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31 august 2005
3.67 / 5.00.5 indigenous 4,155 ratings
#102 because that 2005, #5,070 overall

instrumental, rhythmic, uncommon time signatures, melodic, calm, melancholic, sentimental, mellow, technical, atmospheric, playful, bittersweet

Gusterr may 31 2012 5.00 stars
friend can clearly detail the plucked, dueling guitar melodies together they weave in and also out that sync through each other. And the drummer-- by god, the drummer. He's jazzy and also energetic, but never much from grasp. The titters on the cusp that wankery but never seems to overindulge. And also on those rare songs where he take away the backseat-- simple, melodic beauty beauty (see "C"). However that's why I had to automatically replay details songs as soon as I first listened to this album: you often tend to emphasis on one facet of the music and also miss the end on what the various other band members room doing, and an ext importantly, how the overall song is unfolding. Every time I've relistened to this album, it find a new means to send chills under my spine. That's a great feeling.

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Jochem Feb 27 2009 3.50 stars
rijandael Mar 31 2021 4.50 stars
40 minute of instrumental virutosity, where the drums play primary duty and the remainder of the tools only do the background. For those who appreciate drum solos, this album is a small gem.
Technically brilliant, evocative, and that north tone... Wowee.The Book about My Idle Plot top top a Vague stress and anxiety is instrumental math absent at that is best. Everyone is stating Kashikura ~ above drums, and also for great reason, the melodies and also guitar job-related are absolutely brilliant but the drumming yes, really pulls the entirety thing together. The whole album is mixed brilliantly and no 2 tracks sound alike. Significant Stuff. 9/10.Favourite Tracks: 孤独の発明, Tremolo + Delay, 向こう岸が視る夢, C, メトロノームLeast Favourite Tracks: 反逆する風景, I do Still Wrong
regardless of the wordy title, there really isn’t anything that overly facility about toe’s strategy to mathematics rock and also post-rock. Well, ‘complicated’ in terms of its very nice at least – after all, the technological complexity and precision to every performance below is straight designed to leaving one’s head scratched. But at the exact same time, the surprisingly fairly straightforward in terms on how it elaborates on the genre’s typical sound. If you’ve heard even just one mathematics rock/post-rock hybrid prior, climate you should understand ahead the time what you’re getting. After ~ all, aside from the folkier acoustic touch on ‘music because that you’ and also ‘メトロノーム’and the album’s eclectic nu jazz intro (with a strong dual bass, electrical piano, and faint finger clicks), it pretty lot sticks come a singular, well-defined sonic vision. Placed it this means - I understand I’ve used the word ‘twinkling’ (or, alternatively, ‘jangling’) to explain literally every mellow guitar tone that’s came up so far in this composing exercise; however honestly, how else could you possibly explain the twin guitarwork existing here? castle both pretty, embodying the structure of gazing upwards to a beautiful dusk sky, and fluid, syncopating through one another to resemble to run streams that trickling water. And between that, the subtle, gurgling basslines, and also the jazzy intricacy that the drumming, i m sorry switches in between a fluid rapidity and also a visceral crash at a moment’s whim, it occupies a important tied and also tested formula. Yet at the same time, no issue how often I may try to deny it, I’m just a sucker for the formula. That emotional, perfect embodying that transitory feeling of gift caught in between temporal and mental states versus one’s wishes. It’s richly atmospheric, evoking the crisp, cold twilights of autumn sunsets to reflect the idea the restlessness. It’s not ‘instrumental wankery’, every little thing feels purposeful and also focused, no matter exactly how titillating the playing can get. But, many importantly, it’s very entertaining, the sharpness that the band’s dynamic permitting for each cut to feel simply as intoxicating and loosened as the last. And, ~ above a sidenote, the band’s name is gold.

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damesoumbi Feb 22 2021 5.00 stars
This album is pure genius
This is music that combines the energy of punk, the technicality the jazz, and also the melodic beauty of indie pop to develop something truly timeless. The drums room chaotic, frenzied, and also energetic, however calculated and also precise, embodying both punk and jazz. The straightforward yet reliable bass tempers the wild drums and also keeps the songs rooted. The blissfully intricate guitar melodies weave in and also out of each other, producing a beautiful canvas atop the structure laid by the rate section. Their much more cinematic post-rock tendencies are found in sometimes crescendos that build to passionate emotionally climaxes, occasionally accompanied by yelling and also the drummer cram his sticks or bursting into tears on stage. Yet toe’s toughness as compared to other post-rock acts lies in their ability to keep songs tight and contained, like quick stories that unfold conveniently rather 보다 20 minute cinematic experiences. Additionally, as compared to various other math absent acts, their guitar parts tend come be an ext simple, staying clear of the unnecessary acrobatics. This offers them a melodic immediacy that is unequaled by their post-rock and also math rock contemporaries. This album, an ext than any kind of of your others, feels like the most finish statement. Castle went more free-form and experimental on their next, and were somewhat everywhere the place on their recent offering. Here, though, toe captured something completely unique and purely genius.