The comedic misadventures the Gumball, Darwin and the various other quirky citizens of Elmore are continuing with The Amazing world of Gumball: The Movie! (working title) and also The Amazing civilization of Gumball: The Series (working title).

The projects are Warnermedia’s first original production greenlights the end of London-based Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe (formerly Cartoon Network Studios Europe).

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The movie will start when Gumball’s greatest fan find the show’s missing episode and accidentally opens up a portal connecting his civilization to Gumball’scartoon world. Upon meeting his heroes, the super fan decides come team up through Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard, and also Nicole to conserve them native a nefarious force overtaking Elmore, when inadvertently unleashing a risk of their an extremely own.

Gumball creator Ben Bocquelet is directing and executive producing the movie from a script written with Shane Mack (Coffee & Kareem). Sam Register, Vanessa Brookman, and Sarah dropped are likewise executive producers.

The film will serve as an “epic conclusion” for the initial series, which wrapped up in 2019 after six seasons, while developing the world for the new, upcoming series.

“Gumball is just one of those rare personalities who effortlessly appears to tell us the truth, make us laugh and unify people, and also now Bocquelet return to lug Gumball ago where that belongs – on one interdimensional journey right back to the fans,” stated Amy Friedman, head of youngsters & family programming, Warner Bros., in a statement.

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Both film and series will be on HBO Max and also Cartoon Network.

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