Breath the the Wild has tons the optional searches throughout its large world. Here"s how to complete the Bird in the mountains quest.

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molli and hebra mountains breath that the wild
The Hebra an ar in Breath of the Wild is rather vast. Girlfriend can conveniently get lost in that is snow-white mountains just exploring the biome. There are all kinds of wildlife and also different enemies throughout the region.

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friend will also eventually stumble top top Rito Village while trying out this component of the map. It's in Rito village that you'll start an additional important component of your journey to destroy Ganon, it's here that you'll face Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

choose in many of the villages in the game, there space random non-playable characters that you deserve to talk to and also they'll give you a fun small side pursuit to complete and that is exactly how you'll obtain the Bird in the mountains shrine quest.

Talk to Molli

molli sitting following to link botw
In Rito village there's a tiny Rito child that you have the right to speak to the will offer you a shrine search to complete. Her name is Molli and you can uncover her near the leaf of a platform in the village. Before talking to her she will certainly be looking out in the direction that the Hebra Mountains, hinting at wherein you'll need to go following to finish this quest.

She desires to tell Link around something the her grandfather discovered while trying out the area. She mentions that climbing a huge mountain and also stopping in ~ a large tree, then looking northwest and seeing a vast snow-white bird through something in that belly. She will certainly then point you in the direction of claimed tree, it stands tall atop the Talonto Peak.

Head come Talonto Peak

when you've talked to Molli, you will activate the shrine search so simply head to Talonto Peak, in the direction of the tree. Don't forget to lug cold resistance armor due to the fact that these hills are fairly cold and Link won't last lengthy otherwise. Girlfriend can also make yourself a cold resistance elixir or meal. Similar to Molli mentions, look northwest.

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you will notice a place that watch strangely favor a substantial white bird just as friend expected. This is referred to as Biron Snowshelf, head there. You have the right to glide native the height of Talonto peak to acquire there much faster.

Mozo Shenno Shrine

shrine in hill mozo shenno botw
that is much easier to clues the shrine if you acquire closer come Biron Snowshelf ~ above a glider. This is because it is inside the mountain. The shrine is in a cavern on the side of the mountain. If girlfriend can't with it, simply climb or usage Revali's Gale to facilitate the climb.

when you've obtained close come the shrine, the shrine pursuit will immediately complete itself and you have the right to simply walk in and get with it to achieve your Spirit Orb.

If you've perfect shrine quests prior to you will more than likely be provided to many of them not requiring any type of extra occupational once you enter the shrine. For example, the keys of the Cedars shrine quest, here the only challenge is detect the shrine. However, because that the Bird in the Mountains, the shrine leads you come a major Test of strength so come prepared because these have tendency to be quite challenging if girlfriend haven't reached the endgame yet.


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