A civilization famous artist is much more important than a negative businessperson, but generally, you don\"t require that numerous artists.

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The complimentary market will certainly decide who produces beneficial goods.


If a culture were to crumble and you necessary to rebuild one climate yes, or if you\"re talking about a scenario of pure survival. However having numerous writers and also artists is a authorize of a effective society. Writers and also artists room also very important in history, because without them us wouldn\"t know almost as much around the past.

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I mean, yeah

Manufacturer and also businessman = medical care products, technology, structures ect.

Way an ext important than some writer or artist. Although they\"re tho important, demands > luxuries


The manufacturer and businessespeople basically manage conformed society, writers and also artists can be the prominent ones that turn them far from the swarm and show potential corruption


I wouldn\"t naturally say

They both are essential for their very own purpose and uses

Artists and also writers enrich the society while manufacturers and also businessmen are helpful for the economic climate (tho writers and artists are likewise beneficial because that the economy)

I wouldn\"t to speak either among them is inherently more important than the other

Tho ns guess the really relies on what perform you median in the question


From figure 2

What percent that stalking, physics violence, and sexual violence by one intimate partner victims room male?

What percent the stalking, physics violence, and sexual violence by one intimate companion victims are male?

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