drive?


b.low-level formatting

c.high-level formatting

d.sector provisioning

Which hard drive technology is provided to predict once a drive is most likely to fail?



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Which the the complying with is true around disk drive interfaces?

a.PATA permits for two connectors ~ above a motherboard

b.SATA is the older and also slower technology

c.four concept drives have the right to be associated to a solitary 80-pin data cableb.SATA is the older and also slower modern technology

d.the ATAPI conventional was occurred for optical SATA drives

Which kind of cable is compelled by ATA/66 and also above?

a.40 pins, 66 wires

c.66 pins, 40 wires

b.80 pins, 40 wires

d.40 pins, 80 wires

Why would certainly you usage a ring PATA ribbon cable rather of classic flat cable?

a.round cables price a lot less

c.round cables administer a better connection than flat cables

b.round cables obstruct air circulation less within the instance

d.round cables are an ext resistant to interference

Why is DMA a much better transfer mode than PIO for PATA drives?

a.DMA has actually direct accessibility to the CPU

c.DMA data transfers don’t involve the CPU

b.The DMA bus is quicker than the PIO bus

d.DMA drives expense less than PIO drives

Which of the complying with is true about SCSI drives?

a.SCSI i would 7 has actually a greater priority than SCSI id 10 end of the SCSI chain demands a terminator

b.each logical device requires a distinctive SCSI i would

d.SCSI gadgets are typically found in SOHO servers and desktops

Which the the complying with is true around selecting a tough drive?

a.a faster spindle rate keeps the drive cooler but doesn’t improve performance

b.PATA drives room backward compatible v SATA drives

c.FireWire 800 drives space a good choice for rapid internal drivesb.PATA drives space backward compatible with SATA drives

d.magnetic drives have larger capacity for the money 보다 solid state drives

What should you keep in mind once installing tough drives?a.PATA and also SATA i will not ~ be found on the very same motherboardc.a PATA drive has master and also slave settingsb.jumpers ~ above SATA drives determine the major and second need to attach power to both connectors top top SATA drives

If friend are including a hard drive come a device that already has a drive v Windows mounted on it, i beg your pardon of the adhering to is true? need to boot from the windows setup DVD come prepare the new drive

c.use the BIOS setup display to partition and format the brand-new drive

b.boot Windows and use Disk management to prepare the new drive

d.the brand-new hard drive must use the very same standard together the windows drive

Which is true around installing a PATA drive?

a.each ide channel support a solitary drive

c.each ide cable has four connectors because that drives

b.a motherboard can support up to four EIDE devices need to collection the jumpers to understand when you have actually only one drive

Why could you want to usage a RAID 0 decaying configuration? improve in its entirety disk power protect against data loss in instance of a journey failure

b.RAID 0 drives are less expensive than other RAID drives

d.because RAID 0 gives an automatically disk backup

Which the the following best describes RAID 5? native one drive is copy to another needs 3 or more drives and uses parity checking enhances performance yet not fault tolerance takes in ~ least four disks and also data is striped and mirrored

Which of the following is true around hardware RAID?

a.Microsoft recommends just using software application RAID because that the windows volume deserve to only create a RAID 0 or a RAID 5 with hardware RAID’s best to install Windows an initial and then create the RAID selection

d.RAID controllers have actually their own BIOS

How is data stored on magnetic tape? parallel

c.sequentially random accessibility form optical bits

What go a twisted in a 34-pin data cable mean? shows drive A: need to be associated to the primary principle drive

b.the cable has been damaged is supplied for USB floppy

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