Breath of the Wild has actually tons of optional pursuits throughout its substantial world. Here"s just how to complete the Bird in the Mountains search.

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molli and hebra hills breath of the wild
The Hebra region in Breath of the Wild is quite large. You deserve to conveniently gain lost in its snow-white hills simply exploring the biome. Tright here are all sorts of wildlife and different opponents throughout the region.

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You will certainly likewise inevitably stumble upon Rito Village while exploring this component of the map. It's in Rito Village that you'll start an additional essential component of your journey to destroy Ganon, it's right here that you'll face Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Like in many of the villeras in the game, tbelow are random non-playable characters that you have the right to talk to and also they'll give you a fun little side pursuit to complete and also that is precisely how you'll obtain the Bird in the Mountains shrine pursuit.

Talk To Molli

molli sitting alongside connect botw
In Rito Village there's a tiny Rito son that you can sheight to that will give you a shrine pursuit to complete. Her name is Molli and you have the right to uncover her close to the edge of a platdevelop in the village. Before talking to her she will certainly be looking out in the direction of the Hebra Mountains, hinting at wbelow you'll need to go beside finish this search.

She desires to tell Link around somepoint that her grandpa found while experimenting the area. She mentions him climbing a big mountain and also protecting against at a huge tree, then looking northwest and seeing a large snow-white bird through something in its belly. She will then allude you in the direction of shelp tree, it stands tall apeak of Talonto Peak.

Head To Talonto Peak

Once you've spoken to Molli, you will certainly activate the shrine quest so just head to Talonto Peak, in the direction of the tree. Don't foracquire to bring cold resistance armor bereason these mountains are quite cold and Link won't last lengthy otherwise. You can also make yourself a cold resistance elixir or meal. As with Molli mentions, look northwest.

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You will certainly notice a place that looks strangely favor a substantial white bird just as you meant. This is dubbed Biron Snowshelf, head tright here. You can glide from the peak of Talonto Peak to obtain there much much faster.

Mozo Shenno Shrine

shrine in hill mozo shenno botw
It is much easier to spot the shrine if you obtain closer to Biron Snowshelf on a glider. This is bereason it is inside the mountain. The shrine is in a cave on the side of the mountain. If you can't reach it, just climb or use Revali's Gale to facilitate the climb.

Once you've acquired close to the shrine, the shrine pursuit will certainly immediately finish itself and also you have the right to simply go in and also get with it to achieve your Spirit Orb.

If you've completed shrine searches prior to you will certainly probably be supplied to the majority of of them not requiring any additional work once you enter the shrine. For instance, the Secrets of the Cedars shrine quest, right here the only obstacle is finding the shrine. However before, for the Bird in the Mountains, the shrine leads you to a Major Test of Strength so come prepared considering that these tfinish to be rather tough if you haven't reached the endgame yet.


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