The first state come secede from the Union in 1860 wasA. Alabama.B. South Carolina.C. Georgia.D. Mississippi.E. Virginia.

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The Confederate states of America was formedA. Before Abraham Lincoln to be inaugurated president.B. After eleven southerly states had seceded.C. After fort Sumter fell to forces from seceding states.D. In a meeting hall in Washington, D.C.E. Regardless of the passage of the Crittenden Compromise.
On April 14, 1861, fort Sumter surrendered afterA. Confederate pressures bombarded it.B. President Lincoln decided to no resupply the fort.C. Southerly soldiers occupied the fort.D. The fort\"s commander determined to join the Confederacy.E. The Union commanding officer, Robert Anderson, to be killed.
At the start of the civil War,A. The South had actually a huge reserve the cash.B. The south had more combat-age males.C. The south had much more and far better railroads.D. The north was combined by a appointment to finish slavery.E. The North had a much much more substantial economy.
Which the the adhering to federally chartered corporations go the Union produce to construct thetranscontinental railroad?A. The Union PacificB. The west PacificC. The main PacificD. The western Pacific and central PacificE. The Union Pacific and central Pacific
During the civil War, \"greenbacks\" approve by the federal governmentA. Steadily got in worth as the battle progressed.B. To be backed through silver.C. Fluctuated in value depending upon the fortunes the the northern armies.D. Were backed by gold.E. Were backed by gold and also silver.
In 1861, president Abraham Lincoln realized that volunteer state militiasA. Would have to do the mass of fighting because that the Union.B. Might not wage an efficient military campaign.C. Would carry out all the armed forces manpower the Union would certainly require.D. Can not be counted on to serve longer than three months.E. Would run as a drag on the more efficient and also experienced United says army.
In his volume of commander in chief, president Abraham LincolnA. Said it was necessary that that regulations of the constitution be upheld during the war.B. Boosted the size of the military without the approval the Congress.C. Quickly dubbed on congress to spreading a marine blockade that the South.D. Relocated cautiously in asserting his war powers.E. Waited for Congress to declare war before dispatching troops to the South.
In the choice of 1864, chairman Abraham LincolnA. Emphasized the success the the Republican Party in fighting the civil War.B. Won by a narrow margin in the electoral vote.C. Challenged a autonomous opponent that was a previous Union general.D. Proposed a truce in the polite War.E. Was greatly aided by Robert E. Lee\"s surrender just prior to election day.
The Confiscation action of 1861A. Experienced the Confederate government case the right to seize complimentary blacks in the South.B. Offered Union troops the government to seize Confederate property.C. Empowered banks in the Union to freeze the financial assets of every slaveholders.D. Claimed that slaves used by Confederate states in the war initiative were free.E. Abolished enslavement in the ar of Columbia and the west territories.
African-American soldiers in the UnionA. Constituted a huge segment of the initial volunteers who joined the war effort.B. Passed away in combat in larger numbers than white soldiers.C. Were no paid because that their armed forces service.D. Experienced a higher mortality price than white soldiers.E. Were enabled only to destruction trenches and also transport water.
Politically, the Confederate constitutionA. Was practically identical in numerous respects to the constitution of the joined States.B. Provided states the best to secede.C. Enabled states the best to abolish slavery.D. Offered the president and also vice-president four-year terms.E. Go not enable anti-secessionists to offer in the Confederate government.
In comparing the leadership practices that Jefferson Davis and also Abraham Lincoln,A. Davis had actually less success in controlling the members that his cabinet.B. Lincoln spent much more time on regimen matters the state.C. Davis invested much an ext time dealing with party politics.D. Davis demonstrated couple of administrative abilities.E. Davis attempted come strategize, make, and control all army decisions personally.
The Confederacy financed its war effort primarily throughA. Selling bonds.B. Print money.C. International loans.D. An earnings tax.E. Seizure of north assets.
In the Confederacy, a military draftA. To be not thought about necessary until the last months of the civil War.B. Never allowed for the rental of substitutes.C. Compelled slaves to offer as soldiers.D. Aroused opposition native poorer whites for its expensive instead of policy.E. Forced all white males in between the eras of eighteen and also twenty-five to serve for three years.
In 1865, as a result of the polite War, in the SouthA. There were much more women than guys in most states.B. Huge numbers that widowed southern women married Union soldiers.C. Few women can find employment.D. The traditional roles of females were reinforced and also maintained.E. Women were granted the best to vote for your wartime service.
President Abraham Lincoln thought the key objective that the Union armies was toA. Accounting Confederate territory.B. Totally free Southern slaves.C. Ruin Confederate armiesD. Regulate Confederate ports.E. Record Richmond.
Which of the complying with statements about George B. McClellan is FALSE?A. The ran versus Abraham Lincoln in the choice of 1864.B. He originally served together commander of the military of north Virginia.C. The was found to have, in Lincoln\"s opinion, a wholly inadequate grasp the strategy.D. He went back to the field in in march 1862.E. The was ultimately replaced by general Henry W. Halleck.
As president, Jefferson DavisA. Deferred all significant military strategy come Robert E. Lee.B. Created an effective central command system.C. Had virtually no understanding at all of military tactics and strategy.D. Relied heavily on the advice that Braxton Bragg.E. Offered experienced army advice come his generals.
In naval warfare throughout the civil War,A. The Union blockade the the south was mostly ineffective.B. The Confederacy regulated to construct a marine equal come the Union.C. Both the Union and Confederate militaries occurred ironclads.D. The Confederacy ravaged Union fleets v ironclad warships.E. The Confederacy managed to seize key Union harbor such together Baltimore.
In the course of the civil War,A. The ruling classes the England and France strongly opposed the Confederacy.B. The English government consistently supported the Confederacy.C. The French federal government formally known the Confederacy.D. English textile workers thrown the end of jobs concerned resent and also oppose the Union.E. Well-known support because that the Union was strong in England.
In the polite War, the number of deaths for every 100,000 that the population wasA. 500.B. 1,000.C. 2,000.D. 4,000.E. 5,000.
Which the the complying with technologies was not a component of warfare during the civil War?A. Hot-air balloonsB. Repeating riflesC. SubmarinesD. DynamiteE. Torpedoes
The U.S. Military Telegraph Corps to be headed by thomas Scott and also what future GildedAge tycoon?A. Man D. RockefellerB. Cornelius VanderbiltC. J. Pierpont MorganD. Jay GouldE. Andrew Carnegie
During the civil War, the state admitted come the Union wasA. Iowa.B. Minnesota.C. Wisconsin.D. West Virginia.E. Nevada.
By the finish of 1862, Union forcesA. Had made considerable progress in the West.B. To be having small success in the East.C. Had closed the mouth of the Mississippi come Confederate trade.D. Had actually both made considerable progress in the West, and also closed the mouth that the Mississippi toConfederate trade.E. All these answers room correct.
The fight of Antietam in 1862A. Led president Abraham Lincoln to eliminate George McClellan from command.B. To be a far-ranging Confederate victory.C. Experienced Robert E. Lee field an army twice the size of the Union forces.D. Both experienced Robert E. Lee field an military twice the dimension of the Union forces, and also led PresidentAbraham Lincoln to eliminate George McClellan from command.E. All these answers space correct.
The battle of Vicksburg in 1863A. Experienced a rapid Union victory.B. Allowed the north to separation the Confederacy in two.C. Briefly revived the military wishes of the Confederacy.D. Was chose by a massive assault by Union troops.E. Put George McClellan back in great standing with President Lincoln.
The battle of GettysburgA. Represented the last time Confederate forces seriously endangered Union territory.B. Witnessed Union basic George Meade lose nearly a third of his army.C. Experienced Union general George Meade plainly be much more aggressive than Robert E. Lee.D. Experienced Robert E. Lee poised for win after his attack on Cemetery Ridge.E. To be a Union victory, thanks to Meade having uncovered a copy that Lee\"s orders.
General Robert E. Lee an initial directly involved General Ulysses S. GrantA. At Gettysburg.B. In the Wilderness campaign.C. At Chickamauga.D. At Vicksburg.E. At Nashville.

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31. Robert E. Lee surrendered come Ulysses give at Appomattox Courthouse afterA. Chairman Jefferson Davis announced the Confederate government was defeated.B. Chairman Abraham Lincoln to be assassinated.C. Lee known the futility of ongoing fighting.D. Chairman Lincoln met president Davis.E. President Jefferson Davis was caught by Union forces.


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